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How Indian EVMs are hacked – RFID components most likely – like a crystal radio reciever set

If the ICs used in the EVMs are not manufactured in India, then countries like UK or USA are honour-bound to add undocumented software routines and components to the chips.

  • If EVM software is hardcoded into the chips, then undocumented code pathways can be included at the chip manufacturer’s end at the behest of countries like US/UK. If the code is stored in flash memory, then code or the final tally can also be flashed or compromised by EC officials. It is unlikely that the EC has chosen flash memory-based chips. So, it must be the first case.
  • The chips could have RFID elements that could leak vote count data to specially made RFID readers. After the Punjab elections, Modi seems to have received advance word about the votes cast. As a defensive measure, he asked his ministers to show details of tours they undertook to defend the demonetization exercise. This proves that someone was able to scan all the EVMs and realize that BJP-SAD combine had did not gather enough votes.
  • Another more cumbersome tactic is to use EMI readers individual vote counts. This is unlikely to be case.
  • RFID chips do not require power. The radio waves emitted by the scanners provide the power for the RFID chips to emit data. The same concept can also be used to write fresh data into the EVMs. The vote count can be changed by activating unknown code pathways and components in the chips. This is how BJP manages to win seats in places where Muslims are in majority.

When BJP was repeating “Modi Wave! Modi Wave! Modi Wave!”, they were really telling the truth. Similar to how a crystal radio receiver set uses power from AM/MW broadcast radio waves to power a small earphone speaker, RFID components in the EVM chips are activated by radio waves to hack and manipulate the vote count.

What the EC has done or EVM manufacturers such as ECIL or BEL have done is protect against physical tampering.

Most coin-operated phones in India can be hacked using tones generated by pressing certain numbers on a mobile phone. This does not require physical tampering of the machines.

When EC officials says the EVMs are tamper-proof, they are right. For these simple-minded government officials, hacking means physical tampering.

EC has challenged political parties to hack the machines under control conditions. This will not work. The EC should give each political party at least 10 sample EVMs. The political parties should be able to take the EVMs away with them. Hardware security professionals hired by political parties will then be able to study the machines at leisure – say for a month. After that, these professionals can demonstrate hackability on fresh EVMs under control conditions set by the EC. Or, at the least, they can point out unwanted components in the EVM chips, which the EC should be duty-bound to explain.


CCTV footage shows Delhi Police guy planting explosives in Delhi as part of JK returning-terrorist frameup!

This pathan guy is not going to show up alive. By the time NIA gets to it, the Special Cell of Delhi Police would have had plenty of time to remove evidence that he ever existed.

It was not that NIA had done some real investigative work. It was sheer incompetence (the bane of Indian bureacracy) of the Special Cell (SC) of Delhi Police that they got caught.

Last paragraph of news item hides the real headline.

Last paragraph of news item hides the real headline.

This is not the first time that the Delhi Police Special Cell (SC) got into trouble like this. Gareth Porter has written a series of articles on how the Special Cell has been manufacturing evidence and framing up Muslims in their phony “war against terror.”

In 2012, the Special Cell said that a 50-year-old senior Muslim journalist had confessed to have helping an Iranian attach and detonate a bomb on the car of an Israeli embassy woman when it was waiting at a traffic stop. After the bomb exploded and destroyed the car, the woman still managed to reach the embassy without assistance. I read in the Bangalore Mirror that a Bangalore resident was on the scene and that when people offered to take her to hospital, the woman insisted “No hospital. Israel embassy. Israel embassy.”

Gaps in India’s ‘Iran’ bomb case

By Gareth Porter | 30 August 2012

Only Indian journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi has been officially charged in the case – according to police, Kazmi confessed to helping officials from Iran plan the bombing plot in return for payments totalling US$5,500. The treatment of Irani and the other Iranians as suspects also depends very heavily on “disclosure statements” supposedly made by Kazmi but denounced by the journalist as police fabrications.

A central problem for the SC case is that it has no eyewitness testimony for its contention that Irani planted the bomb on the Israeli embassy car. A hotel security camera showed that Irani left the hotel the morning of the explosion wearing a black jacket. Irani had also rented a black Honda Karizma. But eyewitness Gopal Krishanan, who was driving the car that was directly behind the embassy car and thus had a clear view of the motorcycle rider when he attached the bomb to the rear of the car, said he was certain the rider had a red motorcycle and was wearing a red helmet and red jacket. The police were convinced by his testimony. Tal Yehoshua-Koren, who was injured in the attack but was able to get to the Israeli embassy without assistance, later told investigators she thought the attacker had been riding a black motorcycle and wearing a black jacket and helmet. A senior police officer involved in the case told the Indian Express, however, that Yehoshua-Koren could not be certain of the color of the motorcycle.

The police continued to search for a red motorcycle after obtaining her statement, as was widely reported in the Indian press. Only after the SC decided that Irani was the bomber did the police switch to the position that the bomber had been riding a black motorcycle and wearing a black helmet and jacket.

