An out-touch-with-reality Kiran Bedi asks villagers and slumdwellers to check her Twitter timeline!

BJP will win in Delhi only if Rothschild Voting Machines switch all AAP votes as they did in the General Elections!

Kiran Bedi has on occasion been crtical of Narendra Modi back when she was with Anna Hazare and India Against Corruption (IAC) and when Modi was CM of Gujarat. After Modi became PM, a transformation came up on her and and she started praising Modi. (Abhishek Singhvi had documented a few anti-Modi and anti-BJP Twitter messages of Kiran Bedi and former-AAP candidate Shazia Ilmi on the Congress website


Knowing this and realizing that AAP was poised to win Delhi, BJP seems to have belatedly imported her into the BJP and made her their CM candidate for Delhi. They had better chances if they had continued Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Now Delhi BJP is in revolt and BJP had deployed 120 MPs against one Kejriwal. Shame! This is one again proof that that BJP won the Lok Sabha elections purely because of Rothschild Voting Machines rather than a “Modi wave.” Nothing validates this more than their “micromanaged” CM candidate asking villagers and slumdwellers to check her Twitter timeline for the hashtag #KirandBluePrint! How incompetent they are! (


It is not that Kiran Bedi is stupid but it is proof that BJP micromanagers have overwhelmed her and she has already given up. She is a puppet in their hands. If she wins, it will because of Rothschild Voting Machines, not because of her or her micromanagers or Modi magic or other bull.