Moral Volcano Prediction: George Soros will make US democrats transition from ‘Defund The Police’ to ‘Privatize The Police’

Bush and Obama militarized the police. Obama even armed Mexican drug cartels and made it look like they were “tracking” gun sales.

Obama militarized the police

Bush and Obama militarized the police

The BLM wants mental health professionals instead of police in Black-majority areas. Throwing Adderall or Ritalin tablets at knife-weilding psychos will be proved as stupidity. A return to policing albeit with private sector involvement will be the new alternative.

In several American towns and cities, the “police” are run by private police unions on contract with the local administration.

The Real Kamala Harris – The Ugandan Giant

Unlike the new pretender, the original Kamala Harris was a giant among men.

Before US presidential candidate picked up a filthy creep as a vice-presidential running mate, there was another Kamala Harris. He was billed as the Ugandan Giant in the WWE. He was a giant of a man and fought with the biggest names in the business including Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan and Undertaker. He played his part as the Ugandan to perfection. In survivor series, the Undertaker put him in a casket and hauled him away. Normally fearless, he acted deeply terrified by the Undertaker.

James Kamala Harris, the Ugandan Giant

He was paid almost nothing compared to the Undertaker. Kamala left and returned to the WWE several times. His complaint was low pay. He performed with several other wrestling companies. He drove trucks and even sold chairs he built by hand. He wrote a book to pay for his medical bills. His legs were amputated because of diabetes. The WWE did not help him because his name was included in a lawsuit brought by some wrestlers against the WWE. He contracted coronavirus in 2020 and died from his comorbidities.

The wrestler Chris Jericho performed in the WWE off and on. Sometime ago, he signed up with All Entertainment Wrestling (AEW) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). He found that these upstart wrestling entertainment operations, which somehow survive the near-total domination of WWE, take good care of their performers. Wrestling ‘superstars’ of the WWE have to pay their own transportation bills while his new employer arranges hotel reservations and taxi pickups. He and his other wrestling mates do not have to drive on the road hundreds of miles to show up at a venue. It is this kind of penny-pinching that has made WWE a profitable business that eliminated almost all competition.

#IToldYouSo #SocialismSucks: AOC asks Lincoln Project give up $67 million they raised to remove Trump

Drowning-in-debt Democrat invents novel scheme to raise funds from Trump haters only to learn early lesson in Socialism.

Despite so many days past US election day, Democrats are still finding new Biden votes and erasing Trump leads. Recounts and court cases are going to leave the election undecided for weeks or months.

These delays have not stopped “Socialist Democrats” from well-heeled members of their own party. Imagine what would happen when the election goes in their favour and they assume power.

Like I had predicted earlier, tech billionaires are next.

AOC tweet

Moral Volcano Prediction: Tech billionaires will be sacrificed for the EAT-THE-RICH activists of BLM and Antifa after Biden win

BLM and Antifa have already protested in posh localities housing these billionaires with chants of “Eat The Rich”. What do they plan to do after the election?

  • “When they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.” – A BLM/Antifa protestor
  • Vogue’s Anna Wintour Apologizes After Black Staffers Call for Her Removal over Diversity Complaints – Brietbart

George Soros has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter (BLM). This is USAID money routed through color revolutions in Eastern Europe.

One of the explicit goals of BLM is the destruction Black families. It is on their website. Before they destroy themselves, they are going to take a lot of innocents down with them.

The first among them are the tech billionaires. They are always in the news. Everyone knows they have money. BLM/Antifa protestors have already visited their homes and talked about opportunities denied to Blacks and how the knives are going to come out. Several crowds were reported chanting “Eat The Rich” in places like Beverly Hills.

BLM has become decentralized. Thousands of groups of protestors carrying the BLM banner have been engaging in looting, rioting and extortion.

Money is not a problem anymore for BLM/Antifa

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have paid protection money to BLM/Antifa groups. When Biden becomes President, these groups will become more emboldened.

Millennial Millie has provided proof that several of these Far Left groups have Biden under blackmail.

Currently, the BLM/Antifa riots seem to be arranged by private contractors of DoD, CIA and FBI. After the election, they will not need any of these contractors. Mob rule observes no rules. The rich lemmings will be the first to die.

Social distancing to extinction?

Evolution is in reverse gear, ever since we allowed WHO to dictate to national governments.

News organizations just love to talk down to people and lecture them with cut-and-paste UN propaganda.

Reptilian News Cartoon by Moral Volcano

Evolution is in reverse gear thanks to Coronavirus pan(dem)ic, news organizations and social media. We have decided that mass starvation is safer and stopped all economic activity.

Let the swamp reptilians steal the election from Donald Trump! A second American revolution is needed to eradicate them!

Trump cannot fight alone. American people, the silent majority, cutting across party lines should become comrade-in-arms against dwellers of the Washington DC swamp.

Just as I predicted, the swamp creatures have foiled Trump in his plans. In turn, Trump has foiled their plans for perpetual war. The political correctness epidemic has lost the administration support. If Clinton had won, America would have collapsed. They would have banned everything. It is a big victory and a relief for peace-loving people the world over.

As per the reality distortion field created by the US mainstream media:

  • Millions of Americans silently suffering in imposed poverty and hunger will vote for Burismaiden who promises to retain lockdowns for as long as the shyentists want.
  • Americans love to see rioters destroy and loot their property in Democrat-run states, cities and towns.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris events but that is a sure sign of Trump is losing.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris rallies but their team is supposed to win, according to opinion polls.