The police claim to have recovered from Irani’s hotel room seven items on which the government’s Central Forensic Science Laboratory found traces of TNT – the same explosive that the bomb affixed to the embassy car contained. But the SC violated several police procedures in regard to that evidence, suggesting that it may have been planted by the Special Cell. It was not until February 29, 16 days after Irani left the hotel, that the room was sealed by police. Even worse, another two weeks passed before it was actually inspected by the Special Cell on March 13, according to the charge sheet. Ordinarily, the passage of that much time between the date the items were allegedly left behind and their discovery would call into question the authenticity of the evidence. On July 28, a few days before the charge sheet was made public, the manager of the hotel produced an occupancy chart showing that Irani’s room had not been used during the 16 days between his departure and the police order to seal the room. The chart, which the hotel manager had plenty of time to prepare for the police, makes the highly unlikely claim that Irani’s room was not occupied by any guest during the 16-day period. The effort to show that the room had not been altered after Irani left it still fails to address the awkward question of how so much evidence could have been found in Iranis room long after it would have been cleaned up by hotel staff. The belated occupancy chart only makes the forensic evidence claimed by the police appear even more suspicious.

In the follow-up article, it just gets worse.

Delhi police fumble ‘Iran’ bomb probe

By Gareth Porter | 1 September 2012

WASHINGTON – The Delhi Police Special Cell, which has accused an Indian journalist and four Iranians of conspiring to bomb an Israeli embassy car in Delhi on February 13, has a long history of planting evidence on those it has accused and of obtaining false confessions, according to court records now cited by critics of the police unit.

The Special Cell (SC) was organised in 1986 to investigate terrorism and major crimes, but it has been given such wide latitude in its operations that it has violated legal norms with complete impunity, critics say. The unit’s efforts to frame those it accuses have been so obvious – often employing the same tactics over and over again – that a significant majority of its cases have been rejected by judges in recent years. Of the 174 individuals against whom the SC has brought charges from 2006 through 2011, 119 of them – nearly 70% – have been acquitted, according to official figures obtained under India’s Right to Information Act by activist Gopal Prasad. The SC response to that development has been to leak false confessions and evidence to the news media in a largely unsuccessful effort to sway judges.

A report, soon to be published by the Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association and a copy of which has been obtained by IPS, of 16 terrorism cases brought by the SC from 1992 to 2008 documents a consistent pattern of irregularities in police procedures that led the courts to conclude that the police had framed those who had been accused. The report’s detailed accounts of the cases are based entirely on conclusions reached by the judges in rejecting the central claims of the SC. Among the most prominent irregularities documented in the report are those relating to incriminating evidence said to have been seized from suspects and to alleged confessions. Typical of the SC terrorism cases described in the report is the case of Salman Kurshid Kori. The SC claimed that it arrested Kori and two other Muslim men as operatives of the militant Islamic group Lashkar-e-Toiba in December 2006. The SC reported seizing explosives, detonators and hand grenades from bags carried by each of the three men. But the judge for the case heard evidence that the accused had been detained much earlier than the dates cited by police. He also pointed out that there were no public witnesses to the seizure of the weapons, contrary to normal police procedures, despite the fact that a crowd had gathered to witness the arrest. Even more telling, the “seizure memo”, which should have been written at the site of the seizure well before the “First Information Report” (FIR) was filed in the case, was found to have been written in the same handwriting and ink as the FIR. Those obvious signs of police deception convinced the judge that the SC had framed the three men. The SC officer who supervised the interrogation and arrest of the three men was then-assistant commissioner of Police Sanjeev Yadav, now an Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police and in charge of the embassy car bomb case.

In the 2005 case of Moinuddin Dar and Bashir Amad Shah described by Sethi, the SC claimed that the two men were Kashmiri terrorists who had come to Delhi from Kashmir carrying 450,000 rupees (US$8,000) in a car loaded with arms and ammunition, after the SC had been informed by a confidential source when and where they were arriving. Upon arrest, the two men had allegedly confessed to their terrorist plan. But Sethi recounted that the case soon fell apart in court when the judge found that the car full of arms and ammunition had been “planted” and “used as a tool to falsely implicate the accused persons in this case”. He found that the police vehicle that was supposed to have taken the police team to the site of the arrest had actually not moved that day, and that the two men had been held illegally by police in a hotel room for two weeks. After investigating another 2006 SC terrorism case, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation called for three SC officers to be charged with lying under oath and creating false evidence. But despite several instances in which courts directed the Delhi Police Commissioner to initiate legal action against officers of the SC for various abuses, none have yet been punished.

Why is the Delhi Police Special Cell, Intelligence Bureau and other state police departments doing this? These frameups require quite a lot of effort. These personnel are after all like any other government employees. As any Indian knows, government employees rarely do any real work unless money is involved. Somebody is paying them huge sums of money. Who is it?

Lankan RAW official was acting as a proxy for US govt which wanted Rajapaksa out for dumping Fonseka

Chinese submarines docking in Lankan naval yards is just a cover story for the idiots in the Indian press. India gains nothing from this. China will continue to improve its stake in Lanka. US will ramp up it naval monitoring station in Triconamalee.

