Read “Who Killed Karkare” – 26/11 terrorists plot was created by British, American, Israeli, INDIAN & Pakistani intelligence agencies

Give proper credit when it’s due. Has Headley, the former DEA agent, currently in US “custody”, who selected the attack sites, been arrested by Indian government?

Why didn’t US government not arrest him when his wife reported he was hatching terrorist plots?

The lizards have killed many police officers during and after the incident. One IPS officer was so driven to desperation that he blew his brains out at a family dinner at a restaurant.

The NSG took forever to arrive and attack the “terrorists”. Somebody prevented them from going in until the terrorists had inflicted maximum casualties.

Navy sharpshooters could have easily taken out the terrorists. State administration did not call for help.

Even in the case against the lone gunman who was “caught”, the judge outright rejected many items in the submitted evidence because he felt they were manufactured or tampered by the police.

These traitors should be put on trial.

The lesson for police officers is clear: Don’t join the lizards. You’ll never know when they will turn on YOU!