After 50 dead, Pakistan will ask Pentagon ask Intelligence Bureau to kill double number in India or attempt on politicians’ lives

Pakistan is like “If I have to go blind in one eye, my neighbor has to go blind in both eyes.”

Pentagon and their stooges in India may even target Modi as he had been oppossed to NCTC when he was CM.

Like the Australian Abbot who initially did not play ball with the outrageous demands of intelligence agencies and did a complete U-turn after an alleged attempt was made on him, Modi will be asked to change his mind. He has already done a U-turn on Aadhaar.

State politicians should avoid all travel for a few months. Remember that when Narasimha Rao rushed Rajiv Gandhi to Sriperumbadur, no local politician was available to receive him, which was totally unlike when they buzz around them like bees.

Police should be extra vigilant. American, British and Israeli diplomatic staff should not be given free access to sensitive areas. All CCTV cameras should be inspected and monitored. These are typically deactivated before a hit. They should not ask the usual suspects to do handle this.

The heightened intelligence alerts are for one purpose – to overwhelm the local police and divert them from the place of hit.

They should study the West Bengal situation where the battle has spilled over to politics and media with the State government eventually conceding defeat and handing over all terrorism-related work to central agencies.

With NCTC this will be the order of the day.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.