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Unscientific world of Climate Models and Climate Change Targets

Who controls the weather

When AOC, Merkel and Macroni submit the Paris Climate Deal targets report, the giant bearded guy in the sky who controls weather events will switch things into slow mode.

The sciensters have made many dire predictions in the past.

BBC claim of ice-free Arctic summers by 2013

In 2007, BBC claimed that Climate Scientologists have concluded that the Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013.

Some of them were literally caught up in their own folly.

Daily Express article “Global warming brigade lose the plot on a ship of fools” by Leo McKinstry

This cartoon by Rick McKee easily demonstrates how the climate propagandists spin their tales.

Climate Change fools change positions often than climate.

Mini human brains? Many top politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists all over the world already are peabrains!

Real people with real brains and some humanity in their hearts never get ahead.

They were able to grow brain cells without any blood supply. That’s like growing a mold in a petri-dish. The headline is deliberately misleading and they are counting on your gullibility. A sciencepiracy theory.