Falling numbers force YouTube to restore RSS feeds – So much for the miracles of Big Data!

Meekly surrenders and sneaks RSS feeds back to user accounts.

One of the banes of IT industry is buzzwords and the marketing overkill that happens around them. One of the latest buzzwords that refuses to go is Big Data. It is another way to for data mining that has been in existence for a long time. The only thing new about it is No SQL.

There are many incompetent fools programmers who can do SQL and form normalization. That is why Microsoft introduced LINQ. Then, there are system designers who don’t know how to marry a CDN with an SQL database. For these incompetent people, there is No SQL databases. Putting binary data in a database is a bad thing but a lot of database programmers do this. That is why RDBMS makers provide BLOB fields. Overtime, this slows down database and defeats scalability. This is routine in the biggest technology companies. It must be patently obvious to these people that what they are doing is wrong but nobody teaches them. This is because most programmers in the US are not graduates in computer science. They are just hobbyists with one or two IT competencies. Nobody taught them how to do it right.

Anyway, Google has an ongoing war against RSS and it removed RSS feeds from YouTube in May. I see that for a few weeks now (probably more), the RSS feed has come back. What prompted the decision? A lot of people had subscribed to YouTube RSS feeds. The way RSS feeders work is they never tell users when a particular feed is not getting updates. So, people dropped off YouTube. Then, there was the forced Google+ integration attempt, which put off new users.

Google sneaks in RSS feed sans any announcement.

Google sneaks in RSS feed sans any announcement.

Google has been a big promoter of No SQL databases and has been using Big Data buzz to pepper its marketing propaganda. I read from Digit magazine that Eric Schmidt has said that one of his jobs is to protect people from technology that people are not ready for.

Really? Why didn’t you check RSS numbers, Eric? You don’t use Big Data? People care about the videos, not YouTube! They don’t care about Google+ either! It is no substitute. Go cannibalize on your own product. The Microsoft strategy must be working for you as well.

Anyway, Moral Volcano’s YouTube feed is at

FPS Russia is at

BTW, I am a Professional Indian. We talk a big game and accomplish nothing. Just like Eric, probably.

Note to YouTube: Change the title of the RSS feed to “Uploads by [user]” to “YouTube – [user]” or something like that.

Ars Technica article says YouTube removed RSS feeds of user subscribers in May 2014.

Ars Technica article says YouTube removed RSS feeds of user subscribers in May 2014.


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