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98% of climate scientists agree it is so cold all over the world because of rising temperatures!


It is so cold that it is snowing  in Sahara!



“What was the reason for the melting of glaciers in the Gondwana period long before man arrived on the planet?

Sanghi scientists causing embarrassment at the Indian Science Congress were probably planted after submissions questioning man-made climate change were received.

Thank you, Climate Change!

Thank you, Climate Change!

How Climate Scientologists cherry-pick climate data and lie to you

Nothing like statistics to lie about science and that’s what 97% of climate scientists use.

US Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler wondered why it is so cold when the scientologists are claiming that is earth is busy warming. So, Washington Post decided to debunk what she might have implied with climate science data from the US NOAA website. Anyone can go that website and plot the graph.

Washington Post blog article cherry-picks NOAA climate data to imply Kansas temperatures have risen. Yet over last century, they have closed, as seen in previous graph.

Washington Post article uses a limited climate data set. The NOAA website has temperature date only from 1975 for Kansas City , Missouri.

If you observe the graph, there are more upward spikes in recent times. The graph seems to be on course to have more downward spikes in the next 15 years and neutralize the recent upward trend but lets not make predictions as these scientologists haphazardly do.

The date range used in the graph is very small. Kansas City (in Missouri state) temperatures are available only from 1975. This is not good to make climate predictions. If you take the entire state of Missouri, whose temperature data is available from 1900, there is a different trend in that graph. You will see that temperatures have hardly risen – zero! (Not that 100-year data is any good to make climate change predictions.)


NOAA has data from 1900 for the state of Missouri where Kansas City is located. The plotted graph shows no “climate change”.

You can twist and stretch statistics to prove almost anything. For example, if you change the date range to 1977 to 1998, there is zero climate change for Kansas City. But just move the start date by 2 years and lo you have 0.2F climate change!


Climate Change has been going on since day 1. It is what made the Earth transform from a fiery ball of fire to a living planet. The 97% of climate scientists who agonize over “man-made climate change” fear for their jobs. Do not let this false propaganda stop us from cleaning the environment. Tax the richest people on earth and make them pay for the cleanup. Spare the people at the bottom of the rich-poor pyramid.

Anti-coal Climate Change propaganda is all about keeping world economy tied oil denominated in US dollars

This Canberra Times report from 1972 cites CIA trolls pitching global cooling.

This Canberra Times report from 1972 cites CIA trolls pitching global cooling.

Locally available coal is bad because it is paid in local currency and there is no need for US dollars or expensive unviable “green technologies”

By “green technologies”, they mean “American” green technology made by doomed-to-fail outfits such as Solyndra with kickbacks going to their politicians, charities, libraries and other “welfare” funds.

They want developing world to subsidize unviable Western technology while ignoring cheaper local options.

To boot, the West will give loans to sweeten the deal for “everyone”.

It’s the unwitting the consumer and taxpayer who is ultimately stuck with the bill.