Space turtle Janet Yellen pees all over my predictions with her Plunge Protection Team’s incessant money printing but gold price manipulation is nearing its limit

That is if $1350 (according to Reuters) is really the cost of gold extraction, as these guys are claiming.

Reuters is neck deep in decades-old price-reporting scam involving many commodities.

Most financial types, even those who had spent their entire working years on the trading floor, will be shell-shocked if they learned how opaque, open-to-misuse and unbelievably low-tech some of the fundamentals on which the world economy operates on.

Every time free money is available American stocks recover. When they try ease off money printing, stocks fall. It is not hard to guess something might be wrong but nobody wants bad news. Be positive.

It is on you fools that we make our money. Don’t give up now.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.