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Indian Parliament should intervene & stop judiciary from privatizing itself to kangaroo (arbitration) courts set up abroad – obviously a payoff (golden parachute) scheme for judges

The CAG has flagged the Antrix-Devas contract as violative of rules. Law of Contract says a contract that is illegal cannot be enforced. ISRO had rightly canceled the contract but a private khap panchayat (it’s okay if the globalist kleptocrats arranged it) of attorneys and retired judges have ruled otherwise.

Arbitration has to be voluntarily sought by both parties of a dispute.

When ISRO didn’t see the merits of arbitration and CAG observation prevented it from proceeding with the contract, how can the Supreme Court order ISRO to submit to the whims of a kangaroo court, with a fanciful official-sounding name. Ditto for the ONGC case against Reliance Industries. ONGC didn’t want arbitration and wanted the dispute settled by government or in Indian courts. My guess is that the judges who subverting the jurisdiction of Indian courts are getting massive payoffs.

Remember, top Reliance officials have been caught buying secret government papers pertaining directly to the court cases.

The very definition of arbitration has been perverted.

It is quite likely that the law ministry is also neck deep in this conspiracy to create a precedent where secret/private courts can order governments around violating all norms of jurisdiction and national sovereignity.

Meanwhile, the WTO is saying Indian laws are not good enough to stop imports of GMO-fed US poultry.




Nitin Gadkari to privatize public-funded roads, following Goldman Sachs advice from bankrupted Puerto Rico

He has allowed himself to be convinced that government-owned toll roads (which are an anachronism in itself) need to be given to private parties for a paltry upfront amount.

His earlier stance of doing away with all government-owned toll roads was probably a bid to attract suitcases.

The electronic toll (e-toll) collection system introduced in the country will help save Rs. 88,000 crore and cut waiting time at toll plazas significantly, Mr. Gadkari said quoting a Transport Corporation of India-IIM Kolkata study.


Even as Puerto Rico finds itself increasingly unable to pay its unpayable Wall Street debts, Goldman Sachs and other vultures from the Street are picking up more debt instruments directly tied to tax collections. So, the tax goes directly to the banks, not to the Puerto Rico government.

Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks have been advising the Union Finance Ministry to encourage states and local governments to issue municipal bonds so that they can privatize public properties in Indian cities in a similar manner.

Why is RBI governor Raghuram Rajan shipping physical gold held by Indians to Bank Of England? Why won’t BOE take dematerialized gold (junk IOUs) bought by RBI from IMF?

If gold is not a worthwhile investment, why is Bank of England and New York Fed asking central banks to store it in their vaults? Why can’t Bank of England or New York Fed take the 200 tons of dematerialized (paper) gold that RBI bought from IMF? International bankers don’t want to deal with their own junk IOUs?

Exactly two years back, there was a coordinated global news blitzkrieg against gold. Such PR campaigns usually use some real-world event and for this one Goldman Sachs’ short position on gold was used. Suddenly every pundit in pink papers around the world started saying that the era of gold was over, gold had lost its lustre, it was a poor investment and blah… blah… blah… Goldman coyly reversed its position but it hardly caused a ripple. (

The blitzkrieg was necessary to prevent a breach of the psychological $2000 an ounce barrier – something that would have caused the US dollar to collapse.

Meanwhile, the Indian Rupee was sliding against the USD and there were newspaper columns and editorials and media interviews about how gold was bad for India. (In the corrupt money system that we have now, US dollar will rise even if American economy is not doing well and sliding into debt and Indian rupee will lose value even if it is doing okay! US debt-to-GDP is now over 100% and its treasure bills are not even rated junk!)

“Money invested in gold just disappears from the economy,” they said. What about money invested in electronic gadgets that we import by the billion and pollute the environment? Don’t they suffer 100% depreciation? There is no import ban or duty on that. People have always known that gold retains its value and could be used to tide over tough times. No, these guys weren’t aware of that. “Gold is BAD!” Like petroleum, which is extremely energy-dense, gold is extremely value-dense. You can hold a small quantity of it and it will still hold a larger value with no risk of depreciation.

