Sadananda Gowda’s problems will be gone if he gives those 60,000-crore high-speed rail contracts to General Electric

After increasing the price though.

There was a report that the Japanese and Chinese are going to get it and this seems to have been the immediate provocation.

Intelligence Bureau will do anything the American embassy people want.

High-speed goods corridor was a GE baby and they also put in a massive publicity campaign for Laloo. That country bumpkin was made into a financial and management maven that Harvard could study and talk about. Unfortunately, he went to jail and all that effort got wasted.

Now, Seimens and GE and Japanese have been trying to shove unviable and high-cost debt-funded high-speed rail projects on hapless governments in the US, Europe and Asia. Except the the Chinese, nobody’s been so stupid to buy into the scam.

In all these projects, they want government or taxpayer’s money or debt to fund these projects. No private group or bank will touch them.

But big numbers are involved and therein lies the big attraction. Everyone wants a big cut.

Obama has a short time left and his people want to wrap this thing up before Hilarious Clinton comes in.

GE is a big beneficiary of Obama generous cronyism. Before the elections, GE had made extremely questionable investments in several about-to-go-broke companies. It can be easily assumed that Obama’s people had thankfully availed these generously loans from these companies and never paid back. So now GE wants to recoup some of those investments. Otherwise people will realize that there is no money in GE. Everything’s gone down the drain in derivatives.

There was high hopes that Modi would deliver the contracts to the Americans.

If he is getting friendly with the Japanese or the Chinese then GE India was screwed. So they probably got Intelligence Bureau dig up some dirt on poor Sadananda, who has always had a reputation of being a honest man.

IB and RAW tries to get into the good books of the PM by snooping around colleagues and opposition parties but their real bosses are in the US consulate or the British High Commission.

Modi should understand how they betrayed previous PMs and murdered a few of them, not to mention the coverup they did afterwards. Many of the conspirators have received plum post as Governors (with special unaccounted funds that are not audited) and NSC where they get to lobby for American telecom gear manufacturers against low-cost Chinese competitors or save Western gun-runners from jail.

These guys only care for money. Many people see movies like James Bond and think these tools are from the same mould. No these are ex-cops or just those who looked into Employment News and found these jobs among SBI clerk and railway jobs. Jobs in the Intelligence Bureau are the §hittiest in the world. Believe me it is more disgusting than anything you can think and they have to do it day after day. Over time they start hating humanity and themselves, and only lots of money can make them feel good. To that end, they will do anything. This is how the job works in India and every other country in the world. Romanticized novels and movies don’t portray the dehumanizing effect it has on people. They are your true lizard people.

Look at his GE is harrassing Seema Sapra, the GE whistleblower who has filed a case against it. Everywhere she goes she is harrassed. They threaten/bribe so many people to make her life miserable. Now GE doesn’t have time to do this. So their legal team should be doing it. Even then it is not possible to do it so thoroughly without the help of Delhi Police. And they must be spending quite a lot of money for this. Ultimately that money is going to be extracted from the taxpayer and the commuter.

Seema Sapra broke her ankle and wears a cast. She lives in her car because they put poisonous chemicals wherever she stays. They do this with the connivance of total strangers around her. It must cost them a lot of money to do this. Recently they seem to have shredded her car tyres.

Sadananda Gowda’s son seeks anticipatory bail in rape case

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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