Obfuscating Conspiracy of Silence & World War Z – CIA’s and FBI’s role in child prostitution and blackmail rackets

Why is Modi mixing up with these people?

I found the audio book version of World War Z on some website. (If you do a search for “Index of /” mp3, you will find amazing stuff.) I listened to a few files at work. It is a good story but it touches up on real issues. Although it falls in the genre of science fiction, I think it tries to bring attention to the global organ trafficking business. (In the movie Strangelove, Peter Sellers tries to bring attention to the flouride in the water, although he portrays it as a crackpot idea.) In the novel, the organs harvested from cadavers from China contribute massively to the zombie epidemic. The novel is a series of first-person accounts as the zombie epidemic spreads all over the world. Listening to it, I was constantly of watching the John Carpenter movie The Thing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thing_(1982_film)).

I did a search on the title World War Z and found that there was a movie by that name. Further investigation revealed that the title was the only thing that the makers lifted from the book. The author says that the book and the movie were not related at all.

The sole reason the movie was made was to prevent people from reading the book! Today, I was reading the Vanguard Website (I think it is a ADL/FBI honeypot.). As a student of history, I found some good material there. I then decided to jump off to Henry Markow website to see if he has an RSS feed. Yes, he does. Henry Markow is an unapologetic Zionist baiter. In my previous visits, I found that he writes good English. Today, I found an article by a “Illuminati defector” (http://henrymakow.com/illuminati_defector_mary_anne.html). Mary Anne, which is her cover name now, takes no prisoner. She well shoots everyone at the top over the decades and across the Atlantic. From there, I did some research on Neil Bush, the Dubya brother who unquestioningly accepted hospitality from uninvited Hong Kong hookers at his hotel room. Mary Anne says he ran a child prostitution ring. That took me to a Veterans Today page about Franklin Scandal that the FBI and CIA tried to cover up. Apparently, there were midnight tours in the White House and several high profile hotels in Washington DC and other places were used to trap and blackmail legislators, politicians, officials, media personalities, diplomats, military and intelligence personnel, and others. The scandal was revealed by the Washington Times and Tom Brokaw made a program about it. A documentary named Conspiracy of Silence was also made. However, this documentary was allegedly banned. Competing with it are several other titles with the same name – one is a documentary about domestic violence (!) and other is a movie about celibacy(!!!). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_of_silence This all points to a pattern. When the so-called Sandusky scandal broke, one of the first pictures that was flashed all over the world was an interesting one. It had the accused on the left and his supporters (students) protesting on the left. They were protesting in his support! It may or may not have been staged but to get it flashed all over the world, well that requires influencing someone at the news agency. Newspapers will print anything that international agencies ask them to print. Recently, I saw a report citing the American CDC asking pregnant woman (in AMERICA) to take influenza vaccine. This was a advisory meant for Americans but it was published in India as if it was meant for all pregnant women including India, a country of the tropics!

Copies of the documentary Conspiracy of Silence are available on YouTube, although they get taken down. There is one Nick Bryant who is hosting http://www.franklinscandal.com/ . It has several videos including interviews. One Nebraska senator named John DeCamp has written a book about The Franklin Scandal (http://www.amazon.com/The-Franklin-Cover-up-Satanism-Nebraska/dp/0963215809)
Decamp was a friend of William Colby, who once the CIA director. Colby told DeCamp that CIA was neck deep in child prostitution and is supposed to have shared many details. Colby was found dead in a boating accident. Texe Marrs, in one of his podcasts, mentions that Colby’s widow did not recognize the body and found that it did not match her husband’s. I don’t have time to watch these videos but if the two people who read this website are interested, well here it it is: