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Is Indian Government Deploying Mad Dogs To Keep People Off The Streets In Kashmir?

The Kashmir valley has gone to the dogs, literally. Apart from curfews, protests, terrorist attacks, and humiliating body searches, people of the valley have endure an unprecedented number of dog bites on the roads.

Dog bites have become a big problem in the last few years for some unknown reason. There is something that is making the dogs attack humans in such large numbers.

Separatist outfits are claiming that government is not taking action because they hate the people of Kashmir.

My guess is that dogs have been made crazy by the central government to keep stone-throwers and protesters off the streets. And, the state government is doing its part by taking no action against the dogs.

So, how are the dogs being made crazy? It could be that the military is deploying sound waves. There are certain wave frequencies that dogs can hear but are inaudible for humans. These sounds can be made loud enough or disturbing enough to make them mad.