US offered to help defeat LTTE and sent US citizen Fonseka to Lanka, where the latter led the Lankan military in its defeat of the LTTE. But Fonseka wanted political power and Rajapaksa turned against him and jailed him. That was when US and Britain started acting up on war crimes allegations. For some reason, US wants full control of Sri Lanka and they using Indian agency for that purpose.

It is the same textbook takedown methodology that US uses in Central and South America. US ambassador brings together the fractured opposition and puts up a common candidate. Whether this candidate will last a full term is not important, the existing status quo has to be toppled.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Increased government & NGO interference in schools is all about FDI in education

Foreign educational outfits want Indian educational institutions wiped out or forced to sell out before they come marching in.

If someone arranges a dance skit during a protest against child rape, then you know something is wrong.

Education will become expensive and mostly useless with UN’s dumbdowned Pearson-owned Common Core Marxist propaganda.

The elites will have special schools where their kids go.

The slaves get uppity and ask questions if they get educated. Now the middle class has a fsir chance. It should not be.

Education should be an extremely expensive affair like in the US or UK. The Les Miserables should go deep into debt before their kids get educated.

Same thing will happen with FDI in print. Indians will sell out without putting a fight. It is for nothing that big print media brands have started India-focused websites. Similarly, laws regarding food industry have been enacted (but not yet enforced) for the benefit for foreign food companies. They want Indian restaurants, farmers, and vendors leave the business.

This is all decided abroad and the game plays out over a few years. You must follow foreign news to understand how this works. Most people are like frogs in a well.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Moral Volcano loses bet on global stockmarket crash; Laughs all the way to bank… Advances bet for H2 2014!

Early last year, I started a 15-month recurring deposit. It was going to mature in May this year. To protect my investment, I made a bet that the market will collapse in H1 2014. Fortunately, the markets did not crash and I was able to get back my investment with 9% interest. On the day that the deposit matured, a friend called me and said he was in dire need of money. What was the amount he was in need of? Exactly the amount that I had invested. During the call, my father was within the earshot and he heard everything. He later told me in no uncertain terms that I should not give a single paisa to the friend. Several years ago, my friend had asked my father to invest in First Financial (a fraud teak investment company that pawed off some name recognition off First Leasing, which in turn was revealed to be running for over decade with inflated balance sheet). I was not in the house when my friend marketed the teak units to my father but he managed to get a signed cheque from my father in just one visit! As until then, my own situation was precarious, I could not promise him much. (My expenses are limited and I have no debts but I had made financial commitments for others.)

Was my profit saved? No. Someone I knew got a brain tumour operated and suddenly needed 2 lakhs. I contributed 10,000. This was exactly the amount I got from the RD as interest. In other words, my profit from the RD was gone. There have been some deaths around me in recent times. Their timing have made me worried.

Interestingly, when I offered to give Seema Sapra some money on a monthly basis but she declined it. I wanted to interview her on the phone to ensure that I wasn’t communicating with some government troll who would then pocket the money meant for her. Look at how the R&AW director stole government money, built safe houses for the Mossad and got kickbacks. (See A House for Mossad – An ex-RAW employee takes boss to unveil a riveting story of safe houses for Mossad, fake firms and secret funds – Read more at:–yadav-anand-kumar-verma/1/258012.html)

I lose money in other ways. A relative was having some financial difficulties and I started sending her money. When I met her in person, I got to know that those illegitimate sons of hookers had stolen the first money order. Some years back, I sent money to an American friend for shipping a book from America by ordinary post. (International shipping from Amazon was extremely expensive.) The bastards stole the money from the envelope. (I sent cash as I didn’t know at that I could use my debit card on PayPal. I am opposed to credit cards.)

More recently, I bet that I was going to use my “good luck charm” and buy some Reliance and Biocon shares. The Reliance shares got tanked all right. I read that JP Morgan had put the kibosh on it a few days after that. However, Biocon went up like a rocket from 460 to 530. Cairn went up from 430 to 460. (Thank you, Modi. I love you!) I cleaned up, all right, and made a tidy sum. I couldn’t dump Reliance. It doesn’t matter. If they go down, it is good for the country. If they go up, I make a profit. (UPDATE: I bought Reliance shares in several tranches. I made a loss on 1/4th of the shares but made profit on the rest plus the dividend. Reliance is a good dividend-paying company.) Now, I buy shares of bad companies to depress. If their prices rise, I win. If the prices fall, there will be some respite for everyone.

Well, what about the financial collapse? The longer you postpone it, the more painful it will be. The world financial system works like this: The world runs on oil. Even though there is plenty of oil and gas, and limitless renewable alternatives, supply is tightly controlled using a global web of deceit and subterfuge – primarly war and instability. Stooges of the Rothschilds running oil-producing Gulf monarchies bill their produce in US dollars. US prints dollars without any gold or other store of value backing it. Most countries in the world need dollars to buy oil and become indebted. Even if they have surplus dollars, they can’t demand payment from America. They are forced to invest in US treasury bonds. A significant part of US dollars is backed by treasury bonds. Those who buy the bonds need to be paid. American individuals and small businesses pay it eventually through their tax contributions. Big multinational corporations park their earnings offshore and don’t pay tax. Some like GE demand millions of dollars in refunds for past payments. Earlier, all central banks backed their currencies using gold. Now, they do with debt and foreign currency, primarily US dollar.

