Russian meddling? An alphabet soup of American govt and non-governmental organizations have been meddling in Latin America for a century now

Reptilian News - American meddling in Latin America

US have been meddling not just in Russian politics but also for decades in Latin America. USA has been involved in everything from political assassinations to torture to genocidal regimes to drug/arms running

National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is an NGO run by the Democratic Party in the US. It receives fund s from the US govt and acts as a conduit for funds to opposition groups, journalists and activists in other countries so that no hostile government can stand up to US hegemony.

The Republican Party has its own NGO to source US govt funds – International Republican Institute. Apparently, no foreign country is free unless its politicians are trained by the Americans.

The military leaders of these banana republics are ex-alumni of military academies run by the US Department of Defense. They are always ready to effect a coup should the political leaders fall out of line.

USAID funds and loans given by IMF and World Bank are used for financial arm-twisting.

This is over and above the activities of economic hitmen hired by the CIA and its faceless corporations. (Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Blum’s Rogue Superpower.)