Top 10 Reasons Why Stalin Slapped Metro Passenger


  1. There was a mosquito on his face. Jayalalitha’s metro trains are already a breeding ground for disease-causing insects.
  2. Ticket inspector was approaching and Stalin did not have a ticket.
  3. Nobody gave Stalin a seat.
  4. Stalin missed his stop because this guy had been blocking the window.
  5. Stalin ran out of ideas on how to steal the limelight from Jayalalitha, who had come out of jail just in time for the Metro inauguration.
  6. Stalin wanted to show small-time opposition leader Capt. Vijayakanth the proper way of slapping party workers.
  7. The guy stepped on Stalin’s toe.
  8. Stalin wanted to take a selfie with ordinary passengers and this guy was hogging the frame.
  9. The guy asked “Stalin Uncle” to gently brush his hand across his cheek.
  10. It was all a conspiracy by Jayalalitha and Jaya TV.