Is India’s military approach with Pakistan and China on even keel?

Indian soldiers are engaged in a low-key jostling & shoving war on the Sikkim border. With Pakistan, we are always ready fight.

This is not right. Our ethos requires us to be equanimous against the weak and the mighty.


China cannot start an armed conflict with India because of the long border wherein Indian troops can launch strikes on the ground. Because the Tibetan plateau is thinly populated & mostly desert, there’s is very little cover on the ground. Their air assets would be vulnerable if brought close to the border. If far away, they wouldn’t have quick reaction times. Unlike 1962 skirmishes, where they tried to stop the PLA on the border itself & suffered lots of casualties, Indian military strategy should be to draw them in, stretch their supply lines, destroy forward bases from the air, and slaughter the starving demoralized soldiers on the ground.