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Is the new RBI governor Raghuram Rajan an American citizen?

He needs to call those Photoshop-fail artists who created Obama’s birth certificate.


You can’t be an Indian citizen if you are still a citizen of a foreign country. One of the reasons Sonia Gandhi was persuaded to give up on the PM post was that she continued to be an Italian citizen as per Italian law.

This IMF mole submitted his Indian passport as evidence of his Indian citizenship but that does not mean he is not an American citizen.

UPDATE (26-January-2014): Rajan has said that he obtained a green card (establishing permanent residentship but not citizenship) in the US. Even then, he cannot be nominated to an India government post.

Will Intelligence Bureau engineer Advani’s assassination before the elections?

As far as the Americans are concerned, Sonia Gandhi is a Soviet asset. That is why they got her son involved with a Columbian drug cartel and then busted him. (The Americans support their own drug cartels and fight those allied with the Leftists.) Brajesh Mishra, then working as NSC chief under the BJP government, bailed him out. (Sonia Gandhi rewarded him with a Padma Vibushan in 2011. He croaked recently, the latest addition to a long list of the Soviet roadkills.)

That is also why they put so much pressure to get Manmole Singh as the PM. (He came in through the back door – Rajya Sabha.) The entire crying and inner voice saga was the result of this. (Manmole Singh was waiting outside the gates at her residence and smiling sheepishly before the camera while Pranab Mukherjee was gushing out copious amount of tears in the lawns.) It was all a sorry spectacle.

If Indian voters were really allowed to make their choice, Congress would lose massively the next election. The Rothschild voting machines, from US to UK to India, prefers tight races so that the losers don’t get too upset. The Congress has no hope in these elections. The voting machines cannot just let them win again after so many scams and sky-high inflation.

So, BJP is the obvious choice to take the gaddi next time. Advani is the natural PM candidate. However, Narendra Modi is also gunning for the same post.

In the Ishrat case, the Intelligence Bureau is in the soup along with Modi. If Advani became PM, he will not help the Bureau because that would also help Modi. The only way the IB can get out of the soup is to get Modi elected as PM. Else, they are screwed. The current Congress dispensation is also not too happy to help them. The IB seems to have tried to mess with Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s health recently. Shinde, an ex-cop, is a tough guy. He does not fall ill that easily. The IB must be mixing stuff in his food.

Now, even though Modi has zero chance outside Gujarat, the Rothschild voting machines can show a landslide in favour of the BJP and let Modi take credit. The RSS’ handlers in London have already told them to back Modi and he has their support. The only fly in the ointment is Advani. There was an attempt on his life in Coimbatore some years back. IB will be trying to finish off Advani using those people or at least blame it on them. In the recent explosion in Malleswaram Bangalore, the police were initially skeptical whether it was a bomb. But, they were strong armed into accepting the official story. The police then went to TN and arrested the usual suspects, many of whome were yet to recover from the Coimbatore court cases.

So, dear Advani, watch your back. Those IB traitors may be after you.

Personally, I feel that Advani is a consummate liar but I would prefer him any day to Modi. Besides that, our Hindu culture expects us to respect age and experience. The fact that the RSS is promoting Modi over Advani shows them they are are un-Indian and foreign-inspired.