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World Bank throws Modi & Jaitley a bone as a consolation “Eews of doing business” ranking

Reptilian News - Modi and Jaitley are foreign stooges

Indian politicians serve foreign and globalist interest than that of Indians. Modi and Jaitley are the biggest Indian stooges.

After demonetization, the complicated GST has dealt a blow to manufacturing. Yet, World Bank finds India has improved in ease of doing business? Maybe to save Modi in Gujarat elections!

After GST was passed, Jaitley & Co claimed that Indian sovereign rating will be raised. Contrary to their previous claims of how important GST was, rating agencies let out a big yawn and drew attention to the fiscal deficit & asset quality issues in the banking system.

There is never any final set of reforms. There will always be new “urgent reforms” and pending bills. The goal posts will always be changing. Like asking dogs to fetch a stick, different political administrations will be given different task and different reasons. Old politicians will be cast off when their usefulness has been exhausted. Permanent reforms until the democracy has become part of a global fascist dictatorship.

Like loyal dogs, our netas are eternal optimists & are once again looking for more “good dog” taps on the head.

People in Gujarat are seething in anger over job destruction and crop losses. If Modi tries to use World Bank’s bogus talking-point ranking in his election talk, it will only cost him more votes. Of course, Israeli con artists will have to be called in again to tamper the voting machines.

TTIP, TPP and RCEP are a charade of interlocking precursor treaties for WTO 2.0

Obama said TTIP and TPP will allow “United States to set the rules of international trade.” At the same time, his administration hid the rules from members of US Congress. So, who was setting the rules? Certainly not his administration. Transnational companies, not necessarily American ones, were writing the rules. Somehow, America was writing the rules while its elected representatives had no say in it. All the pre-draft negotiations were conducted in secret.

The US-led treaties did not include China. China for its part had started RCEP. Despite that, all of these treaties had the same goals:

  • Wholesale elimination/reduction of import duties over and above what WTO 1.0 required.
  • Enriching transnational companies.
  • Usurpation of the jurisdiction of courts and national legislatures.
  • Tax-payer funded payouts from national budgets to aggrieved MNCs decided by arbitration courts.

Decades of free trade with China has destroyed vast swathes of manufacturing in the industrialized world.

This was going to be taken further with these so-called regional treaties. Some exclusivity was added to make it appear alluring like forbidden fruit.

After MNCs have covered various regions of the world with such treaties, WTO secretariat can be expected ask the regions to stop fighting with each other and come together again under a common WTO 2.0 framework. This is how it is going to be, I bet.

With WTO 1.0, the GATT negotiations took decades to get all countries on board. For WTO 2.0, they are taking chunks out of the whole and getting it passed by different groups.

Ultimately, everything will fit into place. At least that’s what they hoped for. Unfortunately, Trump has withdrawn the US from TTIP & TPP.

But this is a longterm project. It will in all likelihood outlast Trump. These internationalists are like cockroaches.

Of course, our economies will be totally destroyed before WTO 2.0 comes into place. Our parliaments and courts will be unable to help us. MNCs will have set up leins on tax revenues.

WTO 2.0 would then be offered as the solution of the problem it helped created. This is a tried-and-tested technique of the globalists. The solution is the problem and vice-versa.

In India, there has been no awareness of TTIP, TTP or RCEP. Ministry of Commerce is conducting negotiations with other RCEP members. They realize the dangers of free trade with China but are unlikely exit the grouping because of pressure from PMO. Modi, the traitor, is all for RCEP.

Nobody in the Parliament is opposing it. No party has taken a position against it. When the deal is signed, the media will read about it in Wikipedia and blabber something as if they knew about it all along.

Reptilian News cartoon: RCEP is realy Road to China-led Economi Pauperization

RCEP is one of many international treaties designed to set the stage for WTO version 2 treaty – placing sovereign nations subservient to the interests of multinational corporations. RCEP is designed to hollow out national economies using custom duty-free imports of Chinese goods.

Is The Hindu newspaper trying to kill its readers? The paper literally reeks of pesticide or some potent chemical!

This post has been updated with new developments. Scroll down to the end of this blog post.
Probably the work of that American mole who was its editor for the last few years.

In his defence of the newspaper against news from the Internet, the late columnist Art Buchwald said that a newspaper (among other things) can be used to wrap fish. With the Bangalore edition of The Hindu, even that is not possible!

The paper exudes the fresh aroma of Bhopal immediately after the Union Carbide plant meltdown. The newspaper boy throws the newspaper to the balcony and it stays there. I don’t bring it inside the house.


The Hindu newspaper does not pass the smell test.

Initially, I thought this was the handiwork of the International Society for the Admiration and Worship of Moral Volcano. Apparently, not. A co-worker confirmed that his in-law faces the same problem. He apparently leaves his copy of The Hindu out in the sun for the whole day and reads it in the evening.

Of course, not everyone is that patient. The paper may be losing patrons unknown to its owners. This may be the work of the Americans who were upset with the recent change in the editorship of the paper.

