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UK Holocaust Commission should look no further than the Rothschilds

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


American Freedom™* Police execute innocent homeless man on camera

Freedom to get killed for the crime of being poor and helpless? Muslims hate this freedom, no doubt.

Couldn’t they practice on some water bottles? Have these cops have no muscle power? Don’t they eat any food? Why are they using a gun on unarmed vagrants?

If you see the video, you will realize that the cops yell orders in order to confuse him. Unfortunately for the cops, the camper then obeys their orders and then starts to leave with them. The cops did not expect the man to do this as they had come to kill him, it seems. So, the cops release the dog on him. It is only then the man starts to flee. Then in order to protect the doc (!), they shoot multiple times and kill the man. They did this from a distance where the camper could not have harmed him. One of the cops who shot the camper is decorated Iraqi war veteran. If this is how he treats an American, then how would he have treated an Iraqi. Perhaps that is why they gave him a Purple Heart medal.

This is all the result of that ghastly woman Janet Napolitano, who did her best to militarize police forces all over America. American cops shoot first and ask questions later. While illegal immigrants invade America unchecked, legitimate travelers in the US are put through horrendous checks at airports. All because of her. She must really hate America.

Janet Napalitano lizard animation

Former Department of Homeland Security, a homo woman, must seriously hate men. She has ensured that men kill each other and do the job for her. This is why psychopaths should not be allowed in government.

* – Freedom is a trademark of US military.

10 Ways That Global Elites Can Slow Down Climate Change

Global elite are at the forefront of fighting climate change. They should set an example themselves first before asking others to make sacrifices.

1. Don’t live in big luxury homes – Choose Hong Kong-style one-room apartments

Big houses consume more energy. They also trap more sunlight and contribute to global warming. Live in one-room apartments in clustered high-rise apartments, as in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

2. No private planes – Travel economy on commercial passenger airlines – Or, better, choose trains & buses!

Private planes contribute to global warming. Private luxury jets, in particular, are extremely wasteful and polluting. If you have to travel by air, then choose scheduled economy-class flights on commercial airlines. Prefer mass transport options such as trains or buses. Walk if necessary. Don’t use cars. If you use electric cars, you still are expending fossil fuels at the thermal power plants.

3. You should have no children – If you have any, kill them – It is the ethical thing to do!

Expanding global population threatens the future of our planet. In order to encourage others, you should stop producing children. If you already have children, then kill them. Post-birth abortions are supposedly ethical. This idea was floated on BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics.

4. Vaccinate your children, often – Enroll your entire tribe in vaccine trials – Use force if necessary

Your vaccine propaganda has included claims that an infant could safely take up to 1,00,000 hundred vaccines (Paul Offit, October 2005; Parents’ Pack newsletter; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). You should set an example to others by giving all those vaccines to your kids in public. There should be weekly elite vaccination camps.

All elites should be mandatorily enrolled in vaccine trials and experimental drugs. Drugs/vaccines proven safe after extensive testing on your crowd should only be released for general use.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Elites should be administered experimental vaccines by force if necessary.

An article in American Medical Association's Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

An article in American Medical Association’s Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

Vaccinated populations seem to show high incidence of cancer, hypertension, and other diseases. Fertility rates are also decreasing among vaccinated populations. Many of them are turning homosexual or discovering alternative lifestyles that does not involve baby-making. Less population means less climate change. Go for it!

5. Eat less – Eat mass-produced plastic food made from recycled industrial waste – Eat roaches if you like non-vegetarian

We know you are gluttons. Many of you are overweight. Every meal you take at a restaurant could feed a Third-world family for a year. You should eat less. Preferably plastic food from McDonalds.

Or, as United Nations recommends, eat cockroaches and insects.

Taco Bell used to say that their version of “organic” sand passes the test.

Eat trees if you are the type that seeks to be one with the Universe. MacDonald’s saw dust cellulouse may look appealing to you.

There is saw dust in McDonald's non-dairy milk shake?

There is saw dust in McDonald’s non-dairy milk shake?

6. Stop polluting the environment – Buy pollution control equipment – Use modern technologies

You own most of the world’s biggest polluters – factories, mines, etc. You cause most pollution. How about reducing that? How about installing pollution control equipment with your own money? Or using modern technologies that mitigate/avoid pollution?

7. Stop destroying forests and farmlands – Don’t throw economic hitmen on nations – Don’t threaten/attack/rape/kill/bribe!

You are acquiring forests and farmlands from poor people in Third World countries. How about stopping that? You are also hiring economic hitmen and thugs to drive out farmers and forest dwellers. You are bribing government officials, police and military. You are also overthrowing governments, politicians and anyone in your path. Stop that.

