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Don’t condemn a reptilian because he is a schnook …er…a zuckerberg

The poor schlub!
Hang him, please!

No (green reptilian) blood.
Just put him in a deep freeze.

An electric chair may leave him charred.
You know what that means.

The risk of a ‘Return Of The Living Dead‘.
Or of some alien species.

The Winklevoss twins created Facebook but the contrite schlub here stole the idea.

Is Mark Zuckerberg a reptile?

Difficult to believe that this thing is human

Kangana Ranaut is ruining the celebutard “conversation”!

Why so serious? All this talk of witchcraft and graveyard visits!

Kangana Ranaut was revealed to be a fan of witchcraft by an ex-boyfriend. I tried to imagine her as a witch, along the lines of Bugs Bunny cartoons, and drew this in GIMP. It was colored it in ArtRage. The poem is a parody of the Road Runner theme song.