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Is Hawken wiping it front to back? Jewish Hollywood’s scatological obsession!

As I was reading Stuff magazine in the throne room (there is a huge backlog of unread magazines), I couldn’t help thinking something was wrong with this poster.

Hawken poster

Careful there, little fella!

Ever since I watched Joking.com’s deconstruction of Gangnam Style, I am interpreting Jewish Hollywood’s productions in a different light.

People at the Vanguard News Network have been claiming that Jewish Hollywood has an unmistakable scatological obsession. I did not immediately believe it could be so widespread but looking back now … okay… they are right. One of the things they mentioned was how, at MTV, Sumner Redstone boys thought that covering teenaged White girls with laxative-induced crap on live TV was somehow funny. In Israel, apparently, they show it on TV regularly. I have read reports of Israeli soldiers deliberately defecating inside Palesinian houses and buildings – cupboards, sinks, furniture, everywhere.

MTV apologizes over excrement-spraying in reality show pilot.

MTV apologizes over excrement-spraying in reality show pilot.

Toilet humour is deliberately introduced in films by Jewish people for all to see. “Head Over Heels” seemed like a good movie but it has a gratuitous toilet humour scene. (I think there is one version of the movie where the toilet explodes and the models become totally covered in filth. No, nothing is left to imagination. Maybe it was in a Wayans brothers movie… I am not sure. Funding is available only if the work is tainted with gratuitous sex or filth or something else intended to destroy societal mores. The ultimate objective is to destroy Christianity. Otherwise, you will not work in that town.)

I suggest you don’t go investigate this topic further on the Internet. This is more than enough. What you see will scald you for life.

Jewish Hollywood is run by a mafia. Listen to message left by Sumner Redstone on the answering machine of a reporter, offering not to kill the source of a leak (Oh, boy, this post is full double entendres… STOP THIS!).

Freemasonry, which is a form of Talmudic witchcraft for retarded goys with low self-esteem, also employs rituals based on filth, apart from those involving homosexual acts, blood, murder and what-not. That is how they keep their secrets secret.

Freemasons in politics and entertainment

Soviet President liplocks with Erich Honecker and so does Gorbachev. The Beatles pose with dismembered baby dolls. A spanking freemasonic ritual.


Subliminal messaging? Jewish elite of Hollywood are racist!

The answer can be seen in the movie Kung Fu Panda. Most of the common folk are either pigs (disgusting/non-kosher, eat anything and excessively) or rabbits (which breed and multiply rapidly).

Most of extras in the movie Kung Fu Panda are pigs and rabbits.

Most of extras in the movie Kung Fu Panda are either pigs or rabbits.

A few years ago, I was channel surfing and came up on a Matt LeBlanc movie Ed (I guess). In it, I saw a scene with the face of a black man being replaced by the next scene with the face of a chimpanzee. I was so disgusted with the subliminal message that I did not watch the movie.

The outline of the black man's face was replace with that of a chimp - probably in this movie.

The outline of this unfortunate black actor’s face was replaced with that of a chimp.

Similarly, one day, I was watching an episode of The Simpsons on the Star World channel. Every time, Jesus Christ appeared, there was an inhouse ad with the words “LIES” or “LIE”. These ads appeared only when Jesus Christ was on the screen.

Recently, I was looking for a LM386 microphone circuit and I landed up on a website run by one Jose Pino. Looking around, I read that Jose discovered a subliminal message in a Coke ad. Apparently, the word SEX was visible on the screen for a few fractions of a second. I was not able to spot the message in the Youtube version but the comments section betray its effect.

Watch the video and you will not be impressed by anything. Yet, these kids have been overawed by it when they were kids. This proves that subliminal messaging works! Hollywood elite want White Americans to hate blacks and think that there are too many Chinese in the world. Hollywood elite are lock step with the Rothschild-Rockefeller globalist agenda.

Watch the video and you will not be impressed by anything. Yet, these kids were overawed by it when they were kids. This proves that subliminal messaging works!

See if you are able to spot the subliminal message.

Perverted directors forcing actors to don female roles in India too?

Globalists in Hollywood do this to promote cross-dressing and thereby homosexualism. ANYTHING to reduce the population.

Here is Dave Chappelle explaining how black actors are forced to dress up as women.

From the Informer:

Chappelle told Oprah that while filming “Blue Streak” with Martin Lawrence, he walked into his trailer and there was a dress hanging there. He says he thought he was in the wrong trailer until the producer walked in and told him they had adjusted the script and in the next scene Lawrence’s character would break him out of jail, but he would have to be dressed as a prostitute.

Chappelle adamantly refused. He said the producer left and then the director came in and said, “We really would like you to wear the dress.” He still refused. He said this went on for 15 or 20 minutes. When they saw that he was not going to wear the dress no matter what, Dave explained that they came right back with a new script in about five minutes.

That along with feeling of the pressure to deliver self inflicted jokes on black people for white people made Chappelle think hard about continuing another season of his beloved, “Chappelle Show,” and he walked away, but not without leaving something to be thought about.

Almost every major black actor at some point in their careers has had to wear a dress or play a flamboyant homosexual before they really made strides in Hollywood. Is it a subliminal message aimed at our black youth?