Globally, there is a shortage of gold, which is not being acknowledged. Gold stored with Bank of England and New York Fed by central banks from around the world has been surreptitiously sold to make up for the deficit.

BIS asked Central Banks were asked to replace gold with stocks!

To reduce the demand for gold from central banks, Bank of International Settlements quietly amended the Basel 3 liquidity list for banks worldwide eliminating gold and replacing it with stocks! (

Central banks shipping gold to Bank of England

When the RBI claimed it bought 300 tonnes of gold from the IMF, it was not real gold but DEMATERIALIZED GOLD, or just IOUs. Hidden in this info box is the only published acknowledgement that I could find that the 200 tons bought by RBI was just dematerialized gold.

Meanwhile, operatives such as former greencard holder and RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had tried to mop up gold by ordinary Indians and ship it to Bank of England, ostensibly to improve the reserves quality! (

RBI fooled everyone by claiming it bought over 200 tons of gold from IMF. It bought paper gold instead.

RBI fooled everyone by claiming it bought over 200 tons of gold from IMF. It bought paper gold or dematerialized gold instead. The news items says “More recently, in 2009, it bought gold from the International Monetary Fund in dematerialized form.”

I read in BusinessWorld or somewhere that RBI interestingly stores (some/all of?) its physical gold reserves in the vaults operated by HSBC in Bombay.

Gold leaving vaults and refineries from the West at an unprecedented rate

As gold seems to be leaving refineries in Switzerland faster than could be replaced, Indian government had tried to offset gold imports by trying to create domestic supplies in the name of government-issued gold bonds. (

New York Fed refuses to keep its promise – won’t deliver gold!

New York Fed told Germany that their gold would take seven years to ship and gave it only 5 tons. Germany obediently agreed to continue keep its reserves in New York. This image is part of a bigger illustration create by

New York Fed melted Germany’s gold without permission

Central banks hold their gold in New York Fed’s vaults on the promise that the gold would be untouched but New York Fed has acknowledged that it had melted Germany’s gold bars. This proves that gold stored by other countries had been melted to be sold on the open market.

“The organisational preparations were very time-consuming since the required agreements and contracts are voluminous and detailed,” the Bundesbank’s Thiele said in a statement four weeks later. Additionally, some bars in New York had to be melted and recast. To Boehringer, the recasting was the ultimate red flag. It meant any trace of original serial numbers had been wiped out. “Their untouched existence since the 1960s is no longer provable,” Boehringer says.

The Bundesbank explained that it recast the bars because they hadn’t met the “London good delivery” standard. Such gold is at least 99.5 percent pure and comes in bars of roughly 400 troy ounces, or 12.44 kilograms. They must bear certain marks, such as year of manufacture, and have sides that measure within specified dimensions. The gold in American vaults is a mix of London good delivery and lower-quality bars. Boehringer figured maybe the German bars had oddball weights and purities and needed to be recast.

He did some quick math on the Bundesbank’s own numbers, dividing the total weight it had disclosed for New York holdings by the number of bars it listed. It came out to about 12.5 kilograms per bar—same as London good delivery. If the central bank’s published numbers were right, Boehringer says, “There would not be a reason to melt them, but they did.”

Saudi Arabia joins Russia, which buys gold with export earnings, by rejecting US dollar & finally paying bills with $750 billion forex reserves

This is not a bet on oil. This is a bet on US dollar.

The use of dollar as a global reserve currency has enabled America to issue counterfeit portraits of their dead presidents as IOUs that are never actually paid back. While other countries have to pay back their loans, America doesn’t have to because other countries pick up the tab by refusing encash their export earnings and buying US treasuries and other IOUs instead.

Now, one country, Saudi Arabia is taking the first step in unraveling the inverted pyramid built up by America. Or, so it seems. The House of Saud is a creation of British Petroleum aka Rothschilds. The Saudi royal family relies on American troops to impose its will on the country. They are in effect America’s bitch but American Presidents and politicians don’t know that. The Presidential staff deputed from CFR brainwashes the US president and his original coterie that the when Saudis demand it, US needs to bend over. This is why you see everyone from Bush to Obama bending so much (really the photographs don’t lie) when they meet the Saudi King.

