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To financially depress Indian newspapers & divert ad money to their pet online properties, Rockefellers once again publish a bogus Indian Readership Survey 2014

The “new” Indian Readership Survey 2014 is three-fourths the same as the 2013 edition, says The Hindu.

IRS 2014 is 3/4th the same report as IRS 2014.

IRS 2014 is 3/4th the same report as IRS 2014.

Why do Indian newspapers give credence to these fools? Once again, there are divisions among Indian publications. Unlike last year, when 18 publishing houses came together to reject the survey, some newspapers are now boasting they have done better than their peers.

Even Times Of India complained about IRS survey in 2014.

Even Times Of India complained about IRS survey in 2014.


Times of India’s euphoric boast turns melancholy wail after re-reading Indian Readership Survey 2013

Even Times Of India complained about IRS survey in 2014.

Even Times Of India complained about IRS survey in 2014.

For decades now, the Rothschild-Rockefeller gang has been engaged in depressing reported readership numbers of newspapers to divert advertising money to their own pet TV and Internet properties. The goal has been to make newspapers unviable. When a paper falls on hard times, one of their well-heeled minions shows up and buys up the assets at rock-bottom prices. Many of them eventually get euthanized. What is left is a namesake excuse of a press that is too spineless to defend democracy. A good example is Newsweek.

Many of the recent Indian Readership Surveys have shown unusually high numbers for Times Of India. Essentially, the Rockefeller gang has been playing one newspaper against all others. This seems to have definitely put financial pressure on other newspapers. This year, it turns out, it was time to turn the screws on Times of India as well. Despite all the homo worship/propaganda, Times of India has been left to dry this time. Serves them good.

The only option is to take the matter directly against advertisers. Just as TV channels have put Kantar (TAM) out of business, newspapers should stop giving any credence to IRS.

18 media houses rubbish IRS 2013 claims.

Times of India eventually joined other media groups to rubbish IRS 2013 claims.

Manmohan Singh’s other failure: FDI in print media

Many Western newspapers had started special India editions expecting Manmohan Singh to open up FDI in print media.


Many Western newspapers had started special India editions expecting FDI in print media. India Ink, started by New York Times, had to shut down.

Never let a tragedy go to waste. We have seen this several times in the past. Whether it is Modi losing elections or Brexit vote, Jaitley exploits the panic to the advantage of globalist kleptocrats by allowing FDI in news sectors of the economy that was previously not allowed.

So, when is it for FDI in print media? For several years now, Indian Readership Survey was used to falsify newspaper numbers so that media buyers could (ignore Audit Bureau numbers) and excuse themselves for advertising on loss-making Internet properties (“New Media”). Contrary to expectations, Indian newspapers have grown from strength to strength.

Jaitley has an extremely cosy relationship with many media barons. The phony Modi Wave campaign, which legitimized the tampered voting machines result, was undoubtedly the result of a premeditated media effort. And, the quid pro quo? No FDI in print media? Or, is it the case even now. Manmohan Singh was a media darling at the hight of 2G scam. But at the last few months, when Modi became the choice, the same choir started cold-heartedly called him a weak prime minister, just like Advani.

FDI in multi-brand retail was supposed to be a no-no up until now but Jaitley used Brexit to sneak in FDI in food retail – directly affecting grocery and vegetable shops. How did that happen?

My guess that at the end of Modi’s term, Jaitley will sneak the “FDI in print” bird out, that is, when it becomes clear Modi will lose elections. Remember, how Reliance Industries used Economic Times to extract the maximum out of the Congress government at the fag end of Manmohan Sing government. ( The first two pages of the paper that day was a open request to Congress to help Reliance. This was despite Moily’s bonanza to Reliance on the KG Gas price issue. (It was doubled.) It wasn’t just Reliance. Many Congress ministers and corporate houses skipped their annual pilgrimage to Davos that year so that maximum benefit could be made before a change of government.

Like Google Adwords, Facebook’s news hosting program will prove to be a long-term extortion scheme!


Google will reduce traffic to your site if you reduce/eliminate spending on its Adwords program. Adwords/Adsense customers have to be ever watchful of whom they link to. They are discouraged from hosting links from Google’s advertising competitors. (

Facebook will be no different.

It already limits content visibility by using algorithms to pick and choose what content posted on Facebook is visible to followers.

Now, these algorithms will be tweaked (like what Google had done with their Plus/News/Search/Adwords/Adsense programs) so that visibility is limited to those news sites who are willing to pay it extortion money.

This is all contrary to what Facebook promised when it was trying to expand its network. In those days, Facebook encouraged news websites to promote their Facebook pages and asked them to increase their Facebook followers. It also convinced them to give up their in-house commenting system and replace it with a Facebook Social commenting plugin. This greatly benefited Facebook, as commenting was not possible without a Facebook account. With each new news site, Facebook benefited more than the news site that used it. Essentially, Facebook grew by swallowing user networks already built up by the news sites.

