Why AAP won and BJP lost in Delhi

To remove any doubts over Rothschild Voting Machines. AIADMK won massively when they complained about the EVMs.

Today, while was reading something on Rajiv Gandhi assassination, one click lead to another and I came upon an article titled “The ‘Modi As PM Kejriwal As CM’ Project” (http://greatgameindia.com/was-aap-victory-in-delhi-elections-planned/). I have been to this site before and read a few articles. This article quotes an article on the Bodhita website where it is said that the Amit Dual Agent, S Gurumurthy, Subramanian Swamy and some others from military-intelligence background and RSS got together to establish Vivekananda something foundation with the purpose of eliminating corruption (?!) and that they decided to sponsor Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. And, that Kejriwal as Delhi CM was always in the works! Oh, really! Yes, Kejriwal received Ford Foundation money (like Obama) and also worked under some RSS operative (per an ET story).

The editor of this Bodhita website wrote to me last year asking me to publish articles for their website. I was busy and didn’t think much of it. I wrote an article recently and sent it to them but they did not publish it. So, I will take this opportunity to get back at both these websites.

Anointing Kejriwal as Delhi CM was not planned by the Vivekananda institute. This typing center was most likely a cover for receiving foreign funds by that dual guy and show some expenditure in the name networking events. Delhi is full of black money of all sorts.

Why AAP won and why BJP lost has a simple explanation. People were unhappy with the Congress – privatization of power, CWC, corruption, etc., the usual problems with Congress governments. Kejriwal went around with a cutting plier and restored power connections disconnected by Reliance and Tata. He was the hero of the middle class and the poor. Sensing this, BJP tried to delay the election. In the meantime, to polarize the voting public into Hindus vs Muslims vote banks, BJP and RSS used their tried-and-tested communal riots tactic. They built a temple on a place vacated by a demolished toilet and then stirred the trouble. (http://www.rediff.com/news/report/toilets-temples-and-the-trilokpuri-riots/20141028.htm) There were a lot of avoidable deaths and tears but people of Delhi had realized BJP’s cunning gameplan. (Ajit Vadakayil says that many top RSS guys are not Hindus but crypto Jews. (http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2012/08/rss-rashtriya-swayam-sevak-sangh-brief.html) I find it hard to believe why those claiming to be Hindus would build a temple on a toilet. In an earlier election, BJP/RSS workers were caught throwing acid on cows. In Karnataka, they unfurled Pakistani flags and blame it on Muslims. When Kashmir got flooded, BJP trolls on Internet posted messages that Kashmiris deserved their misfortune. Apart from being anti-Hindu, they are also anti-national.)

In the meantime, Modi had become PM and proved to be no different than Manmohan Singh. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who was Delhi CM earlier and had a good reputation, had become union health minister. Western pharma companies and local medical mafia (planning to bring in Indian Obamacare) did not like him and forced him out. Harsh Vardhan was also not made as Delhi CM candidate. Foreign controllers of RSS seems to have ordered Amit Shah to get rid of Harsh Vardhan. So, Amit Shah in his infinite wisdom brought in that no-Hindi English-only NGO operative called Kiran Bedi.

When she was in the police force, Kiran Bedi was the beneficiary of several out-of-turn promotions. But, when she was looked over for a promotion, she complained about it and quit government service. She then started an NGO, received donations and became part of a lecture circuit (she gets paid for giving pep talks). When she was hobnobbing with Anna Hazare as part of India Against Corruption (IAC), she had said quite a lot of stuff against BJP and Modi.

One day Kiran Bedi will explain her OneDayNamo Twitter message.

But, when Modi became PM, there was the threat that her NGO finances could be investigated. She swallowed her aversion for Modi/BJP and started posting Internet messages praising Modi. When BJP decided to make her an alternative for Harsh Vardhan, it was a surprise. But, it was a bigger surprise to learn that Bedi accepted the offer. (Thanks for unmasking her, BJP.)

Delhi BJP was extremely disappointed by the turn of events. They couldn’t get themselves to canvas for Bedi. Amit Shah seems to have imported not just MPs but also workers from other states to beef up numbers at meetings.

For her part, Kiran Bedi sank like a stone in the vast ocean called Delhi. She seemed like a lost kitten among BJP/RSS types. She couldn’t speak Hindi. She was so stupid that she asked slum dwellers and villagers to check her Twitter handles and hashtags. Meanwhile, BJP brought in 100 MPs against one Kejriwal. Thus, Kejriwal became bigger than Modi ever was.

Kiran Bedi asked villagers & slumdwellers to check her Twitter timeline!

Although the court called Modi’ government’s bluff and BJP had to reluctantly conduct elections, the delay turned out to be a blessing in disguise for AAP. Kejriwal spoke everyday Hindi and shone like a diamond. His people hit every seat and chawl in Delhi with his message. People had already made up their minds. Groundwork by AAP workers sealed his victory.

Kejriwal’s performance in the campaigning was stellar. But, what happened after the elections and before the results was Kejriwal’s masterstroke. He claimed that the voting machines were being tampered with official connivance. It was true. Several machines were indeed seen to have been tampered. It looked like he was going to town with problems with the Rothschild Voting Machines at a time when the entire nation was watching. If it weren’t for his last-minute antics, AAP would have been given slightly over half the seats to AAP and slightly less to BJP. BJP could have done some horsetrading and gained power. But, with Kejriwal’s raising doubts about the voting machines, that had to change. Result: Massive victory for AAP. BJP wiped out.