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American Foreign Policy For Dummies

The original article “American Foreign Policy For Dummies” was written many years ago. This cartoon was brought to you by Reptilian News today.

American Foreign Policy For Dummies

To feed the US arms industry, we invent enemies if we can’t find them. We have military bases in over 150 countries. If you are a country, then we already have a base there. American media-fed war propaganda is 90% fake news. The rest is made up of the words “international community”.

What is fake news? The definitive answer!


Fake news by Sky News

Fake news from Sky News: When news anchors bring in experts merely for their propaganda value and cut them off mid-sentence if they doubt the official conspiracy theory.


Fake News - Douma attack video by White Helmets terrorist group

Western media: When you repeatedly broadcast a fake video from a terrorist organization (White Helmets) as your government’s “iron-clad” evidence of a chemical attack (justifying airstrikes) and blackout from the news when the alleged victims turn up unharmed.


Fake News by BBC

When the BBC journalist explicitly asks the expert why he is telling the truth when it is contrary to the official conspiracy theory.

The War Party makes Amerika is one-party state! Proof? US media’s amazing transformation from being a Bush-led Republican Party cheerleader to a Clinton-led Democratic Party cheerleader


During the Bush era, it was extremely frustrating for liberals & Democrats in the US as they routinely got labeled as crazy or unpatriotic if they ever criticized Bush. Everyone was supposed to be lockstep with the fancy conspiracy theories (Iraqi WMDs) put out by the “Neocon” Republicans & US government.

The New York Times took the lead in fanning war hysteria by publishing the infamous “Curveball” stories & other myths ( https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/curveball-the-man-whose-lies-caused-100000-deaths-in-iraq/).

The entire US media became Republican. It was extremely difficult for Democrats to say something contrarian.

Despite the fact that Bush fit every Village Idiot stereotype to a T, anyone drawing attention to the no-bid defense contracts and obvious war-profiteering were all accused of committing “gaffes”.

In the recent Trump-versus-Hillary election, the scale has tipped to the other side. Republicans have become the frustrated ones. The US media as a whole has gravitated to the Democratic side. They did not just endorse Hillary en masse but are also seriously censoring all bad news about her and corrupt/traitorous family.

For once, Americans are tired of war and the current Republican candidate is unbelievably straight out against war. Trump wants America to disengage from wars and get out all the troublespots that previous American presidents have created. Seriously, Trump is not pitching for the War Party.

Hillary is the obvious War Party candidate, just as Bush was. And, that’s whom US media (or their owners) will be tilted to.

Hillary is easy to blackmail & manipulate. Trump is not. The irony just doesn’t end there.

Trump is supposed to be anti-Muslim and Hillary is supposed to be pro-Muslim. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The anti-war foreign policy of a Trump administration would be beneficial to many Muslim countries currently bearing the brunt of Hillary-Obama’s declared & undeclared wars.

A “Pro-Muslim” Hillary Clinton administration will definitely extend Obama’s humanitarian bombing & droning of Muslims all over the world, ranging from Pakistan to Yemen to Mali. ISIS & other Islamic terrorists operating in the Middle East will continue to be smuggled into the US and Europe under the guise of being “refugees”.

It is not just Trump – all candidates demonized by the mainstream media are anti-war and all candidates endorsed by them are pro-war. Marie LePen of France, Nigel Farage of Britain, Frauke Petry of Germany and many other nationalist & pro-people politicians are anti-war and are ostracized by the mainstream media.

People of the world are opposed to war but the mainstream media is pitching for war & misery. Under whose orders?