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The Real Kamala Harris – The Ugandan Giant

Unlike the new pretender, the original Kamala Harris was a giant among men.

Before US presidential candidate picked up a filthy creep as a vice-presidential running mate, there was another Kamala Harris. He was billed as the Ugandan Giant in the WWE. He was a giant of a man and fought with the biggest names in the business including Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan and Undertaker. He played his part as the Ugandan to perfection. In survivor series, the Undertaker put him in a casket and hauled him away. Normally fearless, he acted deeply terrified by the Undertaker.

James Kamala Harris, the Ugandan Giant

He was paid almost nothing compared to the Undertaker. Kamala left and returned to the WWE several times. His complaint was low pay. He performed with several other wrestling companies. He drove trucks and even sold chairs he built by hand. He wrote a book to pay for his medical bills. His legs were amputated because of diabetes. The WWE did not help him because his name was included in a lawsuit brought by some wrestlers against the WWE. He contracted coronavirus in 2020 and died from his comorbidities.

The wrestler Chris Jericho performed in the WWE off and on. Sometime ago, he signed up with All Entertainment Wrestling (AEW) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). He found that these upstart wrestling entertainment operations, which somehow survive the near-total domination of WWE, take good care of their performers. Wrestling ‘superstars’ of the WWE have to pay their own transportation bills while his new employer arranges hotel reservations and taxi pickups. He and his other wrestling mates do not have to drive on the road hundreds of miles to show up at a venue. It is this kind of penny-pinching that has made WWE a profitable business that eliminated almost all competition.

On television, censorship details must be censored!

Attention WBC & CBFC: Spare us the details. In this case, ignorance would be bliss.

Like the IT forms, the mandatory CBFC certificate displayed before screening of a movie seems to come with some extra pages. Or, this is something new. Anyway, the Warner Bros Channel showed this before the movie “The Grownups 2”. It seems to be below par for an Adam Sandler movie, which is typically awash with toilet humor & sex gags.


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NY State Pavilion and Las Vegas Landmark Casino towers look similar and were featured in sci-fi movies with aliens

In Mars Attacks & Men in Black. Interesting…?

New York State Pavilion was a disguised alien craft in the movie Men In Black. The Landmark Casino was attacked by aliens in the movie Mars Attacks.

New York State Pavilion towers were  disguised alien crafts in the movie Men In Black. The Landmark Casino was attacked by aliens in the movie Mars Attacks.

The Landmark Casino & Hotel has already been torn down and converted for vehicle parking. The New York State Pavilion has been abandoned and is awaiting demolition crews. They look similar and were both featured in sci-fi movies about aliens. There are a few more such instances, which I don’t recall now. So, updates are coming…

Why do Transformers aliens speak with spoken words & hand gestures?

If anyone needs a course in the Idiotic Internet of Things (IdIoT), it’s them Autobots and Decepticons!

In the 80s, Doordarshan used to have Star Trek on Sundays. Although I like it very much then, I vaguely remember it now. I do remember my mother’s skepticism about the serial’s premise. How come every planet they go to, the inhabitant species speak in English (with a distinct American accent, I might add)?

As per the TV serial Big Bang Theory, geeks of all ages in America are addicted to comic book characters such as Transformers and Star Trek. I have attempted to watch these movies several times but they couldn’t hold my attention even once.

Whether it is Autobots or Decepticons, all Transformers aliens speak with hand gestures and spoken words.

Whether it is Autobots or Decepticons, all Transformers aliens speak with hand gestures and spoken words, even when they talk among themselves.

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WWE is toast, as homosexual themes are set to take over!

Stephanie McMahon said to NBC, “We’ve had GLAAD come in and speak to our entire writing team and give a whole tutorial on sensitivities, the right words, the wrong words, why those words matter.”

For several decades now, WWE has been blackmailed by ratings and ad agencies to include more racier content. Some years back, a group of good female wrestlers were made to go as WWE decided that female wrestlers would have to appear more sexy. Lately, it seems, male wrestlers are also being used as sex objects. (I resumed watching WWE after over a decade. Earlier it was called WWF.) They wear shorts so short they would have made female wrestlers a decade back squirm. People like Val Venis and Godfather added raciness but it was funny and they did not come across as homos.