For over hundred years, The Hindu was ably managed by its owners who also edited the paper. They started the paper to serve the nation and did a great job. I started reading the paper when N Ravi was the editor. That was the time when The Hindu was at its height. Everyone knew that the paper was objective to a fault. Today, the paper is unapproachable for a different reason.

For some reason, the board of Kasturi & Sons. put N. Ram in charge of the paper. N. Ram was earlier the editor of the Frontline magazine of the same group. N. Ram got the paper in trouble with his constant needling of J Jayalalitha and her government. Jayalalitha reacted with threats and then with force. This upset N. Ram’s critical thinking capabilities. He then abandoned the paper’s age-old hands-off approach to politics. N. Ram allied with the DMK and the Congress. When Sonia Gandhi gave her first speech in parliament (that is she read from a paper), all Indian newspapers panned her performance. Exception, of course, was The Hindu. N. Ram. published a front-page editorial eulogising her ridiculous performance. What a shame! The paper also played host to well-known foreign stringers such as C Raja Mohan, Gail Omvedt and Kuldip Nayyar. They carried on a pro-America but distinctly anti-Indian propaganda war using the newspaper. N. Ram did bring in P Sainath, who helped draw attention to the sufferings of rural and backward communities. Initially, Sainath’s article appeared on Sundays and I was always depressed after reading them. Fortunately, The Hindu made him Rural Affairs editor and his articles appeared on weekdays. The worst decision that N. Ram made was letting Siddarth Varadarajan join the paper. In the old template of this Web log, I had the following paragraph about The Hindu:

In the U.S., Fox News claims to have a “fair and balanced” editorial policy. They implement it by adding faux news to great effect. In India, The Hindu maintains a balanced approach by swinging to extremes. If C. Raja Mohan was peddling stories for the U.S. government, then there is another guy, Siddarth Varadarajan, to peddle stories for all things Communist. His articles are built around the political agenda of the Communists, both from India and outside. Whether it is Maoists of Nepal who are waging a war against everyone or Chinese firms who are being denied business opportunities on the security grounds, you can count on this guy to make a case for them. (Of course, the current National Security Council’s sole purpose is to help Western companies by blacklisting Chinese companies but that’s besides the point.) Maybe he is just a regular stringer who gets most of his persuasion from the Left. [Found this in my referrer logs, a page from the discussion forum Bharat-Rakshak: Opinion about C. Raja Mohan ranged from “Drinking all the kool aid supplied by the US state dept. must be messing with his head.” to “he is total sold out to green backs”.]

In Bangalore, I bought Deccan Herald. It is a good newspaper and the supplements have good articles on arts, science, tourism, history, etc. The Herald has a daily dose of celebrity news in but not as much as other newspapers. I wanted a newspaper with zero celebrity news – one that could be read by school children. This was one of the reasons that parents all over the country recommended their children to read The Hindu. (I believe celebutard news is meant to dumb-down the masses and these people will eventually stop reading newspapers and switch to celebrity news on TV.)

While I was with the Herald, I learned that N. Ram had allowed himself to be brainwashed totally by S. Varadarajan and let him take over the editor’s job. This was at a time when newspaper owners all round the world were being brainwashed by US think tanks “professionalize” their publications by moving out owner family members out of the editorial and the management and bringing in “professionals”. The change was sold to the public as making way for a “professional management” of the newspaper. This “professional management” snake-oil formula is a tried-and-tested technique used by the Rothschild-Rockefeller minions to take over well-established institutions that they have not been able to acquire or force into a debt trap.

Recently, I read that there was a change of mind at the board of Kasturi & Sons. The American mole was ousted and N. Ravi was made editor again. Malini Parthasarathy also rejoined the paper.

Appreciating the change, I switched from Deccan Herald to The Hindu last month. Unfortunately, it did not work out well.

Update: I changed the newspaper boy but the problem continued. I bought Hindu copies from news stalls picked at random. No problem with those papers. I moved to another state and subscribed for The Business Line (also from The Hindu group) and again the copies were stinking of pesticide. I would first dip it in a bucket and then dry it for an entire day. This meant that I could read late-breaking business news only in the evening and share purchase would have to be delayed by a day. I bought Business Line from stores several times but they did not have the problem. So, someone was forcing the newspaper boy to do this. The co-worker (who claimed that his relative also faced the same problem) turned to be a S.O.B. – in league with the same good-for-nothing a-holes.

Update 2: S. Varadarajan, after his ouster from The Hindu, it turns out, is the force behind The Wire, the online publication behind many scoops on the Modi government and its scams. Chitra Subramaniam, who was behind the Bofors revelations, has started The News Minute online news site. She has become 100% pro-Modi and is associated with Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV. The Wire has thousands of readers but its engagement stats on Twitter seems to have been suppressed under pressure from Modi government. Prashanth Bhushan has lots of Twitter followers but his channel on YouTube seems to have supressed statistics.