Nitin “lakh crore” Gadkari should resign after NHAI bribery scandal

Are we to believe the minister did not take a cut?

Reptilian News cartoon: Nitin "lakh crore" Gadkari should resign

This man talks only in lakhs of crores. Anything less, he is not interested. This also shows how much kickbacks people in his ministry are receiving.

Everything this proposes requires more than a lakh crore. Even 1‰ of a lakh crore is 1000 crore. Everyone knows that officials collect bribes on behalf of the minister. If they get caught, they can’t squeel on the politician because they are afraid of what will happen to them in police custody. The payments are usually routed benami beneficiaries of the minister anyway.

Given the furious pace with which the Public Private Partnership (PPP) have been going on, one can assume that’s the case.

Government infrastructure projects are usually slow because the minister & the officials under him are slow to clear subcontractor & supplier bills unless their palms are greased.

It is difficult to believe this guy who received numerous favours from corporate groups such as Essar has clean hands.

He shouldn’t be minister when investigations are going on.

It is quite likely that the CDM Smith bribery case is not a one-off occurrence. It must be systematic.