For over a decade now, WWE has been creating unwanted non-wrestling storylines with weddings and breakups. There have been plenty of unwanted boob shows as well. While much of the male audience is okay with boobs and other distractions, they are still not okay with what the proponents of the homosexual minority are demanding. (Still more hormone distrupts in the food chain, please.) As if to balance the male hetero pandering, homosexuals and globalists working in rating and ad agencies seem to have been forcing homo themes on WWE.

As a result, most male wrestlers have to either sport long hair like women or wear extremely tight and short tights. One wrestler had his tights “explode” on air. In a Jericho podcast, the unfortunate wrestler said it was the decision of Triple HHH, Stephanie McMahon’s husband, that male wrestlers should wear extremely small tights. This is also made worse by making extremely macho men like Ryback wearing girly colors such as pink! They have to make Miley Cyrus dance moves. The New Day wrestling team mixes Black Christian Church and derrière-related themes. Some male wrestlers have had to expose their a$$ and rub it in the face of some of their opponents. When this happens, the ringside commentators say that “Oh, how can do this? Children are watching at home!” almost as an obligation. Hey, wait a minute… Even ringside commentators have not been spared. Famous commentator Jim Ross was made to suffer that a$$-kissing ignominy by none other than WWE owner Vince McMahon.

If that's a gun holster, it should be worn over a shirt. If it is a bra, he is wearing it in reverse.

If that’s a gun holster, it should be worn over a shirt. If it is a bra, he is wearing it in reverse.

Recently, Stephanie McMahon says that WWE will be bringing in homo themes as well. I bet New Day and the above Spike-and-Chester team are perfect for this.

While Vince McMahon outwardly claims that TV ratings don’t matter like they used to, as more and more people have migrated to their online WWE Network, it is quite clear that the pressures of the ad agencies is still there. This is why WWE has been pandering to the Hispanic (of Mexican descent) population. WWE even annoyed everyone with an extremely unpopular MexAmerica theme for a while.

All this goes on when good talent is wasted. Roman Reigns has the body to take on giants but he does his unpopular Superman Punch way too often and has become the most unpopular face. Then there are giants like Braun Strauman and Ryback who have never had to fight with anyone who could match their size. All the while, veterans like Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry are routinely made to lose to lightweight jokers, because online commentators hired by TNA are always posting that the older generation are hogging the limelight and is preventing new wrestlers from coming up.

A scissors-free solution for film certification by the CBFC

CBFC should only certify whether films are good enough for family viewing. Censorship should apply to film promotion outside cinemas.

Of course, governments should not decide what movies adults can watch. But that is not the problem. The problem is that children are also being exposed to the same sort of films and other forms of entertainment as the adults are.

Censorship is giving talentless film-makers a holier-than-thou attitude.

Censorship is giving talentless film-makers a holier-than-thou attitude.

Films are promoted on TV, radio, billboards, magazines and newspapers. After their cinematic run, films are available on DVD and television. With explosion of TV channels, film promotion begins even before production starts. Some films have more than 100 crores of rupees riding on them. As producers simply cannot afford to a flop, they try to break rules. They go to extremes that have not been ventured before and try to gain maximum publicity from any controversy it creates. A publicity stunt works for a while but it grows stale after a while when everyone is attempting the same thing. So, a new barrier has to be broken. Over time, films become unwatchable. While older people give up, each new generation gets to think that this is how films are or have been for ever. They do not realize that films can have a decent story and be entertaining at the same time.

Most film makers follow a moral and decency code but when they see someone breaking the rules and making a whole lot of money without any cuts or punishment, it upsets them and encourages them to replicate the same success.

The BJP government is using the CBFC controversy to make it appear as if they are trying to protect the people from all the filth that filmmakers are churning out. But the truth is filth is already the staple fare in television serials and advertisements. Even cartoons are not immune from it. In midst of all this, children are being taunted by junk food advertisements as well.

The solution is to designate whether films are family-friendly or not. Only family-friendly films should be promoted on television and other public avenues where children might encounter them. Films that fail to meet this criteria should not be banned. Instead, they should be shown at different timings and restrictions should be placed on their visibility to children.

