CIA rag Ms Mag suggests Americans embrace a fugly Politically Correct Wonder Woman – Hilarious!


Just because a person is not white, it doesn’t mean he/she wants to be fat or ugly or a Transgender person. The latest Wonder Woman was already toned down to suit the sentiments of non-Americans. Apparently, CIA didn’t think it was enough. Nice self-goal, monkeys!


Everytime Indian media talks about David Headley…


Everytime Indian media talks about David Headley, Pakistan gets the Ape Man out of the cupboard, dusts him off & present him before the media. And, the likes of Arnab Goswami & Rajdeep Sardesai go, as the Americans like to say, ape sh**! Or, maybe it’s like giving starving dogs a bone.

What is Fake News?


Fake News is nothing new. They just gave it a new name.

It has been going on for a long time.

The reptilians release phony opinion polls and exit polls to make people receptive to the outcome of their tampered elections. It also helps prevent the possibility of a third or fourth party ever emerging in the American political landscape. Americans are dumbed down to thinking that their individual vote will be “wasted” if they for a non-establishment party.

Modi government’s blackmail of judges works?

The SC said Aadhaar should be voluntary, not mandatory. Modi government accepted the verdict but went ahead with it anyway. They belatedly passed a “money bill” making Aadhaar mandatory for “services” for the poor.

The SC allowed IT returns to be filed without Aadhaar by those who have not applied for i but Modi government made Aadhaar or Aadhaar “enrollment number” mandatory.

After SC ruled that privacy was a fundamental right, Modi government insists nothing has changed.

Soon a five-member constitutional bench will decide whether Aadhaar is mandatory. But, no relief until then. “Link PAN with Aadhaar”, the government thunders.

The CBI had neatly sewed up the Gujarat police’s encounter killing of Ishrat Jehan’s custodial killing under NDA but the under Modi government all accused are getting acquitted.

Even before the election when everyone was talking about the “Modi Wave”, Amit Shah openly said there is no judge available to convict him. Whe Modi came to power, CBI lawyer spoke for 15 minute. Amit Shah lawyer spoke for 3 days. “NOT GUILTY”, the court said but someone was.


Meme hound finds hope in hashtags after molestation attempt on woman


It is not just the the doomed millennial generation that is shorn of any intelligence. This age-worn hag thinks hashtags are going to save women. Idiots such this have been brainwashed like the globalist leftists in America. They suffer from a persecution complex. Everyone but them is at fault.

Like the climate scientologists who attribute all weather events to “Climate Change”, these cranks see gender  culture, religion, nationality or just any form of identity as the problem. All problems in  our society are caused by misogyny & patriarchy. They seek refuge under hashtags, likes, and other online crap heaps.