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Has the US perfected the “cloud burst” weapon to benefit disaster capitalists?

Beware of any “flood plain” talk about your area

In the wake of an earthquake summit in Kathmandu, I predicted there may be an earth quake in the region. It came true within that year. Everytime there is heightened talk about a future disaster in an area, within a few months, a disaster seems to strike the very same location.

In another pattern, a cloud burst-caused flood disaster in the Third world is immediately followed up by a similar one in the West.

Uncontrolled floods in poor and developing arecommon.

In the West, there are several layers flood mitigation systems are already in place for protecting human settlements. They have been built up over several decades and sometimes over a century.

Of late though, the systems seem to have been mysteriously failing. Before the disaster, engineering and infrastructure companies make presentations to top decision-makers about making billions of dollars of new invrstments to beef up or replace these systems. Initially, the cost is considered too high and is felt unnecessary. When ‘disaster’ strikes, the media comes with stories that more or less says “The government was warned but they did not act!”

Fresh no-bid contracts gets pushed through without due process or public scrutiny. People are too busy recovering their lives to pay any attention.

Just like war profiteers, disaster capitalists make phenomenal profits off human folly and misery with the tax payer picking up the tab.

The obvious beneficiaries in disaster capitalism are contract engineering companies such as Bechtel, all kinds of infrastructure companies such as telecom, power, water supply, and road/rail laying companies, government officials, politicians and of course ‘consultants’.

It seems that the US has perfected the “cloud-burst” technology. Every few years or now every year, they pick some third-world location where they test their system and then in the following weeks unleash it on some big city in the West that has the potential of providing tens or maybe hundreds billions of ‘reconstruction’ contracts. Remember Bombay-New Orleans, Leh-Queensland, Uttarkashi-Toronto…

The Climate Scientologists and carbon tax people are the other groups that will try to make the most of these man-made ‘disasters’.