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Modi enables mass-poisoning of Indians by allowing edible oils to be blended with GMO cottonseed oil

What is poisonous to the worm will also be poisonous to humans, as the pesticide is not sprayed but genetically produced in every cell of the crop.

Beware of the “refined” cooking oil available in the market. Instead of mechanically pressing the seeds to extract oil, oil refiners are using chemical solvents to do the same. And, to make the oil look crystal clear more chemicals are added and vital nutrients are removed from it. (Hindu Business Line; Solvent extractors trade body locks horns with Ramdev’s Patanjali; Vandana Shiva writes (

The ghani (oil extraction plant) set up by Mahatma Gandhi at Sewashram in Wardha, Maharashtra, has been a visible and working symbol of a self-reliant community since 1934. This living legacy is now in danger of shutting down.

Ghanis have been around since ancient times. Food historian KT Achaya dates the use of sesame oilseeds to the Harappan civilisation around 2000 BC. The ghani entails a symbiotic relationship between farmers who grow oilseeds and consumers looking for fresh, healthy, cold-pressed oil. This rustic, grassroots enterprise today finds itself on the wrong side of modern food safety regulations.

Now, to make more profits, solvent extractors are blending cooking oils with cottonseed oils. Much of Indian cotton farmers have switched to the poisonous GMO cotton. People oppose GMO for common sense, scientific, and economic reasons.

Common sense – the idea of splicing plant gene strands & putting poison-producing genes from a bacteria should be revolting. It is also a disproportionate response, like swatting a fly with a hammer. Instead of spraying a pesticide, they are putting it in every cell of the plant.

Scientific – The pesticide (from the bacterium genes) is in every cell of the crop unlike earlier solutions such as sprayed pesticides which can be washed away. The pesticide that kills the bollworm will harm humans too, even if it doesn’t immediately kill them.

Economic – For millennia, farmers are used to retaining the seeds from the current harvest for planting in the next harvest. GMO companyies want to take away this right by selling them third-generation seeds which mathematically increase the number of unviable seeds with each replanting. GMO crops are not only designed to make farmers dependent on the seed manufacturer but also specially designed pesticides such as glyphosate.

Scientists benefiting from GMO brush aside all opposition as the babblings of a superstitious lot. LEAVE THE SCIENCE TO US!

Apparently, the “bollworm-resistant GMO cotton” is not really bollworm-resistant. Even though a majority of cotton farmers have switched to SCIENCE-based GMO cotton, they still have to contend with many strains of bollworm. They have to continue to buy pesticides, which the GMO  poison was supposed to eliminate. In the US, GMO and glyphosate use has given rise to “super weeds” which grow taller than a human being! (They weeds adapted with genetic mutation as only those that survived the glyphosate spraying to create another generation.) To combat super weeds, farmers are spraying more pesticides, endangering not only themselves but also those living in the neighborhood of these farms. (GMO poisoning is then given new causes such as Zika virus without any scientific basis.)


So much for all that SHIENSH claims! Monsanto claims that testing the safety of GMO and related pesticides is not its job.

Contrary to public belief, US FDA & DOA don’t do any testing. certifing. The revolving door policy encouraged by US presidents over several decades ensures that ex-industry executives (not scientists) who become officials in these government agencies are richly rewarded when they return back to the industry after their stint at “public service”. US government scientists do not actually validate any product on the market. They are there to create an illusion for the benefit of a gullible public.


Right! Narendra Modi is a Kisan Virodhi & Tribals Virodhi! Future Indians are destined to eat plastic food from Cargill & Monsanto because of Modi

Selling us out to Monsanto, GE and other foreign companies and their Indian fronts. When I was in school, RSS pracharaks would lecture us on Swadeshi and ask us to buy only Indian-made products. Now, the same folk are evicting farmers and tribals from their land and selling the land at base-bottom prices to more monied special interests from India and abroad. All this and more in the name of the poor!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Elsevier journal editor Richard E Goodman did work for Monsanto and threw out Seralini GMO rat tumour paper. So, what?

GMO scientists had their corporate logo’d panties in a twist after the publication of a study linking Monsanto’s GMO corn to high incidence of tumours and morbidity in rats. The journal Food and Chemical Technology withdrew the study recently. Their reason was that the Sprague Dawley breed of rats was wrong, as they already suffered susceptible to high tumour rates.

Anti-GMO people have cited the recent hire of ex-Monsanto man Richard E Goodman as assistant editor as the reason for the withdrawal. The Elsevier company which owns the journal is notorious for monopolistic behavior in the research publications market. Their page on Richard Goodman does not list anything about his Monsanto past. (

Mr. Goodman works at University of Nebraska. Their page also does not make any mention of his Monsanto years.

Richard E Goodman did work at Monsanto.

Richard E Goodman did work at Monsanto.

Google results for the Sprague Dawley rats show research papers going back to the 1960 showing that they do suffer from tumours. I did find one paper that showed that the Sprague Dawley rats were from a Monsanto laboratory.

Sprague Dawley rats used in this study came from Monsanto.

Sprague Dawley rats used in this study came from Monsanto.

The Sprague Dawley breed is, like many other lab rats, the result of inbreeding. Everyone knows that inbreeding results in offspring with genetic defects. But, that is what our great scientists will use. Scientists prefer them for the rate at which they multiply their numbers. If some drug or food additive causes cancer, then the results can be easily attributed to problems with the bread. That’s the corporate scientific method. If the Sprague Dawley rats are susceptible to tumours, then the solution is to repeat the study with another another breed of rat, which is not going to thrown out by the likes of Goodman. That’s the honest scientific method.

PETA women wearing lettuce leaves should be fed to lions

PETA propaganda is aimed at making people give up traditional home-cooked food and making them switch to mass-produced, factory-made, processed, GMO-laced, hormone-tainted, plastic food.
PETA propaganda is to make you eat factory-made plastic food.

PETA propaganda is to make you eat factory-made plastic food.

See, they have no moral scruples. They even promoted my World Government For Dummies book in the past.

We are so stupid that we let some PETA dolt convince us that this was a good idea. You see, we are paid models. This is a publicity stunt. Think of it as a newspaper ad. BTW, we love World Government For Dummies ebook.

PETA lettuce ladies promote The World Government Slave Handbook.

PETA lettuce ladies promote The World Government Slave Handbook.

They have also promoted Moral Volcano. See, they have no qualms whatsoever!

The PETA lettuce ladies promote the Moral Volcano.

The PETA lettuce ladies promote the Moral Volcano.

If GMO Bt-Brinjal can be harmful to pests, then it can be harmful to humans; Monsanto accused of bio-piracy

HC dismisses plea by Mahyco; Deccan Herald; 12 October 2013;

Monsant loses plea in bio-piracy case

Monsant loses plea in bio-piracy case

Unlike conventional pesticides that are sprayed on plants, Bt-Brinjal and other frankenfood from Monsanto, Cargill and Dupont contain poison in each cell of the genentically modified plant. I feel that the arguments put forth by the petitioner is replete with lexical and logical holes that I am afraid that the Monsanto team will pick on these little things and create the impression of debunking the overall allegation. Hopefully, judge is not a pushover.