Why did they do this? Earlier, Rothschilds through their buillion dealers in London had a monopoly over gold trading. But they got greedy and lost most of it. In the vaults of FDNY and Bank of England, there is some gold. Whenever a central banker comes in they are shown the same stock. Rest of it is gone. Every time, gold was running short, the US invaded a country and stole its gold – Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine. An attempt has been made on Syria. Iran and Lebanon are also in the cross-hairs. Recently, the Rothschilds unleashed a propaganda campaign that caused gold prices to tumble. It gave a respite but eventually the bubble is going to burst. The US is going to run out of countries to invade.

Saudi Arabia, run by the Rothschild stooges the House of Saud, is running out of money. Despite the oil wealth, it needs huge amount of free money and public spending to keep the population down. A high oil price needs to be maintained for this. This is the reason why they took wholehearted involvement in 9/11 and the Muslim Brotherhood takedown of Egypt, overthrow of Libya, and the destruction of Iraq and Syria. If oil goes down, there will be no Saud in Arabia. It will have to go back to its old name, before Anglo-American Oil (British Petroleum) took it over. Oil price is inflated by other means. China lifts more oil than it needs. Then, American and other oil companies buy the oil at inflated prices from the Rothschild front operations in China. Not all of it is shipped, of course. US gets oil from Mexico, Nigeria, Angola, Venezuela and other places. It is not dependent on Gulf oil. Norwegian oil is supplied to several countries in Europe but Europeans need to pay inflated prices set in far away commodity bourses. Natural gas is another energy option, whose price is altered in unimaginable ways. Iran has unlimited supplies of of gas. But, US and European sanctions have taken it out of the market. Now, US is trying to sell its shale gas to European and Indian markets at inflated prices. Reliance is saying that if India does not pay it a high price for its KG gas, then it will have to pay a higher price from shipments from the US. None of the media reports mention the fact that India will have to pay far lesser amounts if the gas was shipped from Iran.

This charade is starting fall apart. New York Times report that the brokerages on Wall Street are finding that the commodities collateral in China is missing ( The warehouses are empty, or they were never full in the first place. There was another NYT report that said China had surpassed US as the largest issuer of corporate debt. Yeah, good luck collecting that, foreign investors! Even India managed to mop up bond issues denominated in Indian rupees. There was a report that Kenya managed to fully subscribe a dollar-denominated bond issue at a low BP. Things are looking very rosy now. This seems like the repeat of the 2008 CDO crisis when it was found that parties with low credit profiles were given huge loans that were never going to be paid. Dubai is seeing a repeat of the 2008 crisis. ArabTec, which built the Burj Khlaifa, building is seeing new bottoms for its shareprice.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are firmly in control of the global financial system and they are loading it up with massive debt for a collapse. To ensure that they come on top when it collapses, they are the ones issuing most of the debt. When it collapses, they will take no responsibility but will demand that every pay up. They will call for reform, austerity and demand a global currency. They will want fiscal control totally out of the hands of elected representatives. Like in Greece, they will privatize everything and own everything from roads, airports, bridges, beaches, railways, airports, and historical monuments and tourist places (


Intelligence Bureau rather than police is most likely to be leaking CRPF movements to Maoists

How are Maoists handling thousands of crores in extortion money? They don’t carry all that in cash. They keep it in banks under the watchful eyes of central agencies. Maoists are managed by the British and Americans with central agencies local on-the-ground support.

If CRPF want to keep their operations secret, then they should not remain in total radio silence and keep all plans totally secret from start to finish.

Most importantly, they should not rely on any “intelligence” information from IB. They are traitors. They set up these blood-soaked encounters from both sides.

Afsal Guru innocent? Parliament attack was a false-flag operation? Why hasn’t STF DSP Dravinder Singh been hanged instead?

I decided to read in detail GE whistleblower Seema Sapra’s post on NDTV’s money-laundering scam and I was attracted to another post about Afsal Guru. I never paid much attention to news reports about terrorists. Either they are dictated by the intelligence agencies or human right fiends. I feel terrorists are traitors to Islam first, their community second and the nation next. There have also been many articles in the Press on why Afsal Guru hanging was a travesty of justice. (I am opposed to death penalty. So, my sympathies for him were for a different reason.) Interestingly, none of them made any mention of Afsal Guru’s real statements. Apparently, the guy was a surrendered terrorist. He was tortured for several days prior to the attack and then framed.

Afsal Guru had issued a statement detail how the government was involved in this false-flag operation but I did not see it in the papers or on TV. (I don’t see much TV. Those dogs are always barking at each other. Also, like a dog with a bone, they chew on a single item for like ever. Otherwise, it is just sports or celebrities.)