Now, Facebook is bigger and wants to be paid for it. Contrary to what they are claiming at analysts conferences, their in-house ad network seems not to be bringing in enough money. Datacenter costs must be going over the top every each day.

NYT maybe onboard but it doesn’t make sense for other newspapers to loose control over their network and content.  NYT is syndicated all over the US and the world. Besides, it is not really a business than a shadowy Western version of the Pravda that other non-independent newspapers have to follow to be eligible for advertising money from Rockefeller-controlled global advertising conglomerates.

This also fits with the Rockefeller plan for eliminating all independent newspaper by fudging circulation stats used by their advertisers – see Times of India’s euphoric boast turns melancholy wail after re-reading Indian Readership Survey 2013 ( and TV Viewership Rating Companies Acting As Proxies For Buyout Firms (

Newspapers that think Facebook will bring in more revenue are going to be extremely disappointed. Some might gain but most will lose. Like Google Adsense/Adwords, it will begin with a carrot.

Remember that Facebook once predicted that it will replace email and everyone will be using Facebook instead of e-mail. Where is that now? When these tech companies promote their products, they will make all kinds of promises. ( You don’t have to believe them. Ask for their numbers. Use the techniques that advertisers use on you.

Every newspaper should nurture its own network. The paper and online segments should be seperate and be complimentary. The paper side seems to be under attack by Rockefeller survey-advertising trolls. The online side is under attack by a different set of trolls, namely Google News and Facebook.

You should be careful or you will lose both. Do what you know best. Do it fearlessly. Print good quality journalism. Educate your readers. Don’t propagandize them. Most readers want news, not views. People can draw their own conclusions. Excessive views is the main reason that people stop reading newspapers. Newspapers are becoming what TV news has become – annoying. ( A paper will do well if it can assure readers that it will will provide all the news they need. Give what the people want. That is the first lesson in journalism.

Indian newspapers should also jointly create a survey agency that will publish readership numbers that can be relied upon.

Piers Morgan: A New-World-Order shill gets his due or are the Rockefellers dismantling world media?

CNN drops Piers Morgan show.

CNN drops Piers Morgan show.

CNN has dropped Piers Morgan show and Alex Jones is claiming that it only reinforces his view that mainstream media is dying and is unsustainable. And, that alternative media represented by people like him are the future.

This kind of chest-beating is no different from bloggers, during Dubya’s time, who claimed that blogs were the only alternative and mainstream media’s run has ended. Where are they now after the onslaught of Facebook and Twitter? (Dave Winer; Why are people bored with blogging?

You hear it so much — I never blog anymore. I just post on Facebook. Etc etc.

Mainstream media has a solid model. Alternative media is parasitical!

Mainstream media is based on a solid business model. A news organizations start to provide news that people want. When medium becomes popular, advertisers flock to advertise in that medium. It has worked consistently for more than a century and it will work in future too.

What does alternative media have? Blogs used to be supported by Google Ads. Eric Schmidt is sucking so much Bilderberger unmentionable that blogs would instantly lose ad revenue if they become critical of the establishment. Alternative media have built alternative revenue models. William Cooper (who was allegedly shot by the Feds) used to sell heirloom seeds and dehydrated foods. This model has been picked up by people like Alex Jones and Texe Marrs.

Yet, all of them are dependent on mainstream media for their news. All the cutting edge news analysis is based on a product provided that they derisively call as mainstream news. You will not see bloggers or raging podcasters sending a crew to Sochi to provide hetero-phobic and anti-Russian propaganda to provide all-round coverage of the Winter Olympics. Even if volunteer reporters would do the job, how many sources would you have to depend on. (Huffington Post doesn’t count. They sold out.)

Traditional media is working under a flawed system. Internet exposed those flaws

Mainstream media has a solid business model but has for decades languishing under a flawed system. A system that is controlled by the Rothschilds via their private central bank called Federal Reserve and their kleptocratic financial institutions, which in turn owns most of the businesses in America, including the media houses. Just a handful of Rockefeller front men who control most of the media in America. And, through their news agencies, they also control world media.

For several decades, Pentagon’s budget had financed thousands of journalists (stringers) “embedded” in news organizations all over America and the world. Most mainstream news anchors and show hosts in America get their passes from the Rockefellers’ Center for Foreign Relations (CFR), which also staffs all administrations in the US White House, irrespective of which party wins the election. This screwed-up model worked very well in providing a well-censored propagandised view of the world.

The Internet has unraveled the closely guarded model. That is why the Rockefellers have initiated a wave of consolidation in the Internet and also destroying traditional news media organizations. Here is a list of examples that point in that direction:

We need traditional media for the news and we need alternative media to analyse the news. And, we probably need Moral Volcano to expose the flaws and disinformation that creeps into all of them.

