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Trump should ignore the legacy status quo & support Korean unification

Like China, North Korea is controlled by some reptilians in New York.

Trump should end the security theatre prevailing in Japan & Korea.

The fancy idea of cornering North Korea using sanctions & military threats is useless. Cuba is a good example. The victims are Koreans & the beneficiaries are the military contractors.

Trump should give the North an open offer to withdraw from the Koreas if they united. The communists in the North & the political/military criminal allies in the South should be given amnesty. The nuclear arsenal should be left to the  judgment of the government elected by a united Korea.

If the communists cannot reject it because the charade otherwise collapses.

Trump should ignore status quoists, withdraw US military and support Korean unification.

The fake news media led by @CNN are unlikely to be impressed with anything that Trump does. They don’t even seek to give an appearance of being journalists anymore. CNN president has already been public that they are not going to focus on news from everywhere (as there dedicated news agencies for that) and instead being a platform for high-quality debate & expert viewpoints. So, why fret over a bunch of yakkety yap yaps?