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Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (VI) – Americans (blacks & racists)

As for the others, less said the better. Although Donald Trump supporters are racist, they voted Obama for two terms. Obama supporters wouldn’t vote for a rich white woman, which is why he is right when he says Americans are racists.

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (VI) - Americans (blacks & racists)

Racists & Blacks would not vote for a rich white woman.

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (V) – Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren

As if I had a chance. No, no, no. All Democrats loved me… except supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. I am the queen. Off with their heads!

Reptilian News cartoon: Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (V) - Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren

All Democrats loved me except for the supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Note: The image of Hillary Clinton holding the detached head of Liz Warren was first published on Twitter by when the latter unexpectedly withdrew from the race and endorsed Clinton much before it was used in this cartoon. After Trump won, one female comic named Kathy Griffin copied the image in an extremely gruesome fashion. I sent a Twitter message asking er to use her own material. (I deleted all of these message during my regular cleanups where I delete all the tweets and start afresh.)

We came, we saw, and he died He he he!!!


Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (IV) – Comey

“FBI director Comey played possum with HSBC money laundering scheme but went to town with my secret email servers. Even if he did not take the servers until my lawyers deleted the incriminating evidence, it hurt me politically.”

Reptilian News cartoon: Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (IV) – Comey

Former HSBC fraud enablersupervisor and current FBI director did his best to help Hillary Clinton but failed.

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (III) – Misunderstood past lies & utterances

Nothing was wrong with her

“I did not lie about the Benghazi attack on the Ambassador or the fake video released afterward. “What difference does it make,” was just a wrong choice of words. Evil laughter on hearing Gaddafi’s death was meant to make me look impressive but somehow failed to work.”

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (III) – Misunderstood past lies & utterances

Hillary lost because news channels were dissing her until Trump came on the scene. They expected Jeb “Low Energy” Bush to be the next President. Hillary Clinton’s poor self image made her into a super-crazy war monger.

Original cartoon is here.

Hillary Clinton’s poor self image made her into a super-crazy war monger.

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (II) – Russian president Vladimir Putin

“Russian President & former KGB agent Vladimir Putin was spying on American politicians. NSA, FBI & CIA spies on foreign politicians only to fight terrorists.”

Reptilian News: Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (II) - Russian president Vladimir Putin

The evil Russians spied on Hillary Clinton and sabotaged her chances of winning. And, where was NSA with her private mail server and Russian snooping at that time. Oh, they were busy spying on German chancellor Angela Merkel. NSA whistle-blower Binny says Obama was also under NSA surveillance.

I Told You So: Obama phone call to Macron proves that the reptilians had already chosen the winner!

French election has been stolen!

Reptilian News cartoon: Obama calls the French election of Macron

Obama’s election was fixed. Same case with Macron’s. It is no surprising one stooge called the election of another.

In November last year, I predicted that Marine Le Pen’s popular mandate would be stolen from her.

Of course, the names had to change because Fillon self-combusted. So, reptilians conjured a new puppet in the person of Macron.

Apparently, his older-than-him wife is his handler and this makes him the ideal puppet.

After Trump’s win, the globalists seem to be totally upset. That’s why they asked the world’s greatest teleprompter reader to pip Trump by placing a well-publicized phone call to Macron before election.


Even after eight years as President, Obama still feels it necessary to compete with the newcomer in Trump. It only proves that Obama was never really a President – just a dummy figurehead!

I Told You So: A defensive Modi had advance knowledge of voting (tampering) results when he asked his ministers details of their demonetization promotion efforts

Even though “electronic” voting machines were used, it took weeks, instead of a day, to finish voting.

After the elections in Punjab, the American embassy seems to have told Modi that most votes have been cast against the BJP-SAD coalition. To avoid being blamed for the loss and expecting the same in UP elections, Modi tried to put his cabinet detractors on the defensive. He asked for details of tours if any conducted by them to raise support for demonetization. The reptilians seems to have told Modi, they weren’t going reverse the Punjab verdict because the incumbents were thoroughly hated. It wasn’t worth the effort.


In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress made the mistake of allying with another hated incumbent party and that created scope for getting away with tampering the foreign-made EVMs chips. Unfortunately for BJP, their vote bank was totally gone. Not a problem, said the reptilians. Modi had done well with treasonous demonetization and national ID swindles and had won their approval. Like a treat for a good dog, the reptilians seem to have initiated largescale tampering of the EVMs. Even before the voting was over, Modi let the cat out of the bag with his “electric shocks” statement“. BJP got votes even in Muslim-majority areas.


If they could get away with vote tampering in the general elections, the reptilians could effect the same in a handful of states too. (https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2014/05/17/want-proof-that-rothschild-evm-s-elected-modi-rather-than-people-of-india-bjp-sweeps-assam/) But, how can they do that after after demonetization?… Remember, Uttar Pradesh is like Bihar a state where huge numbers of casual laborers had become jobless and/or had to return from other states because of demonetization.

