Movie Review: The Stupids

The morons who passed bad reviews for this movies are THE stupids!

This movie was shown on Star or HBO when I was precocious kid of 20 years. I greatly enjoyed it. I continued to remember the “Fatal Error in Drive B:” and “That’s a well-made shoe!” jokes. I think the bush jokes are about the reptilian who was then the US president.

Film clip from the movie "The Stupids"

Alerted by his family of the “Fatal Error in Drive B:”, Mr. Stupids hits a bee with his shoe while it is resting on the car’s hood. The car is totally ruined by a bomb placed by the US military but Mr. Stupid thinks that it is a well-made shoe.

I decided to see this movie again after so many years and decided to check the reviews. Well, almost all of them were bad. What? With such good movie?!!! This movie was an adaptation of the children’s comic of the same name and director John Landis had created a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Unlike most directors, Landis created a proper children’s movie without any toilet or sex-based humour. The Hollywood Jewish elite specialize in the four Cs – crap, carnality, cruelty and crookedness. There are different audiences with different tastes and people have been making separate movies tailored for each. But the Hollywood Jewish Elite thinks on globalist terms. So, they contaminate anything and everything good with their four Cs.

The Stupids, thankfully, has escaped their pestilence and it is a movie you can watch with whole family. Today’s children’s movies will not just embarrass or shock you, they also come with a lot of propaganda and brain-washing. Avoid them by all means.