Here is an appeal written by his wife.

Kashmir Times
21 October 2004

A Wife’s Appeal for Justice

I am the wife of Mohammad Afzal, the man accused of conspiring to attack the Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001. Afzal has been condemned to death by the Sessions Court Judge, S N Dhingra and his death sentence has been confirmed by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. Now the case has come up before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

All over India people have condemned the attack on Parliament. And I agree that it was a terrorist attack and must be condemned. However, it is also important that the people accused of such a serious crime be given a fair trial and their story be fully heard before they are punished. I believe that no one has heard my husband’s story and he has so far never been represented in the court properly.

I appeal to you to hear our story and then decide for yourselves whether justice has been done. Afzal and my story is the story of many young Kashmiri couples. Our story represents the tragedy facing our people.

In 1990 Afzal was attracted to the movement led by the JKLF, like thousands of other youth. He went to Pakistan for training and stayed there for a little while. However, he was disillusioned by the differences between different groups and he did not support pro-Pakistani groups. He stayed there only three months without getting any training. Afzal returned to Kashmir and he went to Delhi to pursue his studies. He always wanted to study and before he joined the movement he was doing his MBBS.

My husband wanted to return to normal life and with that intention he surrendered to the BSF. The BSF Commandant refused to give him his certificate till he had motivated two others to surrender. And Afzal motivated two other militants to surrender. He was given a certificate stating that he was a surrendered militant. You will not perhaps realise that it is very difficult to live as a surrendered militant in Kashmir but he decided to live with his family in Kashmir. In 1997 he started a small business of medicines and surgical instruments in Kashmir. The next year we were married. He was 28 years old and I was 18 years.

Throughout the period that we lived in Kashmir the Indian security forces continuously harassed Afzal and told him to spy on people they suspected of being militants. One Major Ram Mohan Roy of 22 Rashtriya Rifles tortured Afzal and gave him electric shocks in his private parts. He was humiliated and abused.

The Indian security forces used to regularly take Afzal to their camps and torture him. They wanted to extract information from him. One night the Indian security forces came to our home and abused all of us and took away Afzal to their camp; another time he was taken to the STF (State Task Force) camp Palhalan Pattan.

Some days later they took him to the Humhama STF camp. In that camp the officers, DSP Vinay Gupta and DSP Darinder Singh demanded Rs one lakh. We are not a rich family and we had to sell everything, including the little gold I got on my marriage to save Afzal from the torture.

Afzal was kept in freezing water and petrol was put into his anus. One officer Shanti Singh hanged my husband upside down for hours naked and in the cold. They gave electric shocks in his penis and he had to have treatment for days.

You will think that Afzal must be involved in some militant activities that is why the security forces were torturing him to extract information. But you must understand the situation in Kashmir, every man, woman and child has some information on the movement even if they are not involved. By making people into informers they turn brother against brother, wife against husband and children against parents. Afzal wanted to live quietly with his family but the STF would not allow him.

You should also know that the STF force is notorious in Kashmir for extorting money from the people and they have become so infamous that when Mufti Sayed became the Chief Minister he promised in his election manifesto to disband the entire force. The STF is known for human rights violations including killing people in their custody and brutal, senseless, inhuman torture.

It was under these conditions that forced Afzal to leave his home, family and settle in Delhi. He struggled hard to earn a living and he had decided to bring me and our four-year old son, Ghalib, to Delhi. Like any other family we dreamed of living together peacefully and bringing up our children, giving them a good education and seeing them grow up to be good human beings. That dream was cut short when once again the STF got hold of my husband in Delhi.

The STF told my husband to bring one man Mohammad to Delhi from Kashmir. He met Mohammad and one other man Tariq there at the STF camp. He did not know anything about the men and he had no idea why he was being asked to do the job. He has told all this to the court but the court chose to believe half his statement about bringing Mohammad but not the bit that he was told to do so by the STF.

There was no one to represent Afzal in the lower court. The court appointed a lawyer who never took instructions from Afzal, or cross examined the prosecution witnesses. That lawyer was communal and showed his hatred for my husband. When my husband told Judge Dhingra that he did not want that lawyer the judge ignored him. In fact my husband went totally undefended in the trial court. When ever my husband wished to say something the judge would not hear him out and the judge showed his communal bias in open court.

In the High Court one human rights lawyer offered to represent Afzal and my husband accepted. But instead of defending Afzal the lawyer began by asking the court not to hang Afzal but to kill him by a lethal injection. My husband never expressed any desire to die. He has maintained that he has been entrapped by the STF. My husband was shocked but he had no way of changing his lawyer while being locked up in the high security jail. It was only after the High Court judgement was pronounced he got to know about the way the lawyer had represented him. Afzal refused to accept the same lawyer for his appeal in the Supreme Court. I had no way of getting Afzal a lawyer. I do not know anyone in Delhi. Finally Afzal wrote to the Defence Committee set up for Mr Geelani. I am annexing his letter. And the Defence Committee helped Afzal to get a senior lawyer, Mr Sushil Kumar. However, the Supreme Court cannot go into the evidence and so I do not know what will happen.

