WWE is toast, as homosexual themes are set to take over!

Stephanie McMahon said to NBC, “We’ve had GLAAD come in and speak to our entire writing team and give a whole tutorial on sensitivities, the right words, the wrong words, why those words matter.”

For several decades now, WWE has been blackmailed by ratings and ad agencies to include more racier content. Some years back, a group of good female wrestlers were made to go as WWE decided that female wrestlers would have to appear more sexy. Lately, it seems, male wrestlers are also being used as sex objects. (I resumed watching WWE after over a decade. Earlier it was called WWF.) They wear shorts so short they would have made female wrestlers a decade back squirm. People like Val Venis and Godfather added raciness but it was funny and they did not come across as homos.

For over a decade now, WWE has been creating unwanted non-wrestling storylines with weddings and breakups. There have been plenty of unwanted boob shows as well. While much of the male audience is okay with boobs and other distractions, they are still not okay with what the proponents of the homosexual minority are demanding. (Still more hormone distrupts in the food chain, please.) As if to balance the male hetero pandering, homosexuals and globalists working in rating and ad agencies seem to have been forcing homo themes on WWE.

As a result, most male wrestlers have to either sport long hair like women or wear extremely tight and short tights. One wrestler had his tights “explode” on air. In a Jericho podcast, the unfortunate wrestler said it was the decision of Triple HHH, Stephanie McMahon’s husband, that male wrestlers should wear extremely small tights. This is also made worse by making extremely macho men like Ryback wearing girly colors such as pink! They have to make Miley Cyrus dance moves. The New Day wrestling team mixes Black Christian Church and derrière-related themes. Some male wrestlers have had to expose their a$$ and rub it in the face of some of their opponents. When this happens, the ringside commentators say that “Oh, how can do this? Children are watching at home!” almost as an obligation. Hey, wait a minute… Even ringside commentators have not been spared. Famous commentator Jim Ross was made to suffer that a$$-kissing ignominy by none other than WWE owner Vince McMahon.

If that's a gun holster, it should be worn over a shirt. If it is a bra, he is wearing it in reverse.

If that’s a gun holster, it should be worn over a shirt. If it is a bra, he is wearing it in reverse.

Recently, Stephanie McMahon says that WWE will be bringing in homo themes as well. I bet New Day and the above Spike-and-Chester team are perfect for this.

While Vince McMahon outwardly claims that TV ratings don’t matter like they used to, as more and more people have migrated to their online WWE Network, it is quite clear that the pressures of the ad agencies is still there. This is why WWE has been pandering to the Hispanic (of Mexican descent) population. WWE even annoyed everyone with an extremely unpopular MexAmerica theme for a while.

All this goes on when good talent is wasted. Roman Reigns has the body to take on giants but he does his unpopular Superman Punch way too often and has become the most unpopular face. Then there are giants like Braun Strauman and Ryback who have never had to fight with anyone who could match their size. All the while, veterans like Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry are routinely made to lose to lightweight jokers, because online commentators hired by TNA are always posting that the older generation are hogging the limelight and is preventing new wrestlers from coming up.