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Ibn Battuta’s Interesting Interlude In India

Today, I was reading one of Captain Ajit Vadakayil’s interesting posts wherein he links medieval traveler Ibn Battuta with the legendary Cheraman Perumal. It was probably in jest but you can never be sure with this guy. I decided to check it out. The legends of Cheraman Perumal (7th century), apparently popular with Muslims of Kerala, are in doubt because there was a real Tamil saint Cheraman Perumal in the 7-8th century.

I checked Ibn Battuta travels in India and sure enough there was no mention of Cheraman Perumal. What I found however was more interesting.

About Delhi, the capital

This observation was made after visiting Rome.

Indian Rope Trick?


Mammaries of Maldives

Being a good Muslim, he tried to get them to cover up with no success.

As they say, if you can beat them, join them. Ibn Battuta went native. In the short time that he was there, he took four wives, apart from an (already existing) assortment of slave girls.

Rubies of Ceylon

A ruby was known as “Manikkam” to the locals.


The translators had trouble deciphering the Tamil/Malayalam word.

PRODUCT REVIEW: IQRA Germany Nail-Cutting Scissors

I am a racist and everyone should be one. Be proud of your race. Sure, there are a lot of common interbred mongrels who feel left out and claim race does not exist. That doesn’t make race non-existent!

Anyway, as the reigning chief racist in the Indian Subcontinent and the permanent Chairman of the Communist Party of India (Stalinist),
I take this opportunity to bait the Han race from across the Asian continent where the retarded stooges of the Rothschilds are ruling the roost.

Recently, I bought a pair of scissors from HigginBothams on Mount Road. (Yes, I went to Chennai recently, where there are so many vehicles on the road that nearly all of them have a dent or two.) I thought it might be useful for trimming my moustache. It turns out that the damn infernal thing is designed for cutting nails. Cutting nails it does well but it can’t trim moustaches for the life of it. Only the devious and crooked pseudo-capitalist enemies of the proletariat of the allegedly “Communist” China can create an inferior product such as this. I looked at the product packaging and it has a “1SO 9001 INTERNAL quality management system certified” stamp on it. What the ungodly place is a INTERNAL quality system? It is their crooked way of saying “international” and still be legally clear!

And, look at the GERMANY tag near the product name. This product is not GERMAN!!! The woman does not look GERMAN. The stooopid poem behind the thing does not read like a GERMAN wrote it. I hate it. This is 53 bucks wasted. Don’t buy this product or any product from the arch enemies of the CPI(S).


Isn’t obvious why the UN Population Fund came up with an oxymoron called Marital Rape? To reduce the population!


By giving a financial incentive for self-inflicting marital discord.

A man seek divorce if his wife refuses sex. To preclude that option, they brought in premarital rape option, so she can fire first.

This makes regular rape look silly.

Real rape victims will have to sit in equal terms with these gold-diggers.