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American Foreign Policy For Dummies

The original article “American Foreign Policy For Dummies” was written many years ago. This cartoon was brought to you by Reptilian News today.

American Foreign Policy For Dummies

To feed the US arms industry, we invent enemies if we can’t find them. We have military bases in over 150 countries. If you are a country, then we already have a base there. American media-fed war propaganda is 90% fake news. The rest is made up of the words “international community”.

Phony “Call Drops” crisis is a ruse by telcos & Modi govt

For removing restrictions on cell towers on hospitals, schools & homes; increasing radiation limits & ending terrestrial TV transmission ( DoorDarshan).

Mobile users haven been complaining about a lot of other issue but the usually lethargic and apathetic government has shown unusually alacrity and speed in this particular “problem”. They would like everyone believe government is really working in our interest.