Ibn Battuta’s Interesting Interlude In India

Today, I was reading one of Captain Ajit Vadakayil’s interesting posts wherein he links medieval traveler Ibn Battuta with the legendary Cheraman Perumal. It was probably in jest but you can never be sure with this guy. I decided to check it out. The legends of Cheraman Perumal (7th century), apparently popular with Muslims of Kerala, are in doubt because there was a real Tamil saint Cheraman Perumal in the 7-8th century.

I checked Ibn Battuta travels in India and sure enough there was no mention of Cheraman Perumal. What I found however was more interesting.

About Delhi, the capital

This observation was made after visiting Rome.

Indian Rope Trick?


Mammaries of Maldives

Being a good Muslim, he tried to get them to cover up with no success.

As they say, if you can beat them, join them. Ibn Battuta went native. In the short time that he was there, he took four wives, apart from an (already existing) assortment of slave girls.

Rubies of Ceylon

A ruby was known as “Manikkam” to the locals.


The translators had trouble deciphering the Tamil/Malayalam word.