Modi government’s blackmail of judges works?

The SC said Aadhaar should be voluntary, not mandatory. Modi government accepted the verdict but went ahead with it anyway. They belatedly passed a “money bill” making Aadhaar mandatory for “services” for the poor.

The SC allowed IT returns to be filed without Aadhaar by those who have not applied for i but Modi government made Aadhaar or Aadhaar “enrollment number” mandatory.

After SC ruled that privacy was a fundamental right, Modi government insists nothing has changed.

Soon a five-member constitutional bench will decide whether Aadhaar is mandatory. But, no relief until then. “Link PAN with Aadhaar”, the government thunders.

The CBI had neatly sewed up the Gujarat police’s encounter killing of Ishrat Jehan’s custodial killing under NDA but the under Modi government all accused are getting acquitted.

Even before the election when everyone was talking about the “Modi Wave”, Amit Shah openly said there is no judge available to convict him. Whe Modi came to power, CBI lawyer spoke for 15 minute. Amit Shah lawyer spoke for 3 days. “NOT GUILTY”, the court said but someone was.

Reptlian News cartoon: Aadhaar relies on the weak security provided by a mobile SIM

Aadhaar relies on the weak security provided by a mobile SIM. The Aadhaar system assumes that SIM’s cannot be cloned. The identification data in a SIMs can be cloned by phone manufacturers, telecom companies, hackers and even governments.