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Why FBI’s Comey was fired by Donald Trump

“Yes, we will investigate if Russia had inappropriate contacts with Trump team. Hillary Clinton’s private server was… …only carelessness. We let her lawyers delete emails & smash her Blackberry devices. But, there was no criminal intent. So, I pronounce her Not Guilty!”

Clinton cheerleader Comey, clear out your desk.


I Told You So: A defensive Modi had advance knowledge of voting (tampering) results when he asked his ministers details of their demonetization promotion efforts

Even though “electronic” voting machines were used, it took weeks, instead of a day, to finish voting.

After the elections in Punjab, the American embassy seems to have told Modi that most votes have been cast against the BJP-SAD coalition. To avoid being blamed for the loss and expecting the same in UP elections, Modi tried to put his cabinet detractors on the defensive. He asked for details of tours if any conducted by them to raise support for demonetization. The reptilians seems to have told Modi, they weren’t going reverse the Punjab verdict because the incumbents were thoroughly hated. It wasn’t worth the effort.


In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress made the mistake of allying with another hated incumbent party and that created scope for getting away with tampering the foreign-made EVMs chips. Unfortunately for BJP, their vote bank was totally gone. Not a problem, said the reptilians. Modi had done well with treasonous demonetization and national ID swindles and had won their approval. Like a treat for a good dog, the reptilians seem to have initiated largescale tampering of the EVMs. Even before the voting was over, Modi let the cat out of the bag with his “electric [electronic] shocks” statement ( Modi got votes even in Muslim-majority areas.


If they could get away with vote tampering in the general elections, the reptilians could effect the same in a handful of states too. ( But, how can they do that after after demonetization?… Remember, Uttar Pradesh is like Bihar a state where huge numbers of casual laborers had become jobless and/or had to return from other states because of demonetization.

Not a problem! In America, the reptilians feared an armed revolt after Trump said he will not accept the result if it went against him. Yet, even though they let him win, they gave the popular vote to Schmillary Clinton. In comparison, India is a docile country where the population does not have guns to challenge the government.

Have you noticed something else? Amazing how that schmuck Modi has so suddenly overcome his own doubts and become more eloquent on demonetization than before. Modi is even calling for more humility in his party. That’s hilarious!

Everything about this government is fake. It wins fake elections. It fakes GDP numbers. It gave fake reasons for demonetization – to reduce India’s gold demand (reptilians are running out of physical gold and had to unwind massive long positions in crude oil) and to give payments banks-led cashless transactions a lift up (very few licenses were picked up). They wouldn’t admit that they didn’t have the brains to smoothly & efficiently implement a demonetization plan.

You know they are stupid because they are still refusing to print the 1000 rupee note, which is an important denomination in terms of transaction volumes. All they had was the willingness to accept orders from abroad. As a result, the economy is stuck in reverse gear. Most people are spending only on basics and cut back on discretionary spending. The good thing however is that digital transactions are going to fall and the fantastic dream of a cashless economy will revert back once enough cash percolates into the economy. My people will return to their old ways.

Modi is daydreaming and believing in his own lies. That is why RBI refuses to reveal details about returned currency notes. More than expected amount has been returned to banks and RBI will most likely falsify those numbers and justify the stupid/useless exercise.

An out-touch-with-reality Kiran Bedi asks villagers and slumdwellers to check her Twitter timeline!

BJP will win in Delhi only if Rothschild Voting Machines switch all AAP votes as they did in the General Elections!

Kiran Bedi has on occasion been crtical of Narendra Modi back when she was with Anna Hazare and India Against Corruption (IAC) and when Modi was CM of Gujarat. After Modi became PM, a transformation came up on her and and she started praising Modi. (Abhishek Singhvi had documented a few anti-Modi and anti-BJP Twitter messages of Kiran Bedi and former-AAP candidate Shazia Ilmi on the Congress website


Knowing this and realizing that AAP was poised to win Delhi, BJP seems to have belatedly imported her into the BJP and made her their CM candidate for Delhi. They had better chances if they had continued Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Now Delhi BJP is in revolt and BJP had deployed 120 MPs against one Kejriwal. Shame! This is one again proof that that BJP won the Lok Sabha elections purely because of Rothschild Voting Machines rather than a “Modi wave.” Nothing validates this more than their “micromanaged” CM candidate asking villagers and slumdwellers to check her Twitter timeline for the hashtag #KirandBluePrint! How incompetent they are! (


It is not that Kiran Bedi is stupid but it is proof that BJP micromanagers have overwhelmed her and she has already given up. She is a puppet in their hands. If she wins, it will because of Rothschild Voting Machines, not because of her or her micromanagers or Modi magic or other bull.

IToldYouSo: Google is one of the real beneficiaries of the move to abandon Net Neutrality! Beware Of The Sheep in wolves clothing

In my article, Beware of sheep in Net Neutrality clothing! Your data on Monopoly Cloud is the goal! Pipes are not the target!, I told you that Google is one of the beneficiaries!

Google wants access to utility poles, as it will be an ISP in future.

Google wants access to utility poles, as it will be an ISP in future.

World’s most accomplished conspiracy theorists i.e. historians stumped after “Stone Age” campsite busts historical “timelines”

Read this hilarious news item and see how archaeologists tie themselves into knots trying to justify their pet theories after the discovery of “Stone Age” camp site in the high Andes, which pushed historial timelines by (GASP) 2000 YEARS!

Historical timelines pushed around 2000 years after Stone Age campsite is discovered in High Andes.

Historical timelines pushed around 2000 years after Stone Age campsite is discovered in High Andes.