One thing is clear. Traditional media and alternative media have a definite place in our lives. We cannot do without them. But, they cannot survive in the flawed system established by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Only well-accomplished bottom feeders like Eric Shcmidt and Mark Zuckerberg can flourish in it.

Lizard News – Loudmouth Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV is as annoying & non-professional as other Indian news channel

When will these channels be banned, the Nation wants to know?


Times Now was previously the worst news channel on TV. Now it has a competitor in the form of Republic TV, led by the same loudmouth Arnab Goswami. Media-buying agencies seem to be driving news channels stark raving mad. In order to retain maximum attention, the news channels dump all headlines on to the screen, which scream on to the screen, flash for a few seconds and disappear without a trace. Most of the time, there is no relation to the current news and the headlines floating all over the screen. With the launch of the new channel Republic, the madness continues.

Last year, I read online that Times Now had gone crazy with their burning issue thing. I did not immediately know what it meant. Some days later, I saw it for real on TV. They literally had Navika Kumar burning amidst graphics of flames all over the screen. To drive the point further, they was also a title “burning issue.” While it is “headlines” or “breaking news” for other channels, for Times Now it was “burning issue”, as if trying to sear it into our memories. The unabashed crudeness did not seem to have struck anyone in the Times Now crew.

So, What do you need to run a TV news channels?

  • Several people yelling like dogs.
  • The most garish gut-wrenching graphics!
  • Banners, tickers & popups everywhere trying to grab attention about news that probably never gets aired. (I change the channel.)
  • Breaking news headlines that doesn’t get covered until the next hour. If the next hour is a yelling match wait for another hour.
  • Annoying advertisements popping up in news tickers, popups & banners.

On this stupid republic TV, they may talk all the time about some big issue but that’s not the big issue. Main issue is Republic TV. Can you count how many times it is mentioned on the screen?

I hate to say it but why can’t Indian news channels learn something from foreign news channels? Of course, their judgement is just as impaired but their production values are much better. The journalist on the ground is not trying to shout all the way from the studio. The anchor, usually, is calmness-personified, not a nervous breathless jerk.

CNN offers advice to snowflakes psychologically injured by the news of Trump victory and Hillary loss.

Does it have to be so crappy?

Clips from Indian TV news channels making questionable viewership claims all the while trying to provoke war with Pakistan.

Every Indian news channel is suffering from the same syndrome. They are copying the worst from each other. On my DTH connection, I use the a la carte option and I don’t have Times New anymore. Instead, there is the free India Today channel. It is just like Times Now. Coverage on J&K is so bad that people there may soon have more beef against TV channels than against the Army. (Viewer discretion advised; The Friday Times;

This is all because of foreign-owned media-buying and TV-rating agencies. They want all advertising money to go to pet online properties owned by globalist reptilians. The long-term plan is to destroy traditional media in favour of closed-garden media shops.

Like hungry dogs fighting over a bone, Indian TV channels are being made to throw away all rules. Look at the online hashtags created by them – #MakePakPay & #BarbaricPak. These same media orgs have print newspapers. This sort of fight for crumbs does not exist there – although media rating agencies have tried to mess there to. In fact, with newspaper reader surveys they tried to initiate this sort of dog-eat-dog competition among newspapers. The tactic used is always the same – the beneficiary of the survey or that ratings tally is the leader. This makes it easier to starve and destroy the rest. Fortunately, for the Indian print media, this was not a problem, as readership has been increasing for all players. For TV companies, it has not been good because there are no reliable numbers on who is watching which channel. DTH companies would be able to reliable rating numbers if they provided a la carte options but many news channels are safely bundled with other channels so that any kind of audience measurement is impossible.


Are we under mass hypnosis? Why is everyone obsessed with apps, gadgets & “Social Media”?

So that we put all our data online and make it easy for the global kleptocracy spy and manipulate democracies?

Journalists aren’t immune from it, it seems, as many of them, are human.

Look at this one. They are finding some crazy excuse to write about some app.

Here is another one in the Economic Times asking advertisers to spend more on on Twitter ads! Because the attention span is short and people can scroll past ads, advertising on Twitter is totally useless.

How does advertisers diverting money to Twitter benefit Economic Times.

How does advertisers diverting money to Twitter benefits Economic Times.

In any case, wouldn’t they be a competitor for your advertisement income? Why give free publicity to them? At a time when economic hitmen are publishing bogus surveys that claim newspaper readership is declining!

Ask these freeloaders to advertise in your paper. Let them spend some money. Don’t let corrupt or self-obsessed journalists deprive you of your income. First fire those globalist stooges from the editorial board. They are the ones who are destroying newspapers from within.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.