Hindus & Muslims should oppose a Uniform Civil Code or risk aiding the globalist plot to destroy religions & establish a worldwide dictatorship

Hindus and Muslims should on their own seek to remove weaknesses in their civil code such as instant triple talaq rather than get buffaloed into a straitjacket personal law.


Stop deluding yourself that we are all part of a global family and we should get rid of “divisions” such as race, religion and nationality.

Just remember that the globalists are the same reptilians that colonised India and (out of spite) broke into two parts when they left. The same reptilians who wrote the Treaty of Versailles and bankrolled Hitler. The same reptiles that rounded up Jews fleeing Germany and sent them to concentration camps. (The preferred exit option was the illegal colony of Israel that Nazis & Zionists were trying unsuccessfully to populate against Arabs already in existence for 1500 years in the Turkish region of Palestine.) The same reptiles that then interned thousands of non-combatant Germans in the camps and put Jews in charge of a reverse “Holocaust”. The same reptilians who transformed United States into a victorious version of Nazi Germany and hold hundreds of military bases in over 150 countries. And made the USA constantly engaged in wars for over six decades and supported numerous genocidal/dictatorial regimes and presided over state-sponsored murder of millions of people in dozens of countries. The same reptilians who have looted every other country with their deceitful web of debt and conceited “international” organizations, who have wiped out the coffers of numerous states and then mercilessly demand austerity (salary/pension/social spending cuts) and dubiously named economic reforms (asset stripping & firesale of not just state-owned enterpriseses but also basic public utilities such as roads, water supply).