Karunanidhi has died! Other politicians should follow his example

Indians who speak English or write in it are forever indebted to anti-Hindi agitators like Karunanidhi.

Nehru, being a closet Communist and overt Socialist, followed the globalist objective of destroying all forms of identity – race, religion, gender, relationship, etc.

Language was one of many identities that Indians strongly identified with.

An anglophone at heart, who according to Gandhi “dreamt in English), Nehru had no particular love for Hindi but he was ready to impose that North Indian language on the rest of us.

Instead of ‘Unity in diversity’, Nehru tried to impose Hindi through education. Anti-Hindi agitations ensured that the huge diversity of Indian language survive and flourish. Otherwise, they would have succumbed to Hindi in India just like Gaelic, Scottish and Welsh languages had supplanted by English in the British Isles.

In India, English is a neutral language and serves the need for a link language very well. No Indian language has become a victim of its usage.

Well, other than the above, Karunanidhi was no good, particularly when compared to MGR or Jayalalitha. DMK introduced large-scale corruption to Tamil Nadu. Alcohol prohibition was lifted by DMK – first of many betrayals against Tamizh people. His ill-advised decisions made the Kaveri water problem even more problematic.

He also extended this treachery to Sri Lankan Tamils first by cultivating terror groups like LTTE, although the central intelligence agencies were also doing the same. It culminated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. When the Sri Lankan army was routing the LTTE, the near-invalid Karunanidhi went on a public hunger strike. Sri Lankan army couldn’t care less but Karunanidhi ended the hunger strike claiming that a ceasefire had been declared. Over 60,000 Tamils died in shelling when they came out from their safe places.