C – Child-Friendly

Child-friendly films should be allowed to be promoted in all avenues without restriction. You should be able to watch these films without squirming in your seats, without worrying about what effect they might have on your children.

A – Adults only

Films with slightly violent or risque scenes should be certified as adults only. These films should be available on cinemas without restriction for adults. Cinema officials should ensure that children are not allowed in, just as they are required to do now. The promotional material for these films should have the actual violent and risque sequences edited out. These films should not be shown on TV at all – not even with muted or pixellated sequences.

F – Freaks only

Films that have extremely revolting dialogues/sequences should be branded as for freaks only. Film makers who have run out of ideas and can only attract audiences by shocking them will always claim that censorship is affecting their “creativity.” Hence, no cuts should be made to their films. These films should be available for viewing in cinemas after 10 o’ clock without any restriction for adults. These films should not be allowed to be promoted on television, billboards, newspapers or magazines at any time. Pay-walled Internet sites and publications of private clubs should be the only avenues for promoting such films.

Rating Cuts Cinema hours TV/billboard promotion
C No Anytime Yes
A No Only after 10 pm Yes with edits
F No Only after 10 pm No

This way there would be no censorship and children will still be protected. The censorship would apply only to television, billboards, magazines and newspapers. The morons who loudly agonize “Culture police! Culture police! Culture police!” will have to go quiet. Cinema goers will be the ultimate judges. Eventually, people will eventually return to good stories and quality entertainment, as film makers are encouraged to maximize the visibility of films. After a tired day, TV viewers will not have to sit through unsuitable programming just to get entertained. Culture busters should be left to the mercy of market forces, rather than given a leg up by controversies created by the government.


Talentless film makers like to create controversies to market films.

For all their claims of protecting Indian culture and values, the CBFC continues to certify soft ᵽorn movies. The actress $hakila has written a book and it has supposedly become a blockbuster. The government must make it clear that it is against a sex industry. No new ᵽornographic movies should be made. A lot of girls with dreams of becoming a film star are told that soft ᵽorn films could be their ticket to stardom. They are given examples such as Kate Winslet and Sylvestor Stallone. Foreign ᵽornographic films made before a certain cutoff year, say year 2000, should be allowed to be shown inside cinemas for adults. This can curtail incidents of sexual assaults and harassment to a great extent in urban areas. These films should be carefully selected so that snuff or exploitation themes are avoided. They should have sufficient material to attenuate the effect of excess hormones but not enough to create new problems. The number of such films made available in a year should also be limited. These films should be lumped with the after-10-pm films. Such films would cater to low-income and migrant populations, as they are unlike people with an Internet connection.

Should the government regulate the Internet to protect the children? No, children should not be exposed to the Internet at all. Children should gain extra knowledge from books. It is the parents’ and teachers’ duty to ensure that children stay away from Internet. TV exposure is bad enough. The Internet is just worse and can be extremely dangerous. There are lots of NGOs waiting to conduct sex-ed classes in schools. The govt should put an end to their dirty dreams. Our schools don’t have teachers, books, benches, or toilets. If they want to help, philanthropists can provide for those basic amenities.

As kids grow up, they will learn and discover things on their own. Humanity has survived thousands of years without a nanny state intervening in every little aspect of our lives.

Kangana Ranaut is ruining the celebutard “conversation”!

Why so serious? All this talk of witchcraft and graveyard visits!

Kangana Ranaut was revealed to be a fan of witchcraft by an ex-boyfriend. I tried to imagine her as a witch, along the lines of Bugs Bunny cartoons, and drew this in GIMP. It was colored it in ArtRage. The poem is a parody of the Road Runner theme song.


Tamannaah: “If all you dweebs out there do a search for my dupatta, maybe I will get it back!”

There was a girl in my previous company who one day came to the area where most of the guys were sitting and posed this strange question to each one of us, “Hey, did you see my dupatta?” We all answered “no” politely, although I wanted to say that she was casting aspersions on our character undeservedly and also casting aspersions on hers unwittingly.

Tamannah topless gave me some idears.

Tamannah topless gave me some idears.

One graphic designer had no such reservations. He simply asked her to go to Google and do a search!