I appeal to you to ensure that my husband is not condemned to death and he is ensured a fair trial. Surely your conscience will not allow you to be a party to the death of a fellow human being who has not been represented in the court and who has not had a chance to tell his story? The police have made him falsely confess before the media even before the trial started. They humiliated him, beat him, tortured him and even urinated in his mouth. I feel deep shame to talk about these things in public but circumstances have forced me. It has taken a lot of courage for me to put all this on paper but I do so for the sake of my child who is now six years old.

Will you speak out at the injustice my husband has faced? Will you speak out on my behalf? I am of course fighting for my husband’s life, for the life of my son’s father. But I also speak as a Kashmiri woman who is losing faith in Indian democracy and its ability to be fair to Kashmiri Muslims.


Only Asian Age published the appeal. Interestingly, its former editor MJ Abkar has joined the BJP! I used to read the Asian Age when I was in Bombay. As they included NYT and IHT supplements bypassing Indian government rules, I switched to Free Press Journal.

Here is Afzal Guru’s letter to his lawyer. Never heard of this either.


I am extremely thankful and feel very much obligated to you that you have taken up my case and decided to defend me. From the beginning of this case I was neglected and had never been given a chance to reveal the truth before media or in court. The designated court did not provided me the lawyer in spite of giving three applications. In the high court one human rights lawyer asked the court that Afzal had expressed his desire that he want to be killed by toxic injection rather by hanging which is absolutely false. I never told this to my lawyer. Since that lawyer was not of my own choice (or my family) but it was due to my helplessness and non-accessibility to proper lawyer. Being locked up in high security jail and without being in communication with that human rights lawyer I could not change him or to convey my objection regarding my death desire to High Court as I came to know this after High Court’s decision.

In the Parliament attack case I was entrapped by Special Task Force of Kashmir. Here in Delhi the designated court sentenced me to death on the basis of special police version which works in nexus with STF, and also came under the influence of mass media in which I was made to accept the crime under duress and threat by special police ACP. Rajbir Singh. That threat even get confirmed to designated court by T.V. interviewer (Shams Tahir Aaj-Tak).

When I was arrested in Srinagar bus stand I was taken to STF Headquarter from here the special police along with STF brought me to Delhi. In Srinagar at Parompora Police Station everything of my belongings was seized and then they beated me and threatened me of dire consequences regarding my wife and family if I reveal or disclose the reality before anybody. Even my younger brother Hilal Ahmad Guru he was taken into police custody without any warrant etc. and was kept there for 2-3 months. This was first told to me by ACP Rajbir Singh. Special police told me that if I will speak according to their wishes they will not harm my family members and also gave me false assurance that they will make my case weak so that after sometime I will get released.

The most important priority I gave to safety of my family. As I know from last seven years how the STF men kill, the Kashmiris, how they had made youth invisible and had disappeared them while killing them in custody. I am living and organic eye-witness to various tortures and custodial killings and I am myself the victim of STF terror and torture. Being an surrendered militant of JKLF I was constantly harassed, threatened and agonized by various security agencies like Army. BSF. and STF. But since STF. is unorganized, without being accountable a band and gang of renegades patronised by state government. They intrude every house, every family everywhere in Kashmir anytime day or night. If anybody is picked up by STF and his family came to know this, then family members only wait to get his dead body which they hope. But usually they never came to know his whereabouts. 6000 youths have disappeared. Under these circumstances and under this fearful environment persons like me are always ready to play any dirty game in the hands of STF. just for the survival. The people who are able to pay in terms of cash are not forced to do the dirty things the way I did as I was not able to pay. Even one of the policeman of the same police station of Parimpora named Akbar had extorted 5000 Rs. Long before attack and threatened me that he will charge me as selling duplicate medicines and surgical items of which I was doing business at Sopore, in 2000. He came here in designated court and became a witness against me. He was knowing me before parliament attack. In the court room he told me in Kashmiri that my family is o.k. indirectly it was a hidden threat which the designated court hardly could realise otherwise in court I would have questioned him but before court started recording his statement he told me this. Throughout the trial I remained mute and helpless spectator as witnesses, police and even judge they all became a single force against me. I remained a frustrate bewildered and confused between the security and safety of myself and my family. I protected and saved my family. That is how I am lying in death row.