8. Stop hiding your income – Repatriate funds hidden abroad – Pay your fair share of taxes!

Individuals pay tax on their total income. Corporations pay tax only on profit before tax. You put all your expenses on the books of your companies, trusts and other cutouts and you pay little income tax. In fact, many of you show notional losses to pay no tax or even demand refunds from past payments. Even the profits generated by companies are held in tax havens abroad and are never repatriated. If you pay your fair share of taxes, it will help governments fund efforts to save the environment.

9. Contribute to save the environment – Pay Elite Carbon Tax – Carbon tax exclusively for elites!

Carbon tax should be exclusive for the elite. You own most of the wealth. Then, you should pay carbon tax, not the slaves. Carbon tax should be a top-down affair, affecting owners of polluting industries such as oil companies and miners, not consumers.

10. Give green technologies a chance – Don’t co-opt them and make them financially unviable

You control the banks and the lending. Your advisers mandate what technologies to choose and what equipment to buy. This increase the capital cost of implementing green technologies and makes them seem unviable.

Bill Gates polio viruses go back home to roost, as polio cases start appear in the USA

Migrating Indian labour brings Bill Gates polio vaccine virus to the USA. OPV drops contain live viruses, possibly from a decommissioned US weapons stockpile. (UPDATE: It seems to have been deployed in the 2014 Syria conflict too.)

Every drop of Bill Gates polio vaccine (OPV) contains millions of live but “attenuated” virus. Unlike in the US, where they use IPV containing dead virus, India gets the Bill Gates vaccine which has live virus. The problem with live virus vaccine is that they are not attenuated enough and thousands of kids have been afflicted with paralysis in India.

The "naive" natives in American get infected with Bill Gates polio virus.

The “naive” natives in American get infected with Bill Gates polio virus.

The Indian health ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) has swept all of these paralysis cases under the carpet by refusing to accept them as polio, preferring the term ACUTE FLACCID PARALYSIS (AFP) instead.

2011-2012 data on paralysis cases reported within 14 days of receiving oral polio vaccine (OPV).

2012-2013 data on paralysis cases reported within 14 days of receiving oral polio vaccine (OPV).

FAQ on WHO website, which acknowledged polio vaccine spreads the virus to others now blames it on lack of indoor plumbing.

Because the Bill Gates polio virus given to kids can transmit the virus to others, migrating Indian labour seem to be now infecting the US population. Like in India, health authorities there seem to be unwilling to accept the new paralysis cases as polio, preferring to terming them as polio-like syndrome. This is similar to the pseudo-science newspeak alternatives such as SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME (SIDS) used to mask diagnosis of kids who die immediately after receiving vaccines. Or the GULF WAR SYNDROME used to mask side effects caused by exposure to depleted uranium used in artillery shells. Or Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) used to camouflage exposure to the Dupont chemical Agent Orange used extensively in Indo-China to destroy forest foliage.

Times of India report

US has refused to accept paralysis cases as polio.

There are more disturbing news about the polio virus is that scientists are now successfully able to totally synthesized it artificially in a lab. In the Syrian conflict, al Qaeeda outfits armed by the US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar seem to have deployed polio as a war tactic to punish civilian populations who refused to fight with them.

Where to find the polio surveillance report on National Polio Surveillance Project website

Where to find the polio surveillance report on National Polio Surveillance Project website

When it is clear that the oral polio vaccine (OPV) with live viruses is making the virus endemic in the population instead of eliminating it, why are they continuing to use it in Third World countries?

I think that US bio-weapons stocks with polio virus are getting decommissioned and Bill Gates is bringing financing from Third-World countries by misleading them to think that they are really saving their populations from polio.

In the 50s and 60s, US weapons manufacturers got rid of huge stocks of ammonium nitrate and other chemicals accumulated during the Second World War by asking Third World countries use them as fertilizers. Later, this was sold to unwitting masses as the Green Revolution. This lead to farmers becoming dependent on chemical fertilizers and pesticides and losing traditional knowledge on rejuvenating soil.

This kind of thing is going on all them time. US Department of Energy is trying to get rid of radioactive nuclear material as scrap for making belt buckles and other household articles. What if people get cancer? More money for the Rockefeller health industry!

Moral Volcano Fountain Pen Collection – Camlin, Hero 329 (fake Parker from China), LAMY (Germany)

My pen collection.

My pen collection.

Moral Volcano may not believe the climate change propaganda but cares enough for the environment. When I go shopping, I see people buying plastic lunch boxes and plastic water bottles like crazy. Many of these fools are likely to be big on CLIMATE CHANGE hoax. They might say they care about environment but don’t do anything other than regurgitate the propaganda.