Not a problem! In America, the reptilians feared an armed revolt after Trump said he will not accept the result if it went against him. Yet, even though they let him win, they gave the popular vote to Schmillary Clinton. In comparison, India is a docile country where the population does not have guns to challenge the government.

Have you noticed something else? Amazing how Modi has so suddenly overcome his own doubts and become more eloquent on demonetization than before. Modi is even calling for more humility in his party. That’s hilarious!

Everything about this government is fake. It wins fake elections. It fakes GDP numbers. It gave fake reasons for demonetization – to reduce India’s gold demand (reptilians are running out of physical gold and had to unwind massive long positions in crude oil) and to give payments banks-led cashless transactions a lift up (very few licenses were picked up). They wouldn’t admit that they didn’t have the brains to smoothly & efficiently implement a demonetization plan.

You know they are stupid because they are still refusing to print the 1000 rupee note, which is an important denomination in terms of transaction volumes. All they had was the willingness to accept orders from abroad. As a result, the economy is stuck in reverse gear. Most people are spending only on basics and cut back on discretionary spending. The good thing however is that digital transactions are going to fall and the fantastic dream of a cashless economy will revert back once enough cash percolates into the economy. My people will return to their old ways.

Modi is daydreaming and believing in his own lies. That is why RBI refuses to reveal details about returned currency notes. More than expected amount has been returned to banks and RBI will most likely falsify those numbers and justify the stupid/useless exercise.

Donald Trump will be a lameduck president

Moral Volcano loses all election bets but Americans, Britons and Tamilians won

After making a series of accurate bets on the stockmarket, my run of luck reversed strangely. If I bought a share, it would tank the very next day with no hint of bad news. If I sold a share, the very next day it would shoot up. This happened around the time I accused LIC of bailing out FIIs and buying shares at atrociously high prices. I then decided to use reverse psychology and made predictions on Brexit, TN elections and US presidential elections. In all of them, I clearly mentioned who should be the winner but why they won’t be because of tampered voting machines.

To push the stakes higher, I bought Sun TV shares before election results day. To make Trump win, I bought Infosys. (However, I hedged my bets with Sun Pharma, which seemed to have bottomed out but it posted good results and was rated “outperform” by brokerages. The US FDA will fix that with some adverse inspection reports.)

Globalization had hollowed out economies. Manufacturing had moved out to less developed economies such as China & Mexico and has caused huge job losses in Europe and USA. To make it unviable for small businesses, Western economies had imposed numerous unnecessary rules and regulations that exporters in China & Mexico don’t have to follow. Central banks, for their part, have been running moneyprinting presses like there is no tomorrow and have irredeemably debased their currencies. Everything was set to explode.

If the Brexit vote had failed, there surely been a revolution. If Trump was not allowed to win, there would have been a second musket revolution.

The reptlians seems to have accepted a short-term battle loss to win a long-term war. They just could not accept the defeat wholesale. That is Brexit has been nullified by a High Court in the UK. AIADMK won but almost barely, not overwhelmingly as it should have. Trump won the electoral college but it voting machines were made to give Hillary the “popular vote”. It was as if her & her family’s corruption & untrustworthiness had no effect. It was as if America was not reeling under joblessness or many oo those employed are employed at low wages or have to work two or even three parttime jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t as if healthcare premiums have not rocketed under Obamacare. It was as if millennials can barely make rent or are unlikely to move out of their homes anytime soon.

Trump played his cards well. However, it is being said that JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is being considered as Treasury secretary. We have seen many doves before. Colin Powell was once touted as a dove and being against the Irag invasion but he ended up brandishing a fake anthrax vial at the UN Security Council. Trump may just follow suit. Bill Clinton refused to play by his CFR minders and they brought out Monica Lewinsky to teach him a lesson. Ross Perot was blackmailed and forced to step down from the race. Obama claimed to a be a grassroots candidate but became a Wall Street favorite. The reptilians will try the same tricks on Donald Trump too.

If Trump does not buckle under pressure, Republicans will turn coat and prove to be worse than Democrats. He will not be able to stop immigrants or reform the corrupt Washington DC culture. That is all right though. A hostile lameduck president is better than a warmonger like Hillary Clinton or George Bush. No war and no TPP.

I Told You So: Ajit Doval or China-Pak Dual Agent has once again played Modi for a fool – Indus Water Treaty blackmail results in China’s BrahmaPutra blackmail


As Americans like to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.”

There was nothing wrong with the Indus Water Treaty. It was, if you pardon the pun, water tight. There was not much that Pakistan could do. Pakistan actually wanted it renegotiated under a whole new treaty so that they could have more water, limit India’s share & have enough implementation issues so that they could have one more stick to blame India with.

Modi, being a compulsive megalomaniac, became an easy sucker for the trap set by his traitorous NSA Ajit Doval.

As an upper riparian state, China’s development plans for BrahmaPutra were limited by India’s good behavior with the Indus Water Treaty.

Now, short-sighted diplomatic slights against Pakistan has pulled India down from the higher moral ground it enjoyed for decades.

Good luck, morons! Why does Modi surround himself with fools?

I told you so earlier:

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