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Lizard News cartoon: The Climate Change case against Illegal Immigration

As third-world immigrants start to live first-world countries, they will be polluting at the same levels as regular first-world denizens, thereby causing more “manpeople-made accelerated Climate Change”.

Populations in developed countries have been slowing down. The beneficial effect of a slowing population is lesser pollution. However illegal immigration is reversing this. When Third-world people live in developed countries, the consume and pollute like First-World citizens. It is undoubtedly causing accelerated irreversible Man-made Climate Change. Illegal immigration is bad for the Earth. By supporting illegal immigration, you are enabling Climate Change.

Lizard News cartoon: The Climate Change case against Illegal Immigration

When Third-World people migrate to developed countries, they consume like First-World citizens and pollute like First-World citizens. It is undoubtedly causing accelerated irreversible Man-made Climate Change!

Yesterday’s imperialists are today’s globalists. They are our only and one true global enemy.

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Russian meddling? An alphabet soup of American govt and non-governmental organizations have been meddling in Latin America for a century now

National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is an NGO run by the Democratic Party in the US. It receives fund s from the US govt and acts as a conduit for funds to opposition groups, journalists and activists in other countries so that no hostile government can stand up to US hegemony.

The Republican Party has its own NGO to source US govt funds – International Republican Institute. Apparently, no foreign country is free unless its politicians are trained by the Americans.

The military leaders of these banana republics are ex-alumni of military academies run by the US Department of Defense. They are always ready to effect a coup should the political leaders fall out of line.

USAID funds and loans given by IMF and World Bank are used for financial arm-twisting.

This is over and above the activities of economic hitmen hired by the CIA and its faceless corporations. (Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Blum’s Rogue Superpower.)

How to defeat political correctness – Use the word JUDGMENTAL to counter-label all PC labelling!

Even as politicians in the West are demanding that YouTube and other sites ban what the call fake news and conspiracy theories, it did not prevent Western media from adopting a holier-than-thou attitude at Chinese site Weibo’s over-enthusiastic censorship of what they thought were words related to their President Xi’s power grab.

A search for the same words on Baidu search engine showed no censorship. Just like Youtube suspended channels related to conspiracies and gun hobbyists, Weibo has been pro-actively indulging in censorship without any government push.

There was also this video of a Chinese journalist rolling her eyes in frustration of another journalst asking a long-winded and definitely pre-scripted question. The video is being cited in the West as how scripted official Chinese press conferences are. Anyone who has watched Obama’s press meets and interviews knows how scripted they were. Journalists had no compunction applauding for the silliest of things he said. This would become even more apparent on his foreign tours when some American journalist out of habit startle everyone by clapping his hands in total silence.

Obama was always considered as a great speaker but it was always with the help of teleprompters.

Leonard Cole’s “Clouds of Secrecy” – US/UK governments conducted germ warfare experiments on populated areas affecting millions

Lizard News: Biowarfware tests on populated areas

Read the book by Leonard Cole “Clouds of Secrecy”

Other references you can look up are US governments GAO report called “Human Experimentation” and numerous reports on the so-called mainstream media of continuing tests in populated areas such as railway tunnels and subways.

Leonard Cole’s “Clouds of Secrecy – The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas”

Social media, IoT & Cloud Computing cause Global Warming!

How to use reptilian techniques against reptilians.

Globalist spy on us using several ways. So ask if social media use, wireless devices, Internet of Things (IoT), & cloud computing cause global warming.

Say that every minute someone uses these things, an iceberg melts or a seal pup dies. Tell them to get rid of smartphone & other connected devices; get a landline or a basic feature phone; and close all social media accounts.

In reply to Slashdot [@slashdot]:

Bali Plans To Switch Off Internet Services For 24 Hours For New Year ‘Quiet Reflection’

Abraham Lincoln, the mass murderer, planned to send blacks back to Africa

Abrham Lincoln was originally a member of the Whig Party, whose main objective was to establish a central bank for the United States of America on the lines of the Bank of England and other European central banks privately owned by the extended family of the Rothschilds. At that time , gold and silver bullion served as currency. Debt notes issued by private banks were also used. Although Rothschilds controlled many prominent banks on Wall Street, they wanted to control the fortunes of a nation that was much bigger than all of Europe. The First National Bank of the United States and its second version were the result of these efforts. The First National and Second National failed and their charter were not renewed. Finally, in 1913, the Federal Reserve was established as the permanent central bank of the United States. Its name had the appearance of a government institution while its ownership structure had the appearance of a non-profit cooperative democratically run by American banks. In reality, it was neither. It was controlled by the Federal Reserve of New York, which was in effect controlled by banks believed to be acting in concert for the Rothschilds – JP Morgan, Citibank, Lehman Brothers (now dissolved), Goldman Sachs…

Lincoln switched loyalties several times. He was in both Democratic & Republican parties.

Strangely enough, he established the debt-free greenback US dollar as an alternative to debt notes to pay for the war. The greenback did not remain debt-free for long. It lost its value and had to be backed by gold obtained on credit from private banks & foreign banks. After Nixon took the dollar off the good peg, it continued to be debt-based.

For whatever reason, Lincoln was assassinated. Or so they say. There were persistent rumours that some European international banking family had hired the assassin. One woman Izola Forrester wrote a book claiming that the assassin John Wilkes Booth was not killed and lived to old age. Her book This One Mad Act: The Unknown Story of John Wilkes Booth and His Family by His Granddaughter has only deepened the mystery. Her papers have been collected at the Schlesinger Library in the Harvard University. The book was published in 1937 and was not given credence.

Probably out of guilt, Lincoln persona and life story was given a serious transformation after his death. It was clear in his time that his government attacked the Confederate states because they dared to break away. The idea that he did that to free the Blacks from slavery would have been preposterous in his time. He freed the slaves only because the Southern states were agrarian and relied mostly on slave labour. His plan for Blacks was to ship them back to Africa. Like the evil Southerners, he also believed Blacks were not equal to Whites.

Lincoln, being a stooge of foreign bankers, was extremely evil to Whites in the South. He established concentration camps for POWs and civilians, including women and children, where they were starved and tortured. Concentration camps were a specialty of the Rothschilds, who established the first camps in South Africa for Dutch Afrikaans. During the war, the US army burned and destroyed private property owned in the towns & cities they captured.

American children don’t read about these things in school. Instead, Lincoln was an angel without wings. Like Communist nations, history is rewritten to suit the narrative of the victors.