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FBI never catches real terrorists! Instead, they protect terrorists from action by law enforcement

For armed policemen waited rather than confront the Florida school shooter

FBI always prevents police from acting on “their” terrorists.

Reptilian News - Why your lonewolf terrorist is always known to the police?

Governments foster and protect terrorists so that intelligence agencies can exploit the situation and acquire more power for the establishment of a totalitarian police state. Many countries including the US and UK giver permanent residence and generous stipends to foreign terrorists as quid pro quo for fighting their secret wars.

Donald Trump should investigate the CIA for aiding terrorists abroad and importing them to USA & Europe as refugees

Inside the US, the FBI meanwhile protects terrorists from local law enforcement.

US military fights wars for the sake of fighting war, not to win anything. US government funds the Taliban for protection of road convoys and then once in Afghanistan fights the Taliban. For their part, the Taliban are only too happy to kill the Americans using weapons bought with their own money.

Reptilian News - US military pays of Taliban and Pathan tribesmen for safe passage of military convoys in Pakistan and Afghanistan

American military’s deployment in Afghanistan is not win any war. Nobody has won a war in Afghanistan. The reptilians know this and war profits is the reason why they have send US troops to that poor country. Now, US government pays the same terrorists that they are fighting so that their military convoys can pass through unharmed.

Supreme Court judgement in any murder case involving Amit Shah: Visitation by God

Reptilian News cartoon - Judg Loya murder case

All evidence points to Amit Shah in the Judge Loya murder case but not even the Supreme Court will dare to order an investigation leave alone convict him.

From Gandhi to Loya, the RSS culture is a trail of murders!

UPDATE (31-January-2018): After Kapil Sibal press conference at INC HQ, no Indian news website has published any of the questions raised by him. All of them have taken the easy way out by publishing a news agency report, which simply says Sibal/Congress wants an independent SC-monitored probe. Nothing else. Nothing about two other murders – one of a retired judge and another of an activist lawyer. Nothing about the government doctor filing two post-mortem reports for the same time in which the Loya’s body was examined. The National Herald, run by the Congress, is reporting it for obvious reasons. The Wire is the only other news source that is reporting the details. Every other news editor in India is under blackmail.

CIA endangered public safety by publishing the Anarchist Cookbook and “A Qaeeda” Inspire magazine

Reptilian News cartoon - Al Qaeda magazine Inspire is an updated version of the CIA Anarchist Cookbook

Al Qaeda magazine Inspire uses Yahoo contract email address. Maybe the terrorists don’t know about FISA/ USA Patriot Act or FBI/NSA surveillance.

All terrorism is state-sponsored terrorism. Whatever be the justification used.

It has become an out-of-control situation – not of terrorists but of intelligence agencies.

Obama’s Justice Department justified the risks of giving weapons to the Sinola drug cartel and Syrian, Libyan terrorist groups. Bush administration gave weapons to Afghan groups including the purposely created Taliban groups. George Bush Sr. & Regan gave weapons to right wing terrorist groups all over Latin America. Carter government armed the Afghan Mujahideen.

They all come back attack America. US government helps thing along by giving visas & permanent residence to the hotheads.

American public has no memory. The Press is in bed with the CIA. Members of legislature are under surveillance and blackmail. No wonder there is no end to terror. The enemy is within the government. It’s the CIA.

Tax car owners but don’t ban Diwali firecrackers

Diwali firecrackers are just a catalyst – Delhi fog is caused by overhanging pollution already in the air from cars. Euro fuel norms can reduce particulate matter and eliminate/reduce some components but has no effect on the ever-increasing number of cars on the road. The basic chemical energy equation is still the same.


As Ms Social Butterfly said the banks are to blame. Today, even the “poors” have cars.

Car loans should not be cheaper than educational loans but they are. Business channels are forever talking “the case” for the next rate cut so that our lazy corporates can further overload PSU banks with more NPAs. Our priorities seem to be, as the Americans say, a$$ backwards.

The poors buy cars on loan and are cramping our roads. There is no space for public transport  because of which their on-time performance is poor. The buses are in poor shape and the transport corporations are deep in debt.

The solution is to place a direct tax of at least Rs. 1000 per year per car on car owners . This revenue can be spent on subsidizing Indian Railways and also be appropriated to the states to be spent on roads maintenance and public transport. It should not be spent on white elephant projects like metro or high-speed rail. The amount should also not be clubbed with regular budgetary allocation to transport ministries because it will then spent on salaries. If the money simply disappears into the black hole of regular government spending, then it is nothing more than a carbon tax. The poors might be tempted to burn a few government buildings if a carbon tax is imposed.

The poors will continue to have their cars and will not become impoverished by the tax. They are truly middle class – they are vain enough to treat it as a matter of pride.

Don't ban Diwali firecrackers

Rich people, concentrated in urban areas, buy newer models every few years. By banning new car sales in pollution-saturated areas, the rise in the number of second-hand vehicles hitting the road can be greatly reduced.

Modi’ governent’s e-KYC norms are an oxymoron! Even a dead person can get an e-KYC!


Reptilian News cartoon - E-KYC is an oxymoron

E-KYC is an oxymoron because it enable completion of Know Your Customer formalities without ever meeting him in person. E-KYC will enable even a dead person to complete the evaluation.

DoT’s order asking mobile phone service providers to do e-KYC instead of KYC is a violation of Feb 2 SC order.

eKYC required by banks is a violation of banking and money-laundering rules.

Is Google truthful when it says it does not store Aadhaar numbers?

Android uploads all data created by your apps (including those of non-Google apps). It also uploads all passwords (including those of  Wi-Fi networks) to Google servers. Google calls it as backup, for your convenience, diagnostic information, anonymous usage data, etc. Google seems to have a psychopathic determination to place everyone who use Android in its surveillance net. To enable this, Android is forever scanning for any wireless network, even infected ones to upload your data. Since Google knows the password of all WiFi networks it may even be unlocking those networks to upload Android data. Maybe they just turn over that data to those three-letter agencies and they do pretty much what the want. Technically, Google does not do anything illegal. It’s the agencies which are tapping into the collected data.

Now this Tez app doesn’t store your Aadhaar number. Oh what a relief!


When Modi govt says Aadhaar data is safe, they are being factual, not truthful

RTI requests have revealed that foreign companies implementing the Aadhaar data have had unrestricted access to it. Yet, Modi govt insists the data is safe. This is in classic Indian government doublespeak. Unlike paper files, which can mysteriously go missing or get burnt in a fire mishap, they still have the data. They are just being truthful. Consummate crooks!

Reptilian News cartoon - What does UIDAI mean when they say Aadhaar data is safe

Modi government says Aadhaar data is safe. What they mean by that is nobody has deleted the data. They don’t mean that nobody has obtained unauthorized access to the data. Foreign companies have access to the data. Private Aadhaar service providers can request the data. Lot of Aadhaar data have been leaked on the Internet.