In other news, a state supreme court has ruled that the signature in the “mail-in” ballots need not match. Now, anyone can vote for anyone in that state.

During the George Soros-sponsored BLM/Antifa riots, Americans have seen a taste of what it will be like when Democrats return to power in Washington DC.

I think USA needs to go through some hell for all Americans to wake up. It is not enough that only some conservatives are ready to take action. There must broad-based support cutting across party lines. The swamp creatures do not just need a lesson in people power, they must be eliminated, setting an example to reptilians all over the world. Until then, Americans should be armed and dangerous. Prepare for the second American revolution!

Get Amazing Polly’s videos from after #Youtube purge

Succumbing to elite p e d o p h i l e s, Youtube purges Amazing Polly and other accounts for supporting QAnon conspiracies.

In one of her videos, Amazing Polly casually noted that the furniture items sold on an online seller called WayFair was named after missing children and that the items were marked up by thousands of dollars.

This caught the imagination of several people, not conspiracy theorists, but ordinary people who followed her lead and revealed more. It spread like wildfire.

Some apologists for some MSM outfit, probably NYT, asked WayFair and debunked the conspiracy theory. How? WayFair says that the items were marked up by a supplier.

Amazing Polly later quoted WayFair website where they claim that all products are sourced and priced by WayFair. It is not a multiple seller platform like Amazon.

Did MSM roll back their exoneration of WayFair? No, the WayFair conspiracy theory has been debunked. Case closed. After that, there were several article calling for a ban on Qanon supporters on Social Media sites. Eventually, Amazing Polly’s account got deleted.

Amazing Polly channel on Bitchute

Amazing Polly should write a book with her research. By creating well-researched videos, she created a lot of money and subscribers only for YouTube and very little for her.

Here is my blog post for all those affected by Youtube purges:

How YouTubers can beat Google censorship of their channel

Update: A Polly has posted new videos. You can find them at:

These sites do not support RSS feeds yet.

Published: ‘Humorous Tweets Of Chairman Mao: A coffee table book for Communist children’

Status: A print replica ebook is available now. A paperback version of the coffee table book with glossy cover will be available soon.

For decades, Chairman Mao has inspired us through his woke writings. In the era of Social Media, Chairman has graciously tweeted his wokeness. All his tweets have been dutifully compiled in this volume, illustrated, and produced as a full-color coffee-table book.

Book cover: Humorous Tweets of Chairman Mao

The print replica ebook is available on Kindle for $0.99 in other country domains of Amazon.


  • Too many Whites
  • No executions without trial. Chairman is strict!
  • AP – The definition of Fake News
  • CNN – Very Fake News!
  • The Liberal pathogen
  • WHO’s feeling good
  • About this pandemic
  • Eleven Jinping has banned number XI in China
  • AOC – All Over Climate
  • Global Cooling
  • Freedom to spread propaganda
  • Central banks or printing presses?
  • Deep State used to steal foreign elections
  • Is the Devil a Vatican employee?
  • Nancy Pansy Pelosi
  • The New Speak Times
  • Fact-check a joke and save humanity
  • Communist dicks leave feminists dissatisfied
  • Spy vs. Spy

Real Purpose: Make your brainwashed Communist kids (age 16+) read this coffee-table book. If they do not comply, remind them that educated people are the first ones to be executed when any Communist revolution succeeds. Mao Zedong was directly responsible for the deaths of 40 to 70 million Chinese people. (After Mao died, the Chinese Communist Party said that he was 70% correct and 30% incorrect.)

Free ebook link
The price match to $0 is only on On other country domains of Amazon, the price is $0.99.

Millie Weaver exposes hijackers of Black Lives Matter protests – military contractors, private intelligence groups, globalist Club of Rome

Regime-change operations orchestrated by the US intelligence and military contractors, in places like Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Georgia, are now being deployed against US and are interfering in 2020 elections – all to destroy Trump and promote Communism!

The chicken have come to roost! USA is the target now. I have, on the Moral Volcano Blog, chronicled how US regime change operations had targeted against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Georgia, Ukraine and other places. Never did I imagine that these contractors would be deployed against the US itself.

Millie Weaver, an InfoWars contributor, who has her own independent following on the Internet, has published startling reports on how the recent BLM protests have been hijacked orchestrated by the same globalists.

Millie Weaver and Co. had infiltrated the “grassroots” groups that have sprouted like mushrooms with special-interest, NGO and foundation money. They recorded their Zoom-skype video conferencing chats and exposed these pre-planned riots. The agitprop organization Sunrise movement has some slickly produced recruitment videos designed to fool children and parents. It has a CEO and operates like a commercial organization. The ground-level operators seem to have been sufficiently motivated and trained by military-intelligence contractors.

Many of the participants, who were recruited in the name of Climate Change and Green New Deal, are underage and are used in the forefront of the showboat protests to demonize police.

On these conferences, these agitprop activists or instigators have been caught justifying and organizing violence.

The most startling information, however, is the revelation that some of the organizers are holding off sexual harassment charges against Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden (accosting and sniffing a minor) and are now able to jockey for power and position within his campaign and future presidency.

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