HILARIOUS – Fire official photographer of @FLOTUS for releasing photo of #MichelleObama holding #BringBackOurGirls sign NOW!

Photoshop GIMP pranksters change the text on the sign and make merry.

This is worse than the debacle when Barack Obama released mint-fresh or fresh-off-the-printers birth certificate.


The Interweb superhighways are now jammed with Michelle Obama holding all kinds of signs – I voted for Romney, Vote Ron Paul, I blame Obama, Bring me a burger, I am a MAN – Youtube it, We president now, Send me back to Africa for another Safari vacation and I promise to poke around for them, .

I modified the photo above the moment I saw the original on Jen Psaki’s page. Then, I realized that people may have already the same and yeah they’ve done so. What fun! You will laugh like a mad person if you click the image search link above. The photo below is what I found to be the best.



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