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Electric vehicles & their batteries will cause more pollution, increase costs & raise taxes

Manufacturers are not only using planned obsolescence but have lobbied goverments to enact laws forcing premature obsolescence.

Environmental impact of electric vehicles

The environmental impact of an electric vehicle (EV) should include mining, manufacturing, running, maintainenance and disposal. The manufacture & disposal of the battery pack causes a great deal of environmental damage. EV batteries consume power from fossil fuels used in power plants.

  • The battery causes additional pollution when its chemicals are mined or manufactured.
  • The battery causes additional pollution when it is disposed.
  • Compared to a tank of petrol/diesel, the battery pack is just dead weight that has to be hauled around everywhere
  • The battery’s efficiency goes down as time goes by, requiring more electricity & providing less running time.
  • The battery loses charge even when not used. In contrast, a tank full of oil just does not disappear
  • The battery simply not only offloads pollution to the thermal power plant but also adds to transmission grid losses, which are conveniently not counted by EV manufacturers. Full hybrid vehicles use a conventional engine to charge the battery but it is still stupid.
  • The battery vehicles have limited range and have significant downtime.

India’s ‘Green Tribunal’ has asked for a ban on diesel vehicles in the NCR region and has also recommended that all vehicles be ‘clunkered’ after 10-15 years. This will only increase pollution. They seem to think of pollution only during the time when the vehicle is on the road. They ignore the impact on the environment when the minerals are mined, when the parts are fabricated, and when the vehicle as a whole is junked. Indian pollution control boards are notorious for corruption. They are going to turn a blind eye when the batteries are dumped all around us.

During the UPA regime, the Green Tribunal did tireless work in handing over permissions to destroy fertile farmlands and pristine forests. In the NDA regime, they are handing out all kinds of mandatory obsolescence rulings to businesses that had earlier had perfected the art of planned obsolescence. The daytime headlight rule is a prime example of such manna from judicial heaven for lead acid battery manufacturers. Increased consumption means increased pollution.

Battery vehicles will cause water pollution & help water privatization
When clean becomes scarce, international water companies like Veola will use their influence via IMF, World Bank, OECD and their moles in various political parties & media houses. Articles & editorials will recommend privatization. Think out of the box, they will say. We need reforms. Some self-serving reports will be published and the government of the day will be congratulated for taking a “BOLD DECISION”. Water will be privatized. Eventually, their bills will become so inflated that become unaffordable to the majority. The private water companies will have to be subsidized by governments, which means more taxes. In developed countries, every effort has been taken to deprive citizens’ free access to groundwater using licensing & metering – even for well water.

Won’t Social Media use, ever-connected Cloud, always-on Internet, sneaky Internet-Of-Things, omnipresent Wi-Fi, discarded smartphones, batteries and electric vehicles, & free international trade in plastic materials and wastes accelerate Climate Change? NO!

98% of Climate Scientists agree government spying and mass-poisoning is more important than Climate Change!

Reptilian News - Social media use is causing Climate Change

Social media use, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Always-on WiFi/Internet all consume electricity and cause Accelerated Man-made Irreversible Climate Change.


Electric vehicle myth

Electric Vechicles consume power from thermal plants. They are not green. They cost a lot to produce and dispose. They pollute the environment far more than fossil fuel cars.