Why Israel is a nation of squatters or the world’s largest ghetto?

CNN has fired a contributor who decide to go to the other side – to the Palestinian’s. Most people do not know that Israel is Arab land colonized by European Jews. When the UN divided Palestine with 67% going to European Jews, the Jews owned less than 7%. And, Arab Muslims would form half the population of Israel. Of course, Israel evicted the Muslims, Christian and other ethnic groups and became almost fully Jewish. Moral Volcano has covered this travesty of justice in detail at

Why Israel is a nation of squatters or the world's largest ghetto

In 1947, the UN Security Council divided the Arab land of Palestine with 67% of the land going to 33% (European Jews). The Palestinians including Arab Muslims, Christians, Druze and other ethnic groups (including a few Sephardic Jews) living there for centuries had to give up their land to European Ashkenazi Jews. Jerusalem was to be administered directly by the UN as it was a holy city for many faiths but Israel annexed it as well. Israel has also permanently annexed Golan Heights of Syria and had occupied Southern Lebanon for several years.