Donald Trump should call the Democratic Party’s bluff on BLM-Antifa-Chaozistan protests

George Soros starts another colour revolution and this time it is definitely black.
Reptilian News Cartoon

Soros creates a colour revolution inside America.

Trump should use the globalist Divide-n-Rule policy. Trump should ask the Democratic Party to accept Chaz-BLM-Antifa demands in full or hand over the administration of their cities and states to the Republican party. When the protestors came, the Democratic Party’s adherence to the lockdown regulations not only weakened, the spineless twits went out and joined the protests! Social distancing and all that jazz was just a charade! They wrecked the global economy for nothing.

The looter-protestors are demanding that governments “defund the police”. Well, the Democratic Party should defund the police! For a few days, the partisan mainstream media was claiming the ‘defund the police’ does not mean defunding the police. But, the BLM-Antifa mob called their bluff. They want NO POLICING, WHATEVER!

Well, Democratic party politicians should give up their security guards and defund the police. Trump should turn the tables on Democrats whenever he is asked about the protestors. He should rhetorically ask Democratic Party to defund the police or quit. Either they are with BLM-Antifa or they are against. They cannot have it both ways.

Rioting-looting protestors of the George Soros-funed BLM and Antifa have created a new country inside America. It is called Chaz. It should have been Cha(o)zistan. They have seceded from America with six blocks of downtown Seattle.

Cha(o)zistan enforced their takeover using believe-it-or-not GUNS! Aren’t gun lovers White Supremacists? Several White joined this new country or the 51st state of America. The looter-protestors have several demands.

WARNING: Trump should not jump the gun and turn these protests into another Ruby Ridge or Waco. FBI-CIA-DoD will sabotage any attempt to use force. If at all some force has to be used, it should be tear gas. Trump can drop tons of cannisters of tear gas over Chaozistan. By international law, he is empowered to do so against a hostile power.

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