Forbes article on Saudi Arabia's 750 billion bet on US dollar.

Forbes article on Saudi Arabia’s 750 billion bet on US dollar.

US troops are stationed in Saudi Arabia under an arrangement with the Britain. For certain historical reasons, Britain cannot fulfill that role and US being their bitch is happy to oblige. If US withdraws its troops, the House of Saud will be wiped out. The troops on loan from Pakistan will not be of help as they will be immediately put to sword by the locals – Arabians, not “Saudis”.

So, it is perplexing what is happening. Saudi Arabia ran a deficit when oil was above 100. Now, oil is below 50. That means Saudi Arabian government will have to issue IOUs like the Americans or make the American’s pay on their IOUs. They seem to be doing the latter that is expending the reserves.

The crashing oil price has attracted a lot of attention but no one seem to be talking about the 800-pound gorilla in the room – DERIVATIVES. Oil price went above 100 because of futures. A lot of derivatives was tied to the price of oil. Now that oil price has crashed, what happened to the derivatives. Wall Street banks are bankrupt. They have liquid cash only because the private Federal Reserve is issuing money at no interest. The slide in oil price may also be because the Rothschilds are unable to depress the price of gold and oil derivatives are unwinding, which will have its own catastrophic effect soon.

Now, if Saudi Arabia wants to be paid on their American IOUs (treasuries and such), they can’t be issued more American dollars (cash account credits). All countries buy dollars only to pay for oil. Now, if the oil producer does not like to be paid dollars, where does it leave America?

Something similar has happened in Russia too. Russia bought a lot of gold, allegedly more than what they were paid for their oil. That means two countries have rejected the US dollar. Usually, this is followed by a US invasion but in Saudi Arabia’s case, this doesn’t look to be in the offing. At one point, it looked like Iraq would fall to ISISrael and take Saudi Arabia next but ISIS fellers seemed to have bogged down fighting just Syria and are on schedule to fizzle out of energy soon. Is that the best America can do? It is no longer a superpower. Obama, that Kenyan fraud, has thoroughly taken revenge on America – apart from getting it run over by Mexicans. Now, international bankers can bury the US dollar and replace it with a global currency. Not SDRs. SDRs are still based on a basket of currencies. They need to eliminate all national currencies. Let’s crash America and with America crash everyone else. Let’s get it over with. It is a prolonged tragedy that is taking comic proportions with every passing day.

Saudi Arabia builds a wall to protect from ISISrael.

Saudi Arabia builds a wall to protect from ISISrael.


Putin’s Russia should increase import duties, adopt Tobin tax, buy gold with US treasuries, oppose economic sanctions as crimes against humanity

At UN security council, Russia had many times joined the US in imposing economic sanctions on other countries. Now, US has imposed sanctions on Russia itself. Russia should learn from this.

Western governments that made Russia dependent on imports over two decades have now imposed sanctions as well.

Globalisation and interdependence is a trap set by international bankers to ensure their debts are paid and those who oppose them are punished.

With abundant oil and gas, Russia should not have a currency problem. If it does, something is seriously wrong.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Putin, don’t sell dollars to defend rouble! Turn tables on them – Russian central bank should sell US treasuries & buy gold

The dollar pile will get exhausted quicker than you think.

However, now that you to sell US IOUs, buy gold rather than your own currency.

Let the fools who are betting against the rouble stretch themselves to the max.

Open multiple fronts in your fight rather than let the enemy set the course.

You can defend your currency with gold to great effects later.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Space turtle Janet Yellen pees all over my predictions with her Plunge Protection Team’s incessant money printing but gold price manipulation is nearing its limit

That is if $1350 (according to Reuters) is really the cost of gold extraction, as these guys are claiming.

Reuters is neck deep in decades-old price-reporting scam involving many commodities.

Most financial types, even those who had spent their entire working years on the trading floor, will be shell-shocked if they learned how opaque, open-to-misuse and unbelievably low-tech some of the fundamentals on which the world economy operates on.

Every time free money is available American stocks recover. When they try ease off money printing, stocks fall. It is not hard to guess something might be wrong but nobody wants bad news. Be positive.

It is on you fools that we make our money. Don’t give up now.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.