When I was a kid, tiffin boxes were all made from stainless steel. (My father re-purposed a toner container for a water bottle though!) Although plastic containers are cheap and better-looking, I have always used steel lunch boxes. Last year, I went in for a steel water bottle too. It is expensive but worth it I think.

A lot of steel containers come from China. Don’t buy them. The US is dumping high-quality but radiation-tainted metals on foreign countries. The cheap stuff you get from China could be made from that. US Department of Energy had also wanted the radioactive scrap metals to be turned into belt buckles and household articles!

I have been using Pilot V5 Hitecpoint pens for years. Its ink can be refilled but its body gets all scratched up before the ink runs out. Luxor, which makes the pen under license in India, also supplies ink refills.

I have always wanted to go back to the Hero 329 Chinese fakes but they break easily and are almost impossible to refill. They are also no longer in production.

So, I just went back to Camlin. This is an Indian brand but some Japanese outfit a controlling stake. (Several other brands have gone to the Japanese – Ranbaxy, Anchor). My Camlin pen has a see-through section which makes it easy to see how much ink still remains.

I also bought a LAMY pen made in Germany. It is expensive. It has advantages of all the pens that I have. The only issue with it is the ink tank, which has a small opening. I use a syringe to fill it with ink! The Camlin pen has no such issues. It is an all-round winner. If I used only the Camlin or LAMY, then there would be no ink smudges. I still use the Hero pens because they feel sad if I ignore them.

I urge everyone to use fountain pens. These use-and-throw plastic pens are bad for the environment.

Human culling may not be such a bad idea; Stupid people don’t deserve to live; Voting age should be raised

What teenagers want is mostly about themselves. They don’t care about others.

Let them finish their education, enter the job market, earn a living, make ends meet, learn about inflation, and then vote.

Free education is wasted on these idiots. Look at their priorities! What a bunch of morons.

Of course, you shouldn’t ask a hooker about the virtues of chastity.

Youth just want get laid.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Geo-warfare in the form of floods and cloudbursts – now in England – Rothschilds trial retributive punishment in case the slaves revolt

All over the world, government authorities are being asked to deliberately create floods. Weather stations give no warning. Flood prevention measures are deliberately weakened. Dredging have been stopped. Water storage areas are kept full so that flooding is guaranteed. Dams are closed. Levees are being lowered.

Artificial cloudbursts have been perfected by several countries. In nature, these cloudbursts cannot happen. Or, can happen only in case of a cyclone. In Russia, the government has figured out a way to make it stop snowing. In China, they have an entire artillery division that shoots rain-seeding chemicals into the clouds. The US has studied hurricanes for several decades. As early as World War II, they had triggered tsunamis off the coast of New Zealand.

People are being driven away from their lands and forced to move into urban concentration camps known as SMART CITIES. The Rothschilds invented the concentration camps in Boer lands in what is now South Africa.

Flooding in Britain.

Flooding in Britain.

Inconclusive #MTHR study from 2012, mainly dealing with walkie-talkie TETRA radiation, dusted up to exonerate #mobile phone #radiation of #cancer risk

State-of-the-art mobile phones used in the British study that allegedly exonerated mobile phones of  cancer risk.

State-of-the-art mobile phones used in the British study that allegedly exonerated mobile phones of cancer risk.

The report mainly deals with TETRA RF radiation from handsets popularly known as Walkie Talkies and emergency broadcasts from their base stations.

With respect to GSM, they gloss over handset radiation and talk about measurement difficulties about base station radiation and their inability isolate it from other radiation. No mention about the radiation risk from mobile masts planted on buildings or near living quarters.

The report is inconclusive and suggested more study. When a Finnish study came out that the GSK Pandemrix flu vaccine was causing narcolepsy in vaccinated children, WHO response was to gloss over it and suggest more study.

It seems that some body in the budget office wanted them to make a misleading press release for what it was worth before the next round of funding. That is why the report was dusted off and a press release was made.

Retards in the media have accepted the press release without reading the report.

Retards in the media have accepted the press release without reading the report.

Even The Register has swallowed it whole –

This kind of incompetence is despite the fact that cancer rates have been increasing all round the world, particularly in developed countries, where WiFi and mobile phone saturation is over 100%. For example, cancer rates are rising so rapidly that one-third of all Britons have one form of cancer or other.

The Telegraph newspaper reports that cancer rates are rising so rapidly that half of all britons will get cancer by 2020.

The Telegraph newspaper reports that cancer rates are rising so rapidly that half of all britons will get cancer by 2020.

