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Blackmail raj! After NDTV’s CBI troubles, Indian news channels are afraid of Modi govt like hell!

Is Modi govt blackmailing TV news channels.

CBI was careful not to drag in GE or NBC, against which is the main ED case, as sought by S Gurumurthy & others. Maybe Modi’s controllers would have been very upset.

Instead, they chose to snag NDTV in a pretty weak case involving ICICI Bank. No action on money laundering.

Still, the channels are so scared they are blaming the victim. When farmers in MP were protesting, the channels changed their tune after a while and claimed farmers were at fault.

Is India’s military approach with Pakistan and China on even keel?

Indian soldiers are engaged in a low-key jostling & shoving war on the Sikkim border. With Pakistan, we are always ready fight.

This is not right. Our ethos requires us to be equanimous against the weak and the mighty.


China cannot start an armed conflict with India because of the long border wherein Indian troops can launch strikes on the ground. Because the Tibetan plateau is thinly populated & mostly desert, there’s is very little cover on the ground. Their air assets would be vulnerable if brought close to the border. If far away, they wouldn’t have quick reaction times. Unlike 1962 skirmishes, where they tried to stop the PLA on the border itself & suffered lots of casualties, Indian military strategy should be to draw them in, stretch their supply lines, destroy forward bases from the air, and slaughter the starving demoralized soldiers on the ground.

Modi govt has expanded the Aadhaar ID program for cows, they say, to prevent smuggling!

Following the footsteps of US government, Modi wants to have all cattle in a government database. Maybe it will be useful for some multinational company like Danone but the reason they are giving for this effort is to prevent smuggling. Yes, Aadhaar was to receive govt subsidy for LPG. Demonetization has defeated belack meney, terrorism and fake notes.



Shouldn’t Nitin Gadkari resign after NHAI bribery scandal?

Are we to believe the minister did not take a cut?


Everything this proposes requires more than a lakh crore. Even 1‰ of a lakh crore is 1000 crore. Everyone knows that officials collect bribes on behalf of the minister. If they get caught, they can’t squeel on the politician because they are afraid of what will happen to them in police custody. The payments are usually routed benami beneficiaries of the minister anyway.

Given the furious pace with which the Public Private Partnership (PPP) have been going on, one can assume that’s the case.

Government infrastructure projects are usually slow because the minister & the officials under him are slow to clear subcontractor & supplier bills unless their palms are greased.

It is difficult to believe this guy who received numerous favours from corporate groups such as Essar has clean hands.

He shouldn’t be minister when investigations are going on.

It is quite likely that the CDM Smith bribery case is not a one-off occurrence. It must be systematic.

Lizard News – How the mythical ISIS leader Al Baghdadi was killed

In the news – Republic operative who was looking for Clinton email allegedly found to have committed suicide.

Pentagon meeting on how Al Baghdadi should die.

Pentagon meeting on how Al Baghdadi should die.


Lizard News – Why Aadhaar is bad for you & India!

It is a matter of time before everyone’s fingerprints are leaked online.

Unlike a hand-written signature, the biometric fingerprint can be replicated without the will/knowledge of the owner. Any business can collect fingerprints and personal data. If fingerprints are leaked online or sold to mobile phone theives, then they can conduct Aadhaar-enabled financial transactions.

The UIDAI Act offers no recourse or alternative for those whose biometric data has been stolen. With so many things made dependent on Aadhaar, life will come to a nought for those people. Aadhaar is a single-point failure on which the financial security of our nation is being set to be wrecked.

Modi paves way for US meat imports by banning Indian meat trade

It is the same reptilian technique everywhere. East India Company destroyed by Indian weavers and caused the famine by importing loom-made textiles from England. Coca Cola and Pepsi captured the Indian market by undercutting Indian cola companies. E-commerce companies are destroying brick-and-mortar trade thanks to unending supply of unlimited cheap money from zero-interest or low-interest rate countries.

Now, Modi in the name of “Hindu religion” has banned trade in Indian offal animals, even including pigs and camels. It is not just the meat industry that is going to be destroyed. The leather industry will also have take in huge losses. Our pharma and food processing industries are also dependent on a lot of animal extracts.

This is all done to first destroy Indian animal population and then take recourse to US meat imports. Recently, the US took India to the WTO dispute panel claiming that India was blocking import of US chicken legs. US chicken industry feeds the birds with GMO corn. Chicken legs are also not favored by American customers. Hence, they want to dump it all in India.

WTO has also ruled that Indian phytosanitary rules are invalid because they are not based on “international standard”. In other words, all Indian laws are void if they don’t match “international rules”. (Live Mint; http://www.livemint.com/Politics/DyhAJBuPQNL9mNKIV43IHN/WTO-ruling-backs-US-complaint-against-Indian-poultry-rules.html)

Of course, Modi will act tough and destroy Indian farmers. But, when it comes to standing up to US meat lobby, he will collapse like a headless chicken. India decided not to import US chicken citing avian flu fears but WTO ruled against it. Modi will now show the required zeal to please his US masters.

Modi govt enables MNCs mass-poison Indians by permitting “Indian” GMO mustard

Modi government approves mass-poisoning of Indians via GMO food crops.

Modi government grants approval for an “Indian” GMO mustard, opening gateway for foreign-made GMO food crops.

GMO Bt Cotton already poisons Indians via cottonseed-blended cooking oil. Cattlefeed based on Bt cottonseed also ends up poisoning milk.