(II) In 1997-98 I started a business of medicines and surgical instruments on commission basis as I could not get a govt job due to the reason of being an surrendered militant. Because surrendered militants were not given jobs. They were either to work as SPOs or STF or to join the renegades under the patronage of security forces or police. Everyday SPOs were get killed by militants. In these conditions I started my commission based business earning 4000Rs. – 5000Rs. per month. But since the police informers (SPOs) usually harass those surrendered militants who do not work with S.T.F. etc. From 98-2000 I usually used to pay 300Rs. sometimes 500 Rs. to local SPO so as to keep myself in business otherwise these SPO make us to present us before security agencies. Even one of the SPO one day told me that they too have to pay their bosses. As I was working hard in my business my business flourished. One day at 10 am I was on my two wheeler scooter that I had purchased just before two months. I was whisked away by STF men in bullet proof gypsy to Palhallan camp. There the D.S.P. Vinay Gupta tortured me, electrified me—put me in cold water – used petrol—chillies and other techniques. He told me that I possess weapons but at evening time one of his inspector Farooq told me that if I can pay 1000,000 Rs to him (D.S.P) I will be released or they will kill me. Then they took me to Humhama STF camp where D.S.P. Dravinder Singh also tortured me. One of his torture inspector as they called him Shanty Singh electrified me naked for 3 hours and made me drink water while giving electric shocks through telephone instrument. Ultimately I accepted to pay them 1000000 Rs. for which my family sold the gold of my wife. Even after this they could manage only 80000 Rs. Then they took the scooter too which was just 2-3 months old which I bought for 24000Rs. Thus after getting 1 lakh Rupees they let me free. But now I was a broken person. In the same Humhama STF camp there was one more victim named Tariq. He suggested me that I should always co-operate with STF otherwise they will always harass and will not let me to live normal—free life. This was a turning point of my life. I decided to live the way Tariq told me. Since from 1990-1996 I had studied in Delhi University I was also giving tuitions in different coaching centres and also home tuitions. This fact reached to the man named Altaf Hussain who is brother-in- law of S.S.P. Ashaq Hussain of Budgam. Since it was this Altaf Hussain who managed my family rather he became the broker between my family and D.S.P. Humhama Dravinder Singh. Altaf told me that I should teach his two children one on 12th , 2nd [second one] in 10th class as his children were not able to go outside for tuition due to militant threat. Thus I became very close to Altaf’s and Altaf also. One day Altaf took me to Dravinder Singh (D.S.P.). D.S. told me that I had to do a small job for him that has to took one man to delhi as I was well aware about Delhi and has to manage a rented house for him. Since I was not knowing the man but I suspected that this man is not Kashmiri as he did not speak in Kashmiri but I was helpless to do what Dravinder told me. I took him to Delhi. One day he told me that he want to purchase a car. Thus I went with him to Karol Bagh. He purchased the car. Then in Delhi he used to meet different persons and both of us he Mohammad and me used to get the different phone calls from Dravinder Singh. One day Mohammad told me that if he want to go back to Kashmir he can. He also gave me 35000 Rs. and told me that this gift is for you. 6 days or 8 days before I took a rented room at Indra Vihar for my family as I decided to live in Delhi with my family because I was not satisfied with my this life. I left the keys of rented house to my land lady and told her that I will be back after Eid festival on 14th Dec. after parliament attack about which there was a lot of tension. I contacted Tariq in Sgr. [Srinagar]. At evening he told me when I came back from Delhi. I replied just one hour before. Next morning when I was about to leave to Sopore from bus stand Sgr. police caught me and took me to Parampora police station . Tariq was there also with STF. They took 35000 Rs. from my pocket, beated me and directly took me STF Head Quarter. From there I was taken to Delhi. My eyes were blind folded. Here I found myself in special police torture cell.

In special cell custody I told them everything regarding Mohammad etc. but they told me that I Showkat his wife Navjot (Afshan) Geelani are the people behind parliament attack. They too threatened me regarding my family and one of the inspector told me that my younger brother Hilal Ahmad Guru is in STF custody. They can lift the other family members too if I don’t co-operate with them. They tried me and forced me to implicate Showkat his wife and Geelani but I did not yield. I told them this is not possible. Then they told me that I should not say anything about Geelani (be about his innocence). After some days I was presented before media handcuffed. There were NDTV, Aaj tak, Zee news, Sahara TV etc. Rajbeer Singh (A.C.P.) was also there. When one of the interviewer Shams tahir told me what is the role of Geelani in parliament attack, I just said that Geelani is innocent. This moment A.C.P. Rajbeer Singh got up from his moving chair he shouted at me and told me that he had already said me not to speak about Geelani in front of everybody (Media-personnel). Rajbeer Singh’s behaviour exposed my helplessness and media personnel atleast came to know that what Afzal is saying under threat or duress. Then Rajbir Singh (A.C.P.) requested T.V. personel that the question regarding Geelani should be washed away or not to be shown before public. At evening time Rajbir Singh told me that if I want to talk [to] my family. I replied in yes. Then I talked to my wife. After finishing my phone he told me if I want to see my wife & family alive I must cooperate [with] them at every step. They took me to various places in delhi. From where they showed that Mohammad had purchased different things. They took me to Kashmir from where we came back without doing anything. They made me to sign on atleast 200-300 blank pages.

I was never given an [a] chance in [the] designated court to tell the real story. The judge told me that I will be given full opportunity to speak at the end of case but at the end he even did not recorded my all statements neither the court gave me whatever even court recorded. If phone numbers recorded will be seen carefully the court would have come to know the phone numbers of STF.