Don’t treat your mouth like a toilet seat; Stop using mouthwash or toothpaste that kills oral flora-fauna

Story about moutwash causing heart attacks, strokes and BP broke yesterday.

Story about moutwash causing heart attacks, strokes and BP broke yesterday.

The simple mechanical act of brushing your teeth, rinsing and gargling is enough to clean your mouth. It is the latent food particles and dead cells in the cavity that needs to be moved out. Flossing is okay.

Using a anti-microbial toothpaste or mouthwash is not. All the orifices, skin and alimentary canal are covered with a great diversity of flora and fauna. They are there for a purpose and you cannot remove them. Doing so will harm you. (Avoiding baths is not what I am getting at.) What you apply on your skin will reach your bloodstream.

How did humans survive millennia without toilet disinfectants masquerading as toothpastes and mouthwashes

Q. How do so many animals survive without brushing their teeth? (A: They don’t talk much and hump a lot.)

Sorry, for digressing. Use a simple toothpaste or better a tooth powder like Vicco Vajdranti. Colgate is advertising a toothpaste that keeps your mouth free of bacteria for 10 hours! What are they putting in it? Do you really need your mouth that clean?

There is a natural equilibrium between body’s defense mechanism and among the various groups of microbes. Sometimes, this equilibrium is disturbed and there may be an allergy or a reaction.

Most skin irritations can be cured by a coat of oil, salt water (difficult) or in recalcitrant cases Saibol.

Gut fauna is necessary to digest food and break down toxins to harmless byproducts. Digestion of food starts with the mouth, which is why chewing is important. A wide variety of microbes inhabit the mouth and they keep the populations of each other in check. Their presence also makes it hostile for external microbes.

Use of long-acting anti-microbial mouthwash or toothpaste kills these defenses and creates a wide variety of complications.

Vicco Vajdranti tooth powder uses natural ingredients and does not have all the fancy chemicals and toilet-grade disinfectants.

Vicco Vajdranti tooth powder uses natural ingredients and does not have all the fancy chemicals and toilet-grade disinfectants.

Alleged Syria “Torture” photos was provided by West- & Saudi-backed Al-Qaeda outfit Syria National Movement

Alleged torture photos provide no evidence as to who committed the crimes.

The media is abuzz with the report that a Syrian military photographer had defected and carried with him 55,000 photos of victims who had died at the hands of Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

A closer reading of the report shows that much of the allegations accompanying the photos was provided by a member of the Al Qaeeda outfit Syrian National Movement (SNM). (Ha ha ha. I know. These Al Qaeda organizations are named by the Israelis who lead and organize them. They seem to have a predominantly kinky sense of humour.)

This SNM guy was a relative of the military photographer. And, as early as five days of the fighting starting, they somehow expected that torture would be committed on a large scale and started collecting evidence. Or, so they would expect everyone to believe.


The report is here:

It is meant to fool gullible people are not used to seeing photographic forensic evidence.

The report admits that only some of the photos show evidence of torture. Many appear to have been starved and emaciated.


People can visit the English-language website Syria Times ( run by the Syrian government. They have been documenting atrocities committed by the Al Qaeda outifts too. It is because they don’t want to be seen as incompetent in defending its citizens that has made them reticent. If they go graphic, they will be able to provide the same type of photos.

The death toll in the Syrian conflict has gone above 100,000. Tens of thousands of police and military personnel have died. Many of them have been captured and tortured by Al Qaeda outfits trained and armed by US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Qatar.

Syrian military recaptured several areas from Al Qaeda and these photographs are most likely taken in those area. It is also likely that the photos were taken by SNM and other Al Qaeda outfits. MOST VICTIMS ARE YOUNG MEN. AL QAEDA MUST HAVE KILLED THEM IN THE TOWNS THEY CAPTURED BECAUSE THEY REPRESENTED AN OBVIOUS MILITARY THREAT.

These terrorists had earlier provided “evidence” of a flourine-based gas attack on a Syrian a town and tried to lobby for a Western military intervention. British parliament voted against intervention and the Americans found itself without support except from Israel and Saudi Arabia.

UN investigative team confirmed the chemical attack but mysteriously refused pin the blame on either side. The recent 55,000 torture photos is a second attempt by the Al Qaeda sponsors at bringing in a Western military intervention.

Thousands of Muslims from all over Europe and Africa have been recruited by the intelligence agencies of these Western and Gulf countries to fight in Syria. Weapons from Libya were also provided to these terrorists. Muslims are killing Muslims. Just like in the Iran-Iraq war in which the West and Israel supplied weapons and intelligence to both sides in order to maximize casualties.