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If a US court can stop Donald Trump’s temporary defensive order against aliens, then courts can also stop offensive actions such as humanitarian bombing and war too!

Go ahead and set a precedent for peace and freedom.

Donald Trumps is peeved that his executive orders have been questioned by courts. He is wrong. Under the US constitution, all executive actions can be reviewed by judiciary.

However, US courts have always chosen not to interfere with executive actions if they were related to national security. This reticence by the US judiciary was exploited to the hilt by Bush and Obama administrations. US courts have refrained from interfering with issues ranging from Bush’s unilateral war against unknown terrorists in what are now called for the first time as “Muslim-majority countries” to Obama’s pervasive NSA surveillance and secret roving FBI national security letters. Even when such executive actions suffered from grave unconstitutionality and impinged on the lives and liberties of US citizens and aliens, US courts have not intervened with a stay order.

Ideally, a court can only ask for reasons behind an executive action before choosing to whether or not to suspend the action. US courts have erred because they stayed Trump’s order before giving his administration a proper chance to explain. The courts should not have stayed Trump’s executive order because it:

  • is temporary and not final
  • is related to national security
  • affects only aliens and does not affect the life and liberty of US citizens

Now, if the appeals court decides to stop Trump’s innocuous temporary defensive action against aliens, then that would also imply that future US presidents can also be stopped from going to war or conduct humanitarian bombing. All that peaceniks would have to do is simply file a brief at a local US Federal court. Privacy advocates can also stop Obama’s executive actions that have justified indiscriminate NSA surveillance. Technology companies can also get rid of the FBI national security letters. Hurray!

“Facial video capture and reenactment” software make it easy to create fake videos

Terrorists and other criminals can claim CCTV footage as fake. Even fake godmen like Nithyananda can absolve themselves of any disrepute. Intelligence and investigative agencies can manufacture false evidence for their false cases and false-flag terrorism acts. Despite so much advancement in technology, all that Obama got for his belated fake birth certificate was a total fail. Hypnotism and mind-altering drugs has powered many mass-shooters in America.



Will the Americans kill Putin now? They are unusually quiet with Sochi.

UPDATE (1-Mar-2014): So, they weren’t trying to kill Putin. Instead, they took down the democratically elected government of Ukraine and set up a Nazi junta in its place while Putin was busy with Sochi Winter Olympics. The funny toothpaste bomb scare showed that they had something planned. It was similar to the FBI’s orchestrated media circus with Steven Hatfill before they murdered Fort Detrick military scientists Bruce Ivins in the Anthrax scare case, while he was under house arrest.

Nancy Powell has the homo haircut; She might be the one who was offended when her homo partner was refused a visa and then conspired to victimize Devyani

Section 377 has its uses.

She was the one who helped Osama and Taliban hide in Pakistan. She was also the one who pressured Musharraf and held up government formation after Pakistan elections. So much for helping democracy.

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