Now I hope that the Supreme Court will consider my helplessness and the reality through which I had passed. STF made [me]an [a] scapegoat in all this criminal act which was designed and directed by STF and others which I don’t know. Special Police is definitely the part of this game because every time they forced me to remain silent. I hope my forced silence will be heard and justice will prevail. I once again pay heart felt thanks to your good self for defending my case. May truth prevail!

Mohammad Afzal
S/o Habibullah Guru
Ward No. 6 (High Security Ward)
Jail No. 1, Tihar
New Delhi 110064

These policemen, in the government, say they are doing this for the unity of the nation. This kind of unity will one day unravel. We don’t need these fools. We will lose Kashmir because of these idiots, not the other way round. These guys are traitors and need to be hanged. (All right, jailed.)  They seem detached from reality. They don’t seem to be human. I think the Rothschild stooges in Indian intelligence agencies are using hypnotism, drugs and other brainwashing techniques so that policemen lose all grounding in reality and turn into zombies that blindly do someone’s bidding. I can’t find any other reason why normal people would act so stupid.)

India is “FOR SALE”

For some reason, this book "India is for sale" is no longer published with the cartoon on the cover. They may have changed publishers.

For some reason, this book “India is for sale” is no longer published with the cartoon on the cover. They may have changed publishers.

In the 90s, Chitra Subramaniam (who broke the Bofors payoffs story) published a book titled “India is for sale”. It details how our two-bit politicians are selling off our country for small sums of money. It is no different today.

Traitor Moily has destroyed Indian food crops for eternity – Wealth of germplasm inherited over millennia lost for a few dollars

Moily had helped many undertrials languishing in jail. I thought, ‘Here is a politician who is not a lizard. He has a soul.’ I was wrong. He had sold his soul to the Devil. Everything from our forests to our farmlands to our natural resources are for sale.

Arun Jaitely is a Congress mole in the BJP – the former additional solicitor general who sent an unreadable unopenable (stapled) blacked-out Letter Rogatory to Switzerland in Bofors

Chitra Subramaniam revealed in an Outlook op-ed that the Letter Rogatory (LR) sent to Switzerland by the CBI in the Bofors case was literally in a bad physical condition.

The first Letter Rogatory (LR) — a legal document countries exchange before the start of international assistance in criminal matters—was a museum piece. I had assisted the Indian government in securing the services of Marc Bonnant, one of the world’s best brains in matters of international criminal assistance. He was embarrassed to tell me that the LR filed by us would be thrown out not because of substance, but because there were rubber stamps all over the evidence, with numerous signatures making every page illegible, therefore not acceptable in a court of law. Some pages were stapled all around, as if we were hiding something, and everything was bound together in a fat file with unbreakable thread. Snowman, my Swiss source, asked if cutting the unbreakable thread had any legal consequences.

That LR was thrown out, the guilty claimed victory and in the following months the government fell, but not before they had planted stories in New Delhi…

In a follow-up, Mani Shankar Aiyar revealed that the LR was filed by BJP honcho Arun Jaitley, when he was Additional Solicitor General.

… his additional solicitor general, one Arun Jaitley, chasing the Bofors chimera between Delhi, Stockholm and Geneva, had disgraced the fair name of our nation with his shameful letters rogatory, as testified to by Lindstrom, who is so quoted as saying in Chitra’s column.

More info at

Manmole plans to sell Indian farm lands to foreigners; FDI in farmland will eliminate Indian farmers

Indian farm labour has already been destroyed with MNREGA

Times Of India editor recommends children be given book on homosex

Children are the next frontier of homo propaganda.

Children are the next frontier of homo propaganda.

If these fools are to be believed homo propaganda is the biggest deficiency facing today’s children – not schools, teachers, books, furniture, school buses, electricity…

More info at

So-called ‘unbanked’ people preyed on by micro-finance companies with 26% interest!

Microfinance was originally invented by the CIA and Vatican for their money-laundering operations of BCCI.

Hiding in this ET news item is the information that poor villagers are being charged usurious interest rates of at least 26%.

Hiding in this ET news item is the information that poor villagers are being charged usurious interest rates of at least 26%.

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RBI’s 4000-crore ’rounding-off’ error scam

Lone ET reporter investigates but otherwise total media silence.

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Vaccines and drugs are tested on Indians (including infants) without informed consent

Despite losing over 8000 crores to Kingfisher Airlines, government banks led by SBI moves to donate 21,000 crores to Malaysian benami of Dayanidhi Maran

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RBI allows ICICI Bank to give a 6500 crore loan to a one-man Singapore corporation to invest in Reliance companies

Economic hitmen Raghuram Rajan bail out Rothschilds with gold held by Indian public!

IMF mole and current RBI governor Raghuram Rajan wants to give Indian gold to the Rothschilds to be sold to us again.

IMF mole and current RBI governor Raghuram Rajan wants to give Indian gold to the Rothschilds to be sold to us again at higher prices.

Ecnomic hitmen Arun Jaitley bails out FIIs with pension funds

Jaitley bails out over-extended FIIs by sacrificing pension funds.

Jaitley bails out over-extended FIIs by sacrificing pension funds.