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On television, censorship details must be censored!

Attention WBC & CBFC: Spare us the details. In this case, ignorance would be bliss.

Like the IT forms, the mandatory CBFC certificate displayed before screening of a movie seems to come with some extra pages. Or, this is something new. Anyway, the Warner Bros Channel showed this before the movie “The Grownups 2”. It seems to be below par for an Adam Sandler movie, which is typically awash with toilet humor & sex gags.


Obligatory link to my post “A scissors-free solution for film certification by the CBFC” (

Zee Cafe boobs in with subliminal messaging

In a previous post on subliminal messaging, I referred to a post by Jose Pino who stumbled on the word “SEX” in a Coke commercial. I was unable to spot the word but comments on its YouTube page sure does confirm that the subliminal messaging attempt had indeed succeeded on the millennials – the stupid generation.

Last year or so, I noted that there is a prominent boob in the Zee Cafe channel theme. Recently, I recorded the theme, used FFMPEG to extract the frames and created a GIF animation to slow down the frames.

Boob in the woods.

Boob in the woods.


Movie Review – Darkness In Tallinn – More thrilling and entertaining than any Hollywood/Bollywood movie

Have you ever seen a guy disappear into a puddle of molten gold?

It is 1991. The Soviet Union is breaking up. Estonia is getting free from the Socialist world and becoming a nation of its own. Its share of national gold is being brought back to the capital Tallinn. A group of conmen (who probably sold counterfeit cigarettes) decide to hijack the consignment before it reaches the vault. That’s where the hero, an electrician the city’s electricity hub is brought into the conspiracy. He is made to create a blackout and the gold disappears. The conmen bring the gold into their cigarette factory, melt it, and turn into cigarette shaped pieces – fully wrapped in cigarette paper and packed into cigarette box. I forget the ending. It was great.

The production values was very high. I was surprised it was made in Estonia, a former Soviet state. It had more thrills, explosions, and destruction than most Hollywood movies I had seen. For Indian audience, there was a bit of romance and heart-tugging sentiment. It was shown on DoorDarshan as part of its coverage of an international film festival at that time.

Single tit hermaphrodite monster demonized by atrocious Indian cartoon Chota Bheem

I was watching Chota Bheem today and they had this funny episode. We all need sensitivity training classes on gender dysphoria I guess. BTW, the Chota Bheem creators are stealing plots from left and right. The plot of almost every episode I see has been stolen from somewhere lease. This one is stolen from Evil Dead.

A two-headed, single-tit hermaphrodite monster.

A two-headed, single-tit hermaphrodite monster from Chotta Bheem cartoon.

I’ve already mentioned that homo culture busters will eventually target Chota Bheem. It would be great if the characters remained perennially young as they are now. But dime-counting culture busters might start a separate series targeting the teen segment with older versions of the same characters. This will then be used propagandize Indian teens. Eventually some characters will have to come out of the closet. There are now two female characters – Chutki and Indumathi. There has been already been an episode where Chutki was faulted for her inadequate feminine characteristics. In the teenage version, Indumathi will show a romantic interest in Chota Bheem. As every Indian who has watched Indian movies knows, a love triangle cannot exist till the end. One of the extra parts will have to die mid-way – an accident or suicide or lightning strike or something. If Chutki comes out of the closet to promote gender dysphoria and homo sensitivity, then the line is clear for a harmonic union between Indumathi and Chota Bheem. Ha ha ha! There is plenty of time for this though. Currently, the market is just getting primed. I am pretty sure homo culture busters are planning a teen version.

I used to watch All That on Nickelodeon. I used to like the episodes that had Amanda Bynes and Kenan & Kel. Now, there is nothing on that channel. Just a bunch of stupid American teens in Ramarajan clothes or some stupid Japanese cartoons. Cartoon Network channel is no different. All the time, they show a disgusting cockroach cartoon – Oggy. The entire line up is filled with junk.

There was a great time when Cartoon Network meant – Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Coyote and Road Runner, Daffy Duck, Sylvestor & Tweety, Johnny Bravo, Top Cat, or Courage The Cowardly Dog. Most of them were moved to another channel Boomerang, which was not available on cable. It was available only on Dish TV. That was the only reason I stuck to that DTH. They stopped Boomerang cartoons because they knew that their current products were crap and none of them, perhaps with the exception of Chota Bheem, would be able to compete with those great cartoon series. They have effectively cannibalized on their own winners just to keep new products alive. What a bunch of losers.

Is Hawken wiping it front to back? Jewish Hollywood’s scatological obsession!

As I was reading Stuff magazine in the throne room (there is a huge backlog of unread magazines), I couldn’t help thinking something was wrong with this poster.

Hawken poster

Careful there, little fella!

Ever since I watched’s deconstruction of Gangnam Style, I am interpreting Jewish Hollywood’s productions in a different light.

People at the Vanguard News Network have been claiming that Jewish Hollywood has an unmistakable scatological obsession. I did not immediately believe it could be so widespread but looking back now … okay… they are right. One of the things they mentioned was how, at MTV, Sumner Redstone boys thought that covering teenaged White girls with laxative-induced crap on live TV was somehow funny. In Israel, apparently, they show it on TV regularly. I have read reports of Israeli soldiers deliberately defecating inside Palesinian houses and buildings – cupboards, sinks, furniture, everywhere.

MTV apologizes over excrement-spraying in reality show pilot.

MTV apologizes over excrement-spraying in reality show pilot.

Toilet humour is deliberately introduced in films by Jewish people for all to see. “Head Over Heels” seemed like a good movie but it has a gratuitous toilet humour scene. (I think there is one version of the movie where the toilet explodes and the models become totally covered in filth. No, nothing is left to imagination. Maybe it was in a Wayans brothers movie… I am not sure. Funding is available only if the work is tainted with gratuitous sex or filth or something else intended to destroy societal mores. The ultimate objective is to destroy Christianity. Otherwise, you will not work in that town.)

I suggest you don’t go investigate this topic further on the Internet. This is more than enough. What you see will scald you for life.

Jewish Hollywood is run by a mafia. Listen to message left by Sumner Redstone on the answering machine of a reporter, offering not to kill the source of a leak (Oh, boy, this post is full double entendres… STOP THIS!).

Freemasonry, which is a form of Talmudic witchcraft for retarded goys with low self-esteem, also employs rituals based on filth, apart from those involving homosexual acts, blood, murder and what-not. That is how they keep their secrets secret.

Freemasons in politics and entertainment

Soviet President liplocks with Erich Honecker and so does Gorbachev. The Beatles pose with dismembered baby dolls. A spanking freemasonic ritual.

These packages look… well… suspicious!

A good thing about a high majority-young population is that economy is always on a growth trajectory.

The downside is that is that most entertainment is targeted at precocious young tools whose sole ambition in life is getting laid.

Many of these idiots have the right to vote and so democracy suffers as well.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.