Rothschilds Are Behind Epidemics, Vaccinations, Zombie Attacks – Mass Euthanasia and Depopulation To Follow

It looks like Mad Cow deaths are being spun as “zombie” incidents (

Unlike pasture-raised (grass-fed) cows of the developing world, cows in the West are non-vegetarian. After a cow is slaughtered and all the meat that can be sold for human consumption is taken away, a lot of the body parts still remains – heart, lungs, brains, intestines, etc. Disposing this waste is very expensive.

So, enterprising American farmers grind up this waste and feed it back to their cows. The American governments (Depart of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration) thinks this is okay. American cows do not just eat their own kind, they eat crap too. American cows are fed on a steady diet of poultry waste. (See UTILIZATION OF POULTRY LITTER AS FEED FOR BEEF CATTLE;

As these cows are under a unnatural non-vegetarian diet in various states of decay, they are given lots of antibiotics to keep them alive. Yes, human beings who consume the beef also assimilate the antibiotics in their bodies. (Another danger that these cows pose is hormones. To increase milk supply and accelerate growth rate, farmers inject the the cows with lots of hormones. People in the West are suffering from an epidemic of obesity because they consume hormone-tainted meat. These people are also big consumers of healthcare services and hence the government does not ban cow hormones.)

Despite all the antibiotics, some diseases particularly those that are caused by viruses and prions affect the cows. Chief among them is bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), popularly known as Mad Cow Disease. BSE is caused by a special class of agents called prions. Prions are a modified form of naturally occurring harmless proteins. They can replicate themselves, even though they lack genetic material (RNA and DNA). They tend to accumulate in nervous tissue of the animals. Antibiotics are ineffective against these agents, because they like viruses barely resemble life.

Cows fed on brain, spinal cord, and other nervous tissue are susceptibel to BSE. The effect of spongiform encephalopathy is similar to rabies, where the virus accumulates in nervous tissue (which is off limits to the body’s immune system) and the infected animal/human slowly loses control over motor and non-motor functions. It is early during this period that affected human become violent. That is just a phase.

It could also be that US/British governments are testing weaponized disease-causing agents and mind-altering drugs. Once in a while, they deploy these warheads on the human population without their knowledge – in America and abroad. (William Blum; Rogue State – A Guide To The World’s Only Superpower;)

Biological terrorism on US civilians by US military and CIA from the book Rogue State

A good number of companies, owned directly or indirectly by Rothschilds, exploit the epidemics caused by these attacks to sell vaccines and drugs. The ultimate goal is of course global depopulation.

These epidemics will acquire global proportions and wipe out a significant part of the world population. Fears of zombies apocalypse will be blown out of proportion and governments will take it upon themselves to eliminate a good number of survivors. Laws empowering governments are already in place. If anyone thinks that existing laws will not permit such abuse should start reading the papers. World over, governments are upgrading graves for handling mass fatalities (See Michel Chossudovsky; Planning the H1N1 Flu Pandemic: Body Bags, Mass Graves, Quarantine Orders Selected Evidence;; 20 September 2009 and Wales Online; Mass graves plan if pandemic hits Wales;; 16 August 2010)

Many countries already have laws legitimizing euthanasia. In the case of pandemics, these laws will be combined emergency powers and will be used to kill people. Medical “ethicists” are floating trial balloons to legitimize murder of babies after they are born – calling it “post-birth abortions.” (See Daily Moral Volcano; Post-Birth Abortion Debate: A Precursor To Mass Culling of Human Population;; 4 April 2012)

Crowd-sourcing techniques will be deployed. Citizens will be encouraged to form local vigilante groups to kill zombies. Online services such as Facebook and Twitter will do yeoman services in spotting zombies and eliminating them. You think this is just fancy talk? The American agents of the Rothschilds, that is the Rockefellers, have published a paper where they have come up with just this scenario. (Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development
Imagining the Future; The Rockefeller Foundation and The Global Business Network; May 25, 2010;) Credit goes to Texe Marrs for bring attention to this fiendish work of the Rothschilds. (Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 8) — Immoral Lizards, Israeli Puppets, Vicious Warmongers, Treasonous Spies, and Other Political Misfits; 10 February, 2012) The paper identifies that China, with its authoritarian powers, is more successful in containing the pandemic than the supposedly liberal United States.

2012 Pandemic Scenario Imagined By Rockefeller Foundation

In a paper titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development: Imagining the Future”, the Rockefeller Foundation imagines a scenario in which 20% of the population is wiped out by a global epidemic.

With the remaining population, World Government will be formed. Pandemics are just one of several ways that the Rothschilds are trying to impose their world government. The collapse of the US dollar or the Euro, if not properly handled, can cause a similar effect, although it may be a bit prolonged.

This is similar to the World War I, which was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Plots to murder him were one of several incidents that were designed to trigger a World War. In the decades earlier, the Rothschilds had put in place several interlocking agreements that ensured that major European powers were quickly sucked into any minor conflict. Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination was one of several projects that went ahead first and was most successful in triggering the world war.

So, it is either a global financial collapse or a global pandemic leading to a zombie apocalypse.

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