Free offer of 100 units of electricity and fear of DMK force EVMs to vote for AIADMK

Opinion polls snuff out MDMK-led coalition. PMK’s chances wiped out because of manifesto “issues”.

For the last two elections, MK has been saying it will be his last election.

For the last two elections, MK has been saying it will be his last election.

Rothschild voting machines (EVMs) have once again voted for BJP in Assam, despite the fact that party has no base in Assam. Although the EVMs voted for the Communist-led coalition in Kerala, Congress miraculously won more than half as much as the Communists. This is astonishing despite 2 terms of scam-tainted Congress rule. Congress should not have won the previous term either. American embassy officials who decide which way the EVMs should vote are not totally pro-Congress. In TN, the ensured that BJP’s rival Congress’ coalition with DMK did not win. Apparently, it hasn’t yet dawned on the DMK that the EVMs are controlled by US embassy. They should do a deal with the Americans to win next time. PMK made the mistake of including a lot of viable pro-poor and pro-farmer solutions in the manifesto. The Western multinationals don’t like that. In politics, truth should be revealed only when its time has come. Otherwise, you create unwanted enemies and destroy your chances.

In a stroke of genius, Jayalalitha had offered 100 units of free electricity. This meant that most households in TN would make significant savings in their monthly expenses.

However, the shine from the victory will not last. Just look at Modi. He scored a massive victory but now looks a worse lameduck than Manmohan Singh. The TN govt has a huge debt load. State-owned firms also have lakhs of debt. The gradual implementation of liquor prohibition will create a huge void in the state’s revenues. (The state started vending liquor because of numerous incidence of sale of spurious liquor and consequent deaths, and the rampant amounts of kickbacks that police and politicians from deriving from the illicit trade.). The offer of 100 units of free current from the already stressed Electricity Board will create even more problems.

The only solution for Jayalalitha is to to oppose GST and ensure that Sales Tax and other state taxes are collected properly. The tax rate should be low to ensure there is no evasion. The state should target the big traders and shop establishments first and ensure they all pay. Small traders should be spared or asked to pay self-declared nominal amounts. Otherwise, she will become a failure like Modi.

Another problem that her second terms faces is from the DMK. Though her coalition MLAs had contested the elections under the Two Leaves symbol, there is no guarantee that DMK will not attempt to wean away her MLAs and break her party. DMK has more MLAs now and they are not likely to wait for 2021 for to get back into power.

Opinion polls snuff out MDMK-led coalition

The People Welfare Front had some momentum but it was all vaporized by opinion polls which predicted they would lose. The coalition was formed very late in the game and did not do enough preparatory work to make a viable case for itself to form an alternate government. At least CPI and MDMK would have won a few seats. American embassy officials decided otherwise.

After election loss, Vijaykanth rams bus through coalition headquarters.

After election loss, Vijaykanth rams bus through coalition headquarters.

Stalin should return to வெள்ள வேட்டி & abandon social-media-crazy new-age marketers

Stalin gave up his tradition white-and-white veshti and went around wearing color trousers.

Stalin gave up his tradition white-and-white veshti and went around wearing color trousers.

The taint of 2G is not easy to shake off. Some stuffed-up marketers sold Stalin the idea that the நமக்கு நாமே campaign would be enough. Ignoring his own good judgment, gained from decades in politics, he got sold on the advice of some PR gimmick specialists. It has no effect on poor and rural voters. He even gave up traditional dhoti and became indistinguishable to the crowd in election meetings. If DMK won almost 100 seats, it was only because American embassy officials wished that PMK and other parties should lose. BJP leadership seems to have been already told what the result was going to be. They did not show up for press conferences or showed up late. They left Tamilisai Soundararajan and others to fend for themselves and perform a